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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite iOS (=15$) incompatible with iOS 9, Capcom don't care


or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Realize This Assgrab is Delicious
Dec 5, 2005
I dunno. If this follows several prior delestings of an app after an OS upgrade that broke it (ie The World Ends With You, what Capcom said about Ghost Trick), it just means they're removing it from sale until they update it.

Personally I think Monster Hunter on mobile, of all things, is safe enough money that it will come back.

I am peturbed that OS updates can break games so consistently, and I know that many games will be completely abandoned. But I don't think this game is one of them.


Aug 28, 2006
Expect to see more of those in the next weeks. Apple changed a lot of stuff in iOS 9. Most people don't notice widespread breakage because most popular apps and games are updated regularly.

There's nothing wrong with deprecating APIs, the problem is that Apple likes to change how those APIs behave under the hood and they often let bugs slip by. It's often a small change, but the 64-bit requirement as of February fucks up everything since it can easily balloon into several weeks worth of work and require expertise from the original dev team which may no longer be around. If you use middleware, you also depend on the maker to update it.

TL/DR: IOS became a very hostile environment for games that aren't services, since the publisher needs to maintain a team capable of modifying the game for every new IOS version.

Not Spaceghost

Jan 16, 2009
Over a month later an it appears this app was pulled completely recently.


It's no longer listed under capcom's apps.

It's a sad but also a bit funny that the only game capcom has on the appstore that is officially compatible with iOS9 is ghost trick...the first game to become totally busted due to an update.

Now it appears all of them are busted.

Really a shame as I had like 40 hours sunk into my save. Oh well I put in my ticket for a refund lets hope it goes through.


Jan 9, 2013
Lol, im still in 8.1 because of the game, even though I don't play it. But there are probably much more games that won't work.