Multiple independent sources reporting FFVII remake for PS4

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Our Hashimoto, who art in Japan,
Hallowed be FF7 Remake.
Thy release come.
Thy game be done
On PS4, as it is on PS1.
Give us this day our announcement trailer,
And forgive us our GIFs,
As we forgive those who GIF against us.
Lead us not into trolling,
But deliver us a remake.
For thine is Cloud,
The One Winged Angel,
For ever and ever.
Please Be Excited.

By higher resolution backgrounds I hope you mean redesign backgrounds. FFVII backgrounds wouldn't look good today, no matter how high the resolution. They are too simple.
Key thought:

- If this is legit, no way is it a large scale "total" remake. They have too much on their plate right now to allocate the time and resources to rebuild the game. We will have to settle for what looks like a high quality texture mod, with minor gameplay tweaks. Corners must be cut.
While I would welcome a huge, big scale remake of FF7 I would also be totally ok with this too, just update the graphics, tidy everything up but still keep the base game the same and it would be more than enough for me.

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Can't give my word on the crazy Shenmue rumours but the FF VII remake is a real thing. They started production a few months ago and it will be announced this week for a 2017 release.

The Last Guardian is coming back too, Sony PR guys are giving appointments to the press and they plan to release it during the holiday season since Uncharted 4 is delayed until 2016.
Would people be pissed if it's something comparable to the Resident Evil HD Remaster?
Considering REmake is (IMO) the high watermark of what a true 'remake' can be, I'd be thrilled by that.

REmake managed to retain the spirit of the original, add enough new content to feel fresh, AND it looked phenomenal (still does).

All remakes should aspire to do what Capcom did with REmake.
It won't play like it, but some are expecting that level of remake which is insane
Yeah it is. Honestly, even if they updated the character models and such so it was on par with the HD remaster of FFX. Or would that be unrealistic as well? I'm trying to keep my expectations within reason.

In theory I'd love a remake of VII. Problem is that the way I originally envisioned it was like XV and so as a result it'd lose the soul and charm the original game had. Keeping the remake restrained is something that completely skipped my mind, though, and I'd definitely prefer it.
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