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Movie Ticket Prices in Your Country

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Listening to the beastcast, I was surprised to hear that tickets cost $14 upwards.

In our country, tickets cost at around $6. Premium stuff like IMAX/3D/lazy boy will be around $10. Cinemas here have assigned seating with nice projectors and some even have Dolby Atmos.

I just don't understand how tickets can cost more than $10. No wonder sales are going down in America.
$300NTD (Taiwan dollars) which approximates to $9.50USD or, more applicable for me, $12.50 Canadian.

Not all that much cheaper than what I'd pay going home.

Concessions, however, are a LOT cheaper here. In Canada the prices are downright criminal.


Tickets in major cities are expensive, but they can be cheaper in the suburbs -I live 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia and pay $9.50 for movies, or $11 for a theater with recliners and reserved seats


Between AUD $14 and $20 for an adult where I live in Australia.

It's why I refuse to go to the movies anymore and wait for a Netflix or Google Play release.


In North Jersey, I can go to an AMC and pay $13.50 or $16 for IMAX. Or I can go to the nice mom n' pop place with reclining leather seats for $8, $6 on Tuesdays.

Guess which I pick



Gold class $40
Standard $21.50 for adult

But you can generally get both for half price through work or internet/phone providers


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$15 for a regular screening
$18 for 3D
$23 for IMAX 3D and Dolby Cinema
$24 4DX
$25+ for the new dual laser 4K IMAX Projector we are suppose to get at the end of the year.


Depends on the theater, where it's at in the city, etc.

I can get a matinee for 8.25 (or 7.25 with the regal rewards card) and regular is like $10.
But at another theater the same shit is $11 for matinee and $14 for regular.
From 10,40€ to 11,90€ for a regular showing
From 13,20€ to 14,90€ for a 3D showing (remove 1€ if you already have the 3D glasses)

That's without all the special tarifs we have over here (if you're less then 26 year old you can pay as low as 4,90€ for a regular showing and 7,90€ for a 3D showing depending on the theatre chain you choose.).


Edit: IMAX is 14,50 and IMAX 3D 16,50.


The fuck?

I'm looking at Village Cinemas online now and it costs me $11 to buy a standard adult ticket.

Vmc members get $13 tickets on Tuesdays, maybe you were looking at that?
The local theater close to me, charges 8 dollars for a regular ticket, and 6 for a matinee. Compared to some of the other theaters I've been to, it's practically cheap, go figure.


Nah I wondered if Tuesday's were cheaper so I went for a Wednesday screening and it was still $11. That's what I remember always paying at my local one.

Different Village locations have different prices.

Crown Casino costs more than Glen Waverley, for example.


Bout $14 CAD for a regular ticket and $17 for 3D which is why I pretty much never go to the movies unless I get a free one thanks to my Scene card points. It's almost always 3D movies too, if the movie has a 3D version playing you only get the non-3D version playing once in the early afternoon.
About 1,200 yen here. Depends on time of day though.

"Late night" prices are second cheapest at 1,200 yen or so (about $10) then there are 10th prices, 10th of every month its 1,000 yen. Think normal prices are like 1,600 yen.

IMAX have to travel to the bigger city of Fukuoka, that is about 2,400 yen a ticket middle of the day.

Food and snacks are kinda cheap. 600 yen for a popcorn + drink set.


Marcus theaters have leather recliners and $5 matinee pricing/$5 Tuesdays and $5 Student Thursdays.

Luckily there's one pretty close to where I live


I've never understood BOMs $8.66 when everyone on GAF says higher. Is it the children's prices bringing the avg. down so much?
I've never understood BOMs $8.66 when everyone on GAF says higher. Is it the children's prices bringing the avg. down so much?
It's combination of children's prices, matinee prices, cheap Tuesday tickets, dollar run theaters, and a few other factors. Every so often there is information in the trades about average ticket prices on opening weekend and those can indeed be up to $14 when a film is also playing in IMAX 3D.


Long Beach, CA - Cinemark at the Pike

Regular Movie $9.75
3D $13.75
Regular Tuesday $6.50
3D Tuesday $10.50

The Giant

In Australia.

Greater Union. $12.50-19.50 Depending what time and day it is. More expensive in capital cities.

Hoyts $9.00- 12.50. Food is more expensive though.


Depends on the location in South Africa. The closest place to me is 40 rands, which is like 2.50 usd. Pretoria is like 70 rands for a 2d showing.
Santiago, Chile. (in US Dollars)

Standard 2D: $6-7
IMAX: $10

For the locals, the prices are expensive, but many people have discounts from their banks or phone carriers, which may cut the price of 2D showings in half.
from $12 to $17, depending if it's normal 2D, 3D or imax. There are a few theatres that a dollar or two cheaper. All prices CAD

There's discount on tuesdays where tickets start at $8.

I know that in Hong Kong, you have to pay extra for 3D glasses.
Australia $8.50 adult, $6.50 student at Cineplex (Brisbane). Costs $6.50 adult and 5.50 student on Tuesdays. Fuck Event cinemas off. Only go to them for Star Wars premiere for the allocated seating.
In the UK it costs about between £10-£15 for a ticket depending on various factors like IMAX etc. It's the price of popcorn and a drink that gets me though that's ridiculously overpriced. A trip to the cinema for 2 people can easily run over £40.


In NZ they are between NZ$16 and NZ$25 (US$12 to US$18) depending on what they're for, but I get them for NZ$10 (US$7.3) with a student discount so it's all right.


Around 16$ USD, not including 3D glasses and added prices for long movies (3 hours+) - in Denmark, that is.
It depends on the city here in my country. In my city, regular movie theaters go for 40k (weekdays) to 50k (weekends) Rupiah. So about 3-4 US$. In smaller cities, they can go for about 2 US$. While IMAX 3D tickets are about 7-8 US$. Looks cheap, but actually quite expensive for our standard.
There are two theatres near me, both of which are owned and operated by the same company. The closest one is older, and was new when I was maybe 8.

Close: $9.99 for regular/$13 for 3D
15 Minutes Away: $12.99/$15


In France it's 11€ ($12.4) for one session (1€ more for 3D glasses that you can keep). Less if you buy bundles of 5 tickets.
But you have an "all you can watch" subscription for 20€ ($22.5) a month that is very popular.
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