Monolithsoft WiiU trailer - X (Takahashi x Tanaka x Sawano, Xenoblade x/multiplayer?)

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Between the player numbers, chat box, timer, giant open environments, and huge monsters, I think this actually is a Xenoblade + Monster Hunter-type thing.


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Can anyone put some pics or gifs from imgur? I can't see anything at work from abload or youtube. :(

That Xenoblade fan is begging.
Yeah looks like Monster Hunter type multiplayer maybe? Would be cool if it's still a single player style game, but with added ability for real friends to come in and play the role of other party members.

EDIT: Beat me to it.
Awesome, one of the things I was looking for. Makes me excited for my eventual purchase of a wiiU. Still waiting for Zelda to come out but nice to know I'll have a lot of games I want to play.
This is the kind of surprise that makes someone who's become a little bit jaded and cynical about both Nintendo and Japanese games in general shut the fuck and perk up.
I sincerely doubt it's an MMO, it's likely just co-op, I just hope it's general campaign is akin to Blade and it isn't going to wind up as a hunting game due to it. Of course, it's also not like it can't have both.
OMG. Wait, is this an MMO?!? I don't mean the gameplay; there's that one part where there's a chat box on the left o__o

I guess they did say they wanted to bring people together but

Not a MMO I don,t think ...more like 4 player co-op like PSO or Borderlands etc etc...


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Is Monolithsoft the best japanese studio? Such graphics with so much scope is unusual, and based on Xenoblade impressions, they know how to make a long game appealing.

I guess the parts where you can actually cut off tails and parts of larger monsters now might strike people as more Monster Hunter-ish. There's also actual third person aiming for range weapons now. And there are giant mechs (YES!!!) you can control, and transform into vehicles.


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