Monster Hunter XX Switch Trailer. August 25. Save Transfers. 3DS Cross Play. Bundle.

Looks like it can also play against owners of the original Monster Hunter X/Generations! o_O

Meaning even if they leave the 3DS ver behind in JP, there's still cross play with Generations! Smart! I assume fights against XX-only monsters are not compatible right? Was X and XX on 3DS already compatible with each other?
Nov 3, 2006
Capcom keeps finding ways to not make next-gen assets for Monster Hunter. Can't wait for this series to actually get some good looking art when they are forced to make the next version.
Feb 7, 2005
Am I crazy to think this will release in the west in 2017?
Not crazy, but I'm not sure where there's a good spot for it with what we know is coming out, especially with Monster Hunter Stories hitting in October. I expect that this will be a February/March title to give it a bigger spotlight.

Would like to be wrong, though!
Apr 15, 2011
Ohhh, save transfers? And MHX data can be imported into XX on 3DS... hope it can go X->XX 3DS->Switch and by proxy carry that over to Generations and... Generations Ultimate? Generations X? Generations Generations? Whatever.