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MultiVersus open beta to close on June 25, full launch set for early 2024


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The Multiversus open beta that began on July 26, 2022 will close on June 25, 2023 ahead of the free-to-play platform fighting game’s full launch in early 2024, publisher Warner Bros. Games and developer Player First Games announced.

■ Message from Player First Games

Hi everyone,

This is Tony from Player First Games.

I’m here today on behalf of the entire MultiVersus team to say thank you for your support during our Open Beta. We’ve been excited to see the interest and enthusiasm from the community and your feedback has been invaluable. We continue to be humbled by the awards the game has received and excited to see the enjoyment that MultiVersus has brought to players.

Throughout our Open Beta, we’ve been working hard to build the best gameplay experience, and we appreciate all of the inspiration you’ve given us. Our Open Beta has been an important learning opportunity for us and a stepping stone to the next phase of MultiVersus.

We know there’s still a lot of work to do. As a result, we have a clearer view of what we need to focus on, specifically the content cadence of new characters, maps and modes to give you more ways to enjoy the game, along with updated netcode and more matchmaking improvements. We’ll also be reworking the progression system based on your feedback and looking at new ways for you to connect with your friends in the game.

To do this the right way, we will be closing the MultiVersus Open Beta on June 25, 2023. As part of this process, we’ll be pausing updates and taking the game offline as we prepare for the launch of MultiVersus, which we are targeting for early 2024.

I’m sure you’re wondering what this means for you. During this downtime, all online modes and features will be unavailable. You will have limited offline access to the training room (known as The Lab) and local matches, along with access to your characters and cosmetic items within these modes.

We do know that this news might be disappointing, but rest assured, MultiVersus will be back. We’ll also ensure that all of your progress and content will carry over when MultiVersus returns next year, with a variety of new content, features and modes. Along the way, we’ll be providing updates so keep an eye on our social channels and website, as well as our dedicated FAQ.

Thank you again to the entire MultiVersus community. We greatly appreciate your passion and excitement and can’t wait to share our next chapter with you.
Lol what? Everybody played it and moved on, that was supposed to be a beta? Terms are so muddled, felt to me more like an early access release, for them it’s a live service soft launch. I just can’t imagine anyone wanting to go back and play that in a year, unless they add a roster to compete with smash bros, like all the looney tunes, and really tighten up the mechanics and movement.


Are they shutting down while trying to sell it / attract investors maybe? It just doesn't make sense to me to shut it down and then re-open it.


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I really had fun with the game in the first weeks. Now I haven't played it for ages and I think I read that the 99% of players are gone.


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Yeah the whole, "that was the open beta, thanks for participating" thing is pretty damn odd. It went on for SO long, it honestly just felt like it'd always be available until release. Then on release there's just a patch with more/new content. Last I read the numbers were REALLY plummeting, so, yeah, even thinking of this coming back feels and sounds really odd.

Unless they REALLY cram it full of content and things to make it more appealing and worthwhile. But I really don't know if that's going to happen.


It will never be the same imo. Booted it up on my backup account and deleted it after a couple days. The overhaul they have to do to make me like this game. I don't see this making a comeback in terms of getting anything near once what they had in the beginning.

SF6, Tekken 8 and MK12 will continue to ride their waves all into next year too and to make things worse, Project L will probably be on the scene which is going to eat this game's lunch in the F2P department if the isn't already dead on launch.

And im so glad SF6 didn't take the F2P route.


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Didn’t the PC player base for this crater by like 95% or something back in February? Anyone who thinks it’s actually coming back in 2024 is foolish.

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I never knew this game was in beta, it went on do long I thought it was the full release.

They are going to have to re-work the game completely to make people interested, Stages, Gameplay, Art, it all needs serious work if they want anyone to come back to that mess.
They are working on a revamp that will be released as the 'real' game. Hoping to get enough people who left to make a few more millions before it dies off again.
Player numbers dropped really hard since launch. I think they're going to take this time to rework the game and monetization model.


classic strategy to get players again. Claim to release and get an uptick in players who swing by to see whats new. Problem is this game won't be able to maintain players.

Fuckin BETA with a paid battle pass?
Yeah this will go over well.

seemed to go very well for classic Beta game for years Fortnite. Imagine making billions of dollars while still in Beta.
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