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Monster Hunter Generations leaked (MHX)




My search

via NerdLeaks



Theorized this in the main thread but I imagine the specific folders represent the EU specific announcements while stuff in WIP and Main Presentation is the worldwide stuff (since Nintendo usually segue into those segments individually when the Directs become separate).
The title makes me think of a mashup of classic "realistic" Felyne design with the Chibi one, I blame Sonic.

Never mind that though, it's Hororohoruru time!
lol star fox zero first print edition, why not call it "furst print edition"
if they include a amiibo, VC codes for star fox snes, star fox 64 I will buy it day 1

super nes on 3DS is nice but you gotta buy them again or pay $1 lol , welp




I was told that the source behind this image is indeed legit. And from what I'm seeing nothing is outrageous.

Now: these could be just trailers for example, and Nintendo have trailers for every Nintendo Direct announcement afaik. There will still be new announcements and I think the games listed here are just those that have a release date and all.


Cool. If it's indeed MHX, here's to hope i can transfer my Japanese save with some shenanigans, really not a game I'd replay with all the gathering and Nyanter quests...


Cool. I still need to try to get into monster hunter. Didn't get too far into 4 even though I was enjoying it.

Also if this means SNES games are coming to 3DS that is great!
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