Monster Hunter 4 TGS 2012 trailer

The likes to dislikes ratio better not stay like that.
Vita trolls will dislike, as usual. Look at Nintendo's WiiU videos from the september conference, a lot of dislikes too ;)

Edit : The game looks great, that trailer made the wait for MH3U even worse! (getting the WiiU version)


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I'm excited for this game but I still think visually it is a little rough. Or should I say sharp. It looks like every surface in the game is made of knives.


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Looks so good.

First thing i see when i click on the trailer is VITA japanese owners wanting the game.
One of these days we'll have a Monster Hunter thread that doesn't get derailed because no one brings up the Vita, and that shall be a freaking glorious day.


And even i am moderately surprised
game is going to be epic but those graphics? Need to see them on a 3DS.

Maybe it's just the trailer, but it looks a little worse than 3G?

28 dislikes? The entire Vita population saw the video.
or all the nintendo fans who liked MH before it went exclusive? #handbags
The point of view of Monster Hunter is perfect for a 3D game...

I'm guessing that the 3D will act as a blur / smooth effect over the sharp objects. Will like to see the end result.