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Mondo Tees is Making a Boardgame Based on John Carpenter's The Thing


Apr 26, 2012
Hmm. Looked through the rules and it seems pretty reasonable (though not as interesting as BSG, from which it clearly draws a lot of inspiration), but I'd like to see more feedback on the end game.

I actually have the unofficial print and play version from a few years back, and yeah The Thing is a complete fit for hidden identity stuff - best analogy for the PnP version is Panic Station, but definitely interested in an official game so will be looking out for it. Already liking that it has the layout of the base, as the physical isolation of characters during the film was a good part of what helped make the suspicion greater, and that's missing in the PnP version.

Panic Station has a huge problem where you're better off (for purposes of winning) trying to get infected than not.

Designer board games are the "good" board games when it comes down to designer games versus mass market games. Unless "designer board game" is no longer used synonymously with modern board games or hobby games anymore. I wouldn't say that a lot of designer games are a crap shoot in terms of quality. I own hundreds of modern games and I like every single one of the ones in my collection that I've been able to play.

The vast majority of designer games are crap, just as with other creative industries like TV, music, movies, books, and video games. Take a look at Board Game Geek's user ratings for the 200,000+ designer/modern games it catalogs.