Monolithsoft WiiU trailer - X (Takahashi x Tanaka x Sawano, Xenoblade x/multiplayer?)

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I don't know why people are comparing it to Monster Hunter. It looks just like Xenoblade in terms of large enemies and such.
I guess the parts where you can actually cut off tails and parts of larger monsters now might strike people as more Monster Hunter-ish. There's also actual third person aiming for range weapons now. And there are giant mechs (YES!!!) you can control, and transform into vehicles.

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This was insane, I was almost in tears in front of my screen. I haven't been hyped by a game reveal like this since... so long I forgot.

On a side note, it's likely a Xenoblade sequel, given how the first game ends, it sets itself up for exploring its
new created world
The Scenery looks similar and the battle system is damn near the same, BUT MAN IS IT GORGEOUS.


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I'm hyped for a possible Xengoears sequel or remake, but I don't think I'll be that disappointed when it's not. That soundtrack was amazing.

Does them announcing this right now with the North American ND mean no Reggie cock block?
Looked amazing!!!!! If it's open world it might be as open as Xenoblade was just on a grander scale. Which is what I want. Now we need a name and a release date. Monolith Soft has been working on this for what two years now? Just to be safe I expect we might get a date in 2014 for a release that year. I just hope there is a world wide release.

The line has been drawn by Monolith Soft. Your move Retro Studios.
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