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Monolith Productions Ready to Start Work on Its Next Game


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Monolith Productions, the developers behind Shadow of Mordor and its sequel, is reportedly planning to commence work on its next title. This information comes from the fact that the studio is recently advertising numerous positions for work on a new and exciting AAA game.

After the release of Shadow of War and its DLCs, Monolith Productions hasn't really appeared in the spotlight all that much. The studio has been quiet for quite some time, with no word on a future AAA title that might be in the works. However, it seems that the studio is now aiming for bigger and better things, with the developers listing out a total of 21 jobs for various positions for graphic designers, character artists, combat designers, software engineers, and other such professionals.
Thought it was the monolith that made Xenoblade games and got excited.

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Ah, Monolith. AvP2 was the first game I really got into when it comes to multiplayer. Still, no one has beaten them when it comes to a multiplayer Alien/Predator-franchise based game IMO. I wish them all the best.
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Funny, for once it ISN'T about the OTHER Monolith. I got baited every time, but not today!

Not sure what this game will be, but I'm hoping it's solid. I still really like what Monolith has done over the last few projects.

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Havent heard that name in ages. Doubt the og team still there and they're still owned by WB afaik so eh don't have hopes for anything nostalgic.
Same here. I was going to ask for Xenoblade Chronicles X-2 and Switch port for X1, as well as Xenosaga Trilogy ports to ps4 and switch.

Or we could ask for a new game/IP? Leave the porting to people who don't want to make new things. Xeno devs are creative folks. I don't want them buried in the past.


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Thought it was the monolith that made Xenoblade games and got excited.

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To be fair I hope Monolith is already a good way into production on their next game and not "getting ready to start production".

I'll be fucking disappointed if the only thing we get from them during the Switch lifetime is 1 full game, a DLC and a remaster.


I love Arkham combat and will play anything made by these guys. Both Shadow and War struck a good balance between Ubi-shit copy paste formula and Arkham combat.

Just do go overboard with endgame like in War.


…planning to commence work…shadow of war came out 4 years ago..:wtf have they been doing? Its like another retro studio situation here, ten years between game releases.

also re-release fear on modern consoles…and make F.E.4.R
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So just WTF have they been doing since shipping Mordor 2? Whats going on at these studios?????

They should be getting ready to ship their next game. How can you not release anything in 4 years and only just begin full production? I swear most of these devs are scamming their investors. I bet they sit around for years jerking each other off and then ship the game in the final 12 months.


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WB Games can't be happy about the fact that it seems like it's only NetherRealm that releases games on any sort of reasonable timeframe. I mean, I'm all for a good work/life balance for developers and I definitely don't want mass burnout, but 4+ years for Monolith so far, 9 years for WB Montreal (although they did work a lot on Arkham Knight and its DLC), and 6 years for Rocksteady has to be pushing the line of making financial sense. I suppose COVID and new console hardware screwed up timelines.
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