Muhammed Ali's Granddaughter

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weekend_warrior said:
Well her mama (Ali's daughter) was also a boxer, so it's no surprise.

Look at that brother in the background.

"Damn, dat ass. I could probably get my ass kicked in this pursuit. Is it worth it? Gotta weigh some pros and cons now..."

And holy shit that little girl is fast.
That video is mesmerizing, I've probably watched it like 10 times now.

Also, NeoGAF fail, I don't even think Laila has a daughter. :lol


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ianp622 said:
I don't know how Ali's family could support that when you look at the state he is in now because of his career.
don't know how they could support that since nobody gives a damn about female boxing. she is better off doing anything but female boxing.
Wow, whoever that is, that's impressive. I'm pretty sure a session like that would have had me breathing heavily, and the punches were very speedy and accurate. They had a snap I haven't seen or heard much. The rolls were also very good.

I look forward to more.
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