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Most-Anticipated Films of 2014?

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Feb 20, 2009
Malick, PTA and Herzog are the main things that get me excited on this list.

What about Terry Gilliam's latest? Isn't that slated to come out this year? also been hearing musings that it's his best since Brazil.
Feb 9, 2006
The Raid 2. Why the hell isn't it on that list? The first was a fantastic action film and both the teaser and trailer look great.

Jupiter Ascending would be second. A film from the Wachowskis is always worth a watch, especially when it's a space opera with Sean Bean.


Expansive Ellipses
Staff Member
May 30, 2004
Zero Theorem? Yeah, but heard more mixed things and I don't think it has distribution yet.

Zero Theorem is film school Brazil. Some flashes of Gilliam's talent, some original concepts, but all hidden behind budget constraints and amateur execution, and it never really goes anywhere except to bludgeon you aloud with its facile thesis.


Feb 9, 2008
the movie nymphomaniac sounds a movie title i'd see on the cable tv menu on a friday or saturday night and see that it's rated M and then 13 year old me would decide to camp out in the basement that night so i could watch it with the intention of jacking off , but would end up disappointed cuz there wasn't any nudity so i'd end up using some travel channel show about the 100 best beaches

Oh boy, just wait for the hardcore version. While this one supposedly contains a lot of sex, akin to von Trier, it's not really "about" that.

Wait, America doesn't have Alpha Pappa yet? Laaawl.

Nope! I saw it actually and it was my first intro to the character, which I really liked. What should I catch next?


Unconfirmed Member
May 8, 2009
I still haven't seen The Grandmaster. Was waiting for a theatrical release, in vain. Still nothing on the horizon. Guess Weinstein company decided Australia doesn't matter. I hear the Chinese cut is a lot better than what they released in America anyway, so I'll get to seeking that one out instead.

The Dardennes in the OP is a really great pick. Kid with a Bike was excellent.
Actually, it's hard to fault the OP list much at all. Looking forward to all of that, especially Boyhood, the Assayas, and Snowpiercer. Wes Anderson is a bit hit and miss for me (though I always like his stuff) but Moonrise Kingdom was wonderful, so I'm curious to see how Budapest turns out.

The Malick is a big question mark, but if it is released it's obviously a must-see.

Also excited about Jupiter Ascending (love the Wachowskis) and Interstellar (love that trailer).

In the next month or so, excited about finally seeing Her and The Wind Rises.
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