Mutant Mudds coming to PS3 and Vita

Terribly overrated, in my opinion. It's pretty much an average platformer.
The pixel perfect type challenge puts it above others if you're into that stuff. Later levels dont fuck around much. That + cool 3D effect certainly made it a worthy purchase on my 3DS. I think it's a good game.


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Doesn't looks all that great (and seems to lose a lot of its appeal once you remove 3D), but I guess we've already had worse smartphone ports in the last few months.
What do you mean? What makes it weird? (Genuine question)
Well because of the multiple layers, it can get a little confusing with the 3D off. However, I imagine like the PC and Wii U versions, these will implement DOF to solve that problem. 3DS didn't have that in 2D mode.
Just got the Wii U version about a month ago, this is a great game. It provides a solid challenge, but is never cheap because the controls are very tight and precise. The graphics are sharp and clean as well, and the music is good. I highly recommend anybody with a PS3/Vita get this game if you're into platformers. I'll certainly be getting any potential sequel day 1.

I played the demo on 3DS. I thought it was pretty meh to be honest.
This was me months ago, I tried the demo on 3DS and didn't like it but didn't hate it either. I got it on a whim with Digital Deluxe credits and had a great time with the game.
It has a very cool aesthetic and jumping between the foreground and the background was cool as well, but I didn't get too far. I suck at platformers anyway, but I had a real hard time with this game.

At any rate, the more the merrier. Bring it on.
Terribly overrated, in my opinion. It's pretty much an average platformer.
Thought the same thing. It came out in the early days of the eshop and its quality ended up being vastly overstated as a result. I mean don't get me wrong it's not a bad game or anything, but it doesn't really do anything interesting or bring anything new to the table, and everything it does has been done better somewhere else.
Man, since when are people suddenly negative toward this game? I usually see almost nothing but positivity around it.
I think some people just don't like how slow it is. That's the main complaint I see levied against it, anyway. It's also a pretty simple game.

But the mechanics are tight, the level design is solid and fun, the graphics and music are excellent, it's challenging but fair, and it has a neat layer-switching gimmick. Overall, great game, IMO at least.
Terribly overrated, in my opinion. It's pretty much an average platformer.
It's certainly missing... something, but I had fun with it on 3DS. Big fan of the soundtrack. Not sure I'd want to play it without the 3D though, maybe the only game I think I'd ever say that about. The strong sense of depth was a large chunk of the appeal for me.