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Monmouth University finds that 7% of voters have ended friendships over 2016 election

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Apr 21, 2015
Speaking of dads and republican radio or getting more extreme conservative recently, you might want to watch The Brainwashing Of My Dad documentary. It's pretty insightful and might explain what happened to your dad.
My dad has been conservative since before I was born and I grew up hearing Clinton conspiracy theories so it's not entirely shocking to hear him buying into the koolaid. It's just weird that in the last two years he went from watching msnbc because he wanted to get news from more than one source to "at least Koreans are the successful ones"(or something like that).

It's like trump changed the line of what's acceptable and while my dad still claims to dislike him, he sounds more and more like him.

One thing I find really interesting with it all is that despite being raised by my parents and not having too much extra perspective, all of this just pushes me away more and more. Guess I got lucky or something


May 3, 2007
Loving life in Uptown NOLA.
It is not stupid. I wish people would stop treating politics as if it's separate from social values and exists in a vacuum - it doesn't. Many people voting for Trump are racist, sexist and bigoted and can be categorized under a plethora of 'isms,' therefore it is perfectly acceptable for, say, a minority, to want to disassociate him or herself with a friend who supports such as a candidate.

A person's support of a political candidate, especially Trump, is a tacit indication of how they may feel about you or others. How could I be friends with such a person whose views are antithetical to my own and completely subvert swathes of minorities? I'm not even a minority and I find it just as acceptable as a white male to want to not be friends with anyone who supports these views. Ignorance should not be bliss in this case. If there was ever an appropriate time to 'unfriend' someone over their political standings, this election is certainly the best one to do so.

Yep. When I hear from a family member, "I vote GOP," I hear that as "so what if your marriage or job rights may come into jeopardy? I need smaller government."

As long as the GOP - particularly at the state and local levels of government - continues to assault those whom they deem unAmerican, a lot of minorities & LGBT folks are going to take this kind of thing personally.


Jun 11, 2009
the only registered republican friend i talk to regularly changed registration to independent about 6 months ago out of disgust for trump. She's republican for the economics and is super into racial equality and feminism, so trump kind of appalls her on nearly all levels. The democrats probably have her vote for the foreseeable future for as long as they continue to basically be a less religious and prejudiced version of the republican party.

The other republican friends i have, have wound up living far away due to the course of life and none of us ever post about politics on facebook, so i haven't seen them enough for real politics conversations to happen.


Oct 15, 2014
I think it's amusing that people say they wouldn't drop some fool "over politics" as if politics is just some side-hobby, and not an incredibly vital aspect of our lives, with the potential to affect millions in one way or another, with oppressive, civil-rights stripping agendas on the damn table. (and you know, civilization-ending agendas considering the greedy anti-intellectual panderers denying climate change.)

I can think of few things as important, and what side you're on matters.


Jul 11, 2007
Ultimately though, most people are irrelevant nobodies and the worst thing they do is attempt to signal for proxy violence and oppression through voting.

That's why I can separate the personal from the political. Even if they agreed with me on everything rather than supporting the use of violence for theft and oppression, the state is still going to do what the state does.


May 23, 2015
I'd immediately end a relationship be it as friends, professional, personal, etc. etc. with someone if they supported the extremism of the right-wing. I'm frankly surprised it's only 7%.

Yep. When I hear from a family member, "I vote GOP," I hear that as "so what if your marriage or job rights may come into jeopardy? I need smaller government."

As long as the GOP - particularly at the state and local levels of government - continues to assault those whom they deem unAmerican, a lot of minorities & LGBT folks are going to take this kind of thing personally.

This. A million times this.


Apr 21, 2011
If I've lost any friends then I'm not aware of it. But I'll admit I've lost a severe amount of respect for a number of friends / colleagues this year.


Feb 3, 2005
I don't know any real gung ho pro trump people. Some republicans are voting for him I suspect, or rather voting against Hillary.

I can understand that I don't like hillary myself but vs. trump is like... fuck that guy.

Morrigan Stark

Arrogant Smirk
Jul 23, 2010
I wouldn't end a friendship over politics. My friends are free to support whoever they choose.
I have never ended a friendship over politics. It would be incredibly immature and childish to do so.

Even if that "politics" is, say, supporting fascism? Extreme right-wing racism and bigotry?

It's one thing to stay friends with someone you disagree on various issues, but I can't imagine staying friends with someone who denies the humanity and civil rights of minorities, LGBT and women.

I wouldn't ever be friends with a Trump supporter, nor would I be friends with a KKK member, a neo-nazi, or a Front National supporter, or an UKIP supporter.

Judging a Trump supporter is the only rational course of action.


Oct 27, 2014
Where I am, every TRUMP bumper sticker also comes with a HILLARY FOR PRISON bumper sticker on the other side of the trunk.

I look forward to seeing who in my neighborhood is bold enough to put a TRUMP flag in their lawn.
I'm not as lucky in the rural midwest. I counted 8 trump signs on my street alone this week. 0 Clinton bumper stickers or signs anywhere.

Coincidentally, those people also barely maintain their homes and lawns. So
it's hard to see the Trump signs over the tall grass.

ginger ninja

Sep 14, 2012
I see a lot more anti hillary stuff then pro trump stuff on facenook but I just ignore it.

Really hope she wins though because salt will fucking rain on Facebook and I would partake in my heavenly duty to rub it in. As a matter of fact I am getting shit drunk on election night no matter who wins, for different reasons Ofcourse.


Apr 14, 2015
Bakersfield, CA.
My relationship with my parents is pretty rough due to this stuff.

They wonder why we don't talk much anymore, and it's because if I'm not talking about my job or my hobbies / plans for the week, it'll drift to politics or religion pretty quickly and my parents and I have vastly different views on both those topics.

I remember listening to conservative talk radio for nearly a decade since my dad would always drive me around. No music, nothing. Just fuckin' talk radio.


Jun 4, 2015
So you don't serve people at work over their political views? Is this actually legal in the US?
Serve people at work? Not my situation.

I'm a freelancer with over a decade worth of contacts. I decide who I work with and what I work on. Most of my contracts are re-occurring short term deals and I do soft black lists for things like homophobia, racism, and supporting things like trump or brexit. Being anti BLM is another thing I don't fuck around with. Who I do business with is my choice and I don't have to give a reason for it.


Jun 7, 2014
If I've lost any friends then I'm not aware of it. But I'll admit I've lost a severe amount of respect for a number of friends / colleagues this year.
This has happened to me and many others I know because of Brexit
Oct 1, 2015
All my friends and I don't judge eachother on politics. Some like Trump,some like Johnson,some like Clinton. We're all adults who can be friends outside the realm of politics.

If he paid for that car then he can put whatever the hell he feels like on it.

Not without discussing it with me first. "CO-ownership", miss that part?
Mar 29, 2010
From a 2013 opinion poll in Poland it followed that nearly 90% of the people were against adoption rights for same-sex couples. Are these people bigots towards gay people? Likely. But I disagree with your notion that you can conclude from this poll that 90% of the Polish people are evil.

This is kind of a luxury you have if you're straight. If you're white, you can ignore a person's racism towards black people to a greater degree than a person of colour. Like maybe you check out if you hear your friend refer to a black doctor as his "nigger". Or maybe you check out you catch him actively lynching someone. I dunno. It is your right though but I'm just pointing out that it's a LUXURY that some of us can't stand by and ignore. It's not even a matter of a difference of opinion like preferring Star Trek to Star Wars. You're actively supporting a candidate or policies that would negatively affect an entire group of people which I belong to. That's a fair reason to tell somebody to go fuck themselves.

Me, I'm a visible minority? I raise red flags if I catch win of a serious "All lives matter". There's no scenario in which I could actively ignore a person's racist opinions which you kinda have if you're voting or supporting Donald Trump. The best I can say for you in your defense if you're a Trump supporter is that you know he's racist but don't care because you're not racist yourself. Which is just as bad to me as being racist.

Madison Paige

Jan 22, 2010
It's really sad, in my opinion.

I've maintained friendships with most of my friends who have differing political opinions, because we've been able to maintain a basic level of respect for each other despite disagreeing, but there was one friend I had to cut all ties with because somehow this election managed to turn him into a reactionary who supports racial segregation... yeah.

I didn't even necessarily cut ties with him because of his views, I'm a strong believer that the better road to take is always to try to have conversations with those I disagree with and try to persuade them to more reasonable avenues of thought (and I've actually been successful at this in the past), rather, it was more because he became a very aggressive, abrasive person who started lashing out at people and just generally being an asshole because he convinced himself that his ideology gave him sufficient grounds to do so. Things came to a head when we went to exercise and he spent the entire time trying to convince me that trans people are the devil and that I'm a "fag enabler" for having trans friends/having had a relationship with someone who was trans. Apparently he also has been doing absurd shit like telling his brother, who is half American Indian, that his race is the reason why he's bad at math and doesn't like classical music. The dude's gone off the deep end.

I'm pretty upset about it, because I've gone out of my way to make sure that I don't let political differences ruin my friendships, but he's changed so much over the past year and I honestly don't recognize him anymore. He used to be rational and sane, and we were best friends for almost ten years, but this whole alt right ideology has taken him over and he seems to be beyond saving (it all started with Alex Jones). You can't reason with him by way of showing academic studies that prove his various viewpoints wrong, because he's convinced himself that "the Jews" have "infected" academic thought and that, therefore, it's all fictitious. Almost any evidence one can bring up that's contrary to his awful opinions is defeated by this mysterious strawman that he can manifest into any form he wants. It's well past delusional and starting to go into crazy territory, and I'm really worried about his mental health. Part of me feels guilty for disassociating with him, because now it seems he's stuck in an echo chamber filled with that garbage and he's most likely going to become more and more unhinged. I'm genuinely concerned that he's going to end up hurting someone.

No trace of him seems to exist anymore, but I miss my friend, GAF. :(


May 28, 2013
Outside Dundee (Scotland)
Very much like the Independence Referendum in Scotland. My Aunt still doesn't talk to me as I voted No and there are deep wounds still not healing.

They can't be that good a friends if this is a reason fro Friendship to end. I'm still very good friends with people who Voted Yes. We had good debates in the run up and yes they were very gutted, but we moved passed it.

If your friend is Voting Trump and you Hilary or Vice Versa don't let this ruin a good friendship as that's what idiots let happen.


Nov 16, 2012
A friend tried regurgitating some "All Lives Matter" shit. Cut him off shortly after. Both for that, and after I saw him again afew months later, we were walking down Granville, and he called acouple drunk girls "hoe bags" under his breath.

Yeah, I don't need that kind of shit in my life.
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