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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate boxart


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The MH4U boxart has been revealed



Probably the worst MH boxart out of the recent ones, IMO.
Yes I agree. It's way too crowded imo. I'm not too fond of 4Gs either, I think I like 3 the most.

MH3U had an amazing box art. This one is just okay. Not bad though.
MH3U was basically four stock renders put together in Photoshop. It certainly wasn't as bad as this one but not awesome either. I'm on mobile right now but I did a quick 15min mockup when it was revealed.

E: found it, knew I posted it here before


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I try my hard most of the time not to be immediate with the downer comments. But this boxart is fucking AWFUL.

When I can't even tell if the jagged edges of the monster's back are just sharp scales or terrible masking in Photoshop, you may want to consider giving it a do-over.
Kinda not needed, compare to both MH4 boxarts from Japan... Why not adapt either for extra lazy points but better eye candy?

They just keep getting worse. Here's what I consider to be pretty good box art with a lot of dynamic motion:

That's the best one (I prefer 2, but that's because Kushala Daora's on it and not because it's great). This one's merely OK. Better than 3U's, that's certain.

An issue I have with it is that the monster, Gore Magala, seems surprisingly unfazed by the hunter on it's back, stabbing a knife into it.


It looks bad :/
The monster is positioned at a weird angle and the hunters were just copy pasted on it and the scenery. The dual blades and bow user look especially out of place.
Shit, I hope that's a work in progress. Say what you want about MH3U's, but at least the artist put in the time to make it all look like one scene, as opposed to characters pasted into a background.


Probably the worst MH boxart out of the recent ones, IMO.
Yeah...even the Wiiu one wasn't so bad. This one doesn't capture the epic feel of hunting really. Something definitely feels like it's lacking a certain...? I think boxart in general should evoke the essence of the scale of the game and odds thrown at the player, everything the game stands for. This art just feels as though the images were all conveniently photo shopped together for a makeshift reunion of sorts. Phoned in MH box art?

Man God

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I don't like any MH cover.

Not that it matters though as I'll never see it, 4U is a day one digital download. Hell it's likely a take a week off of work if it comes out when I'm not particularly busy type of game.

Will buy this game twice, digital and retail, I think it looks cool.

4G looks horrible, and MH3U was a photoshop disaster too, they used a bunch of render and put them all together, lol.

Is it that expensive to make an exclusive render for the western market?
there's no real line or direction in the cover at all... Usually something catches your eye but not in this case at all... Jumbled is the best word for it which is a shame. The last few looked great. They should just give us the Japanese cover -.-

L Thammy

Looks okay. The environment is too visible and flat, but at least it's people fighting a monster. 3 Ultimate's cover looked like a kaiju dating sim.
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