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Music Artist Releases Full Album on an N64 Cartridge


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

German musician Remute will be releasing R64, an entire album of 15 songs, on a Nintendo 64 cartridge on March 25, 2022. The game cartridge will be region free and can be used with all models of the N64 console, whether it be coded for NTSC-U, NTSC-J, or PAL. This will be the first release of a trilogy, with the albums Unity and Generations to be released on Game Boy Advance and Sega Dreamcast later this year.

Remute has already released music albums for the Sega Genesis, Gameboy, SNES, and PC Engine, as well as a ROM file of music for the Nintendo DS. The artist emphasizes that the electro pop album for the N64 will not be an MP3 player embedded on the cartridge with compressed WAV files. The music for R64 will be entirely generated and played in real time by the console in 93.75 MHz. The feat of creating what Remute believes to be the first album ever released on an N64 cartridge was accomplished with the help of developer Rasky, who created the sound engine, the player GUI, and the “amazingly trippy 3D experience” that will accompany the music.

A sample of R64's music can be heard by visiting Remute’s Bandcamp page, and the depth of sound achieved with only 8 MB of storage space is impressive. The album will be sold for €39.99, and a limited edition of R64, featuring a 7-inch vinyl record with high-res versions of three select songs, will also be available for purchase for €49.99.

R64 will be released digitally and on a Nintendo 64 cartridge on March 25, 2022.



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I mean, it's basically MIDI right? Sure, you need some samples too, but MIDI itself takes up basically no space. You could fit hours and hours of it on a floppy disk. So fitting it on an N64 cartridge isn't really impressive in and of itself.
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