Moon: Remix RPG Adventure, the greatest game ever, might get a sequel.

Dec 3, 2008
The only way a sequel to this magnificent game will ever be profitable is if they get the damn game out to the west. PSP, DS whatever.

After it's exposure and guaranteed niche following develops a bit more in western minds...THEN lets talk another installment.
Sep 22, 2006
I assume this must be happening because last summer when my brother visited Japan I told him to find a copy of the game, and when he did the storeclerk gave him that look. Moments later the signal was sent out: it was time.
Feb 28, 2009
GhaleonQ said:
Indeed. That was the 20,000th copy sold, so they FINALLY reached the sales threshold for a sequel.
Wait, they still were able to make a profit on it after 12/13 years? Better yet, they were still tracking it all this time? I could just imagine it being like some guy that lost a winning lottery ticket and found it in his couch cushions one day a decade later.

Sorry if this is sarcasm. It's late.


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Jan 9, 2007
Just wanted to chime in again to say, awesome, awesome, AWESOME news. Kenichi Nishi is one of my fav designers. He deserves to be recognized, he also deserves to have all of his games ported so everyone can witness this man's brilliance.

Kurashima would absolutely need to join him if he made the game, which means all 3 companies (hypothetically, not that my hopes are high), Skip/Route24, Vanpool, and Punchline/Grasshopper, would combine for it!

Edge joined in, too, which was quite helpful (that is, a lot of "Simons" and other U.K.-y names did after, including some who mentioned never hearing of it). I think, for now, the English-speaking tweets have peaked, but Japanese ones EXPLODED. There were more yesterday than the day before.

Also, it's really heartwarming to see people posting their strategy guides, soundtracks, art books, and fanart.
Jun 7, 2004
Still waiting for a remake of the original. I don't care what console or portable it will come out for, I'll get it the game... Really, I don't want to hear about a sequel until I can get an official english version of the game, either PAL or NTSC.
1st things 1st: Yoshiro Kimura to Kenichi Nishi: "Moon. Let's have a little serious talk. Let's go for a drink." WOO! And then Nishi made fun of Kimura for his new, serious Grasshopper Twitter picture. And I didn't realize that the Vanpool thing WASN'T hypothetical.!/kurashimakaz That's the artist from Little King's Story and the rest. "Yes, I will draw new characters for you anytime."!/kurashimakaz/status/26933464656

I definitely agree with all that a port (even a dreaded download-only title) is almost necessary, unless the 2 have loose story ties.

HappyBivouac said:
I love when you make these threads but they always make me sad about how publishers refuse to bring anything interesting from Japan overseas. There is a market for this kind of thing in the west! I swear!
*sigh* The plight of the video gamer, truly.

Boney said:
So why are portables out of the question Ghaleon?
He didn't say at the time, and he hasn't mentioned things since. People have been suggesting ideas, like trading MoonDiscs through DS and PSP wireless, but he's been coy. The VAST majority of suggestions have been for a DS and PSP port so that children and adults alike can play it.

dallow_bg said:
Not big enough.

r.i.p. Half Minute Hero
Again, most important news 1st:
Nishi repeats what he's said on Twitter, and writes about how the pretty substantial response made him feel nostalgia, love, sadness, et cetera. He ends saying that he hasn't even officially decided to make Moon 2, but he's begun to move to make it happen thanks to everyone's response. "Thank you so much today."
James Mielke (the games writer, now at Q Entertainment) is on board, too, so I'm hoping beyond hope that Mizuguchi can bring some Western attention to it, possibly.

So, basically, on step 1, WE DID IT. *dances* Seriously, thanks, everyone. I'm not sure whether the rest will go through in secrecy, but I'll try to keep updated. At the very least, I'll continue my psychosis until this weekend ends, in case they're meeting this weekend. Step 2: convincing them that the rest of the world wants this.
Dec 5, 2008
Just the possibility of this coming to fruition gives me a warm feeling to my heart. I can just imagine the turmoil that's on Nishi's mind at the moment, seeing that his work touched so many more people than one would think just considering the sterile numbers of software sales. And I speak for myself and certainly for many others here, a great part of this is due to you GhaleonQ. That such a collection of impossibilities can originate a small glimpse of hope is really inspiring. Good work GhaleonQ!
#73 The source of their name/inspiration/L.O.L.: Lack Of Love's soundtrack is touring the United States for the 1st time in a decade. COINCIDENCE? Well, yeah.

Thanks for being there the whole way, Corto!`

Rez said:
Could you link me to your giant Moon essay?
1st post. I only posted it on NeoGAF. I fluctuate between being proud of and embarrassed by it, since I'm actually a pretty good writer. I pushed it out during my free time at college and did what I wanted to do (spoil everything and deeply analyze it, since I figured that it would never come out here and no one reading would ever play it). It was clearly too rich a "text" to analyze for a 1st-time reviewer. So, yeah, the pendulum's swung to "embarrassed" right now, but I'm glad that I did it. I mention that people should read the Hardcore Gaming 101 or Wyrdwad RPGFan reviews if they get bored.
So, he wrote that he deliberately waited until its anniversary to announce his intentions. Luckily, this doesn't refute the notion that Bruno, Wyrdwad, Adam, or I had anything to do with it, since Kimura would have talked with him a while ago. On the other hand, maybe he just arbitrarily decided to commemorate its 13th anniversary.

Otherwise, it's just a bunch of birthday wishes. Here's hoping the 3 main Love-De-Lic guys meet soon.
Ian Bogost (i.e., someone about whom people actually care) is looking this over. I haven't made a dent in the "intellectual" games community, so hopefully this helps. No updates from any of the big 3 or Wada, but I realized that I forgot Akira Ueda from Audio, Inc. I'll see how he feels about it.
There has just been random thanks. I thought tweets died (and they did from English speakers), but 2 out of every 3 days has quite a lot of Japanese ones. I don't know what they were expecting from people with Twitter accounts who pay attention to game news and know about a niche game, but I can't imagine that a few hundred wouldn't do it.
先ほど、立ち上げ前の情報共有用のMLを作りました。 #moon2

Google Translate sucks, so JapanOD tells me:
"Soon, I'll be starting up before sharing information ML business creation under."

So, something's happening?!


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Jan 15, 2009

...'spensive. That must be, like, the only copy on the internet atm.

I can't read any of that. Does he ship globally?

Nishi: "Moon2 to discussions. Rather than speaking of positive progress during the height of fun talking about the difficulty (laughs)"

Picture of Kimura and Kudo:
Nishi and maybe Kudo:

"Meetings end moon2 drinking. Opinion and the opinion that too soon too late. "Make absolutely!" This place is OK to probe speaking to each other was feeling like that. Decided to convene all concerned to do year-end party this year. My secretary. This is a usual pattern. I still take some time. # Moon2"

Translation: We ended our drinking meeting about Moon 2. We decided to do it sooner rather than later. "We have to do it!" It felt good to speak about it. We decided to meet again about it during the year-end party this year. That's the usual way I do things. It will take some time.


I reiterate: YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Can we change the topic title to "WILL get a sequel!"?

Edit: New topic incoming.