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My 1 year self requested exile is over.


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Hello, it's been a while.
Since my self requested exile, I've been working on myself, I've lost 8 stone & 10 pounds in weight (55.4kg) from walking and eating healthier and recently lifting weights and drinking loads of cold coffee frappes, these things are incredible!

Little Simba, is now over a year old, it's crazy how fast time flies!

I got employee off the month last October and then was nominated for my store for a prize draw thing through the entire company as colleague off the year what genuinely meant a lot to me, I didn't win any prizes, but being recognised for my efforts meant a lot to me. 🥰

I celebrated my 7 year anniversary with my partner may 2nd.

When I started going for walks it really made me realise how beautiful it actually is around here and I definitely enjoy living here a lot more now, I also made some in real life local friends via Reddit off all places, as I only really had my work friends all my old friends back in Leicester that I literally never see but chat too via WhatsApp.

Some of my fave places to walk around, I did a 15.7mile (25.7km) walk the other day.




I've played and loved a lot of incredible games since my ban and some less than steller games too. 😅

Games Completed 2023:
1. PacMan World Repac 7/10
2. Final Fantasy Crises Core R 9/10
3. Gunbird 2 9/10
4. One Piece Odyssey 8/10
5. Breakers Revenge Collection 5/10
6. Hogwarts Legacy 8/10
7. Wanted Dead 7/10
8. Gunbarich 5/10
9. Resident Evil 4 9/10
10. Dragon Blaze 8/10
11. Monster Hunter Rise 8/10
12. Like A Dragon Ishin 8/10
13. Destroy all Humans 6/10
14. Destroy all Humans 2 7/10
15. Sifu 7/10
16. Wo Long Fallen Dynasty 9/10
17. Wild Hearts 9/10
18. Grounded 7/10
19. Ravenlok 7/10
20. Ghostwire Tokyo 9/10
21. Omega Strikers 6/10
22. Need for Speed Unbound 7/10
23. Hi Fi Rush 9/10
24. Guilty Gear Strive 9/10
25. Star Wars Jedi Survivor 9/10
26. Samurai Warriors 5 6/10
27. Street Fighter 6 10/10
28. Diablo 4 9/10
29. Akai Katana Shin 9/10
30. Sonic 1 5/10
31. Sonic 2 10/10
32. Sonic 3 & Knuckles 10/10
33. Sonic CD 5/10
34. Sonic Forces 6/10
35. Olli Olli World 9/10
36. Saints Row 6/10
37. Exoprimal 7/10
38. Remnant from the ashes 7/10
39. Modern Warfare 2 (2009) 6/10
40. Marsupilami 7/10
41. Remnant 2 9/10
42. Halo 3 ODST 7/10
43. Atlas Fallen 5/10
44. Gotham Knights 6/10
45. Naruto Ninja Storm 4 7/10
46. Starfield 9/10
47. Mortal Kombat 1 4/10
48. The Knight Witch 7/10
49. Armored Core 6 Fires of Rubicon 10/10
50. Nights Into Dreams 10/10
51. Assassin's Creed Mirage 7/10
52. Sonic Superstars 7/10
53. Lies of P 10/10
54. Like A Dragon: Gaiden 8/10
55. Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 9/10
56. Crew Motorfest 8/10
57. Cotton 100% 7/10
58. Pocky & Rocky Reshrined 8/10

Games Completed 2024:
1. Avatar Frontiers of Pandora 8/10
2. Kao the kangeroo 7/10
3. Robocop: rogue city 9/10
4. BombRush CyberFunk 9/10
5. Prince of Persia: Lost Crown 9/10
6. Tekken 8 9/10
7. Spikeout Final Edition 3/10
8. Sega Bass Fishing 7/10
9. Virtua Fighter 3tb 5/10
10. Like a dragon: infinite wealth 10/10
11. Suicide Squad 6/10
12. Raiden 3 Mikado Remix 6/10
13. Banishers 7/10
14. Unicorn Overlord 9/10
15. Dragons Dogma 2 9/10
16. Sandland (currently playing & surprisingly enjoying a lot)

Hopefully gaming side got a little more positive about gaming since my exile and less petty arguing over a damn console preferences as it's super trivial stuff, that being said my motivation to sit down and game has definitely declined over this year, I'm always outside keeping myself super busy now, I just have far too much energy.😅

Lastly I want to thank near near for wanted dead, that he very kindly gave me a while back, I realised I missed him off my thank you list, and it was too late as I was already banned, I couldn't edit the list and I've felt guilty every single day about it, I did genuinely enjoy the game, especially the ost and ended up buying a physical deluxe version on sale for my collection :)


I ended up rambling on quite a bit sorry!
I hope Kanjo Chan is still active here, I don't even need to tag I bet 🥰
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Welcome back 🤗
I've missed all your pictures, did you ever do the important cowboy hat picture?
I have actually seen more pictures of my family than you in the last year too 🤯
And thank you 🥰

Well done OP for putting in the work and proving you can make positive changes to your life.
Thank you, I've been really fortunate as I've genuinely found it really easy to shift the weight, I think having routine and consistently has worked really well for me :)

The only issue I have now, is too much energy now, so I find it very difficult to switch off, sit down and play or watch something now 😅

I won't say "welcome back" because you never left my heart.
& This is why I knew I wouldn't even need to tag 🥰

I've genuinely missed engaging with some users on here tbh :)


I've missed all your pictures, did you ever do the important cowboy hat picture?
I have actually seen more pictures of my family than you in the last year too 🤯
And thank you 🥰

Haha yes I have.

I'm very happy to hear that 🤣

Again, good to have you back <3

Also congrats on your IRL achievements brother
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I see you are an xbox fun, so well, have I a news for you, during last year the xbox brand was hit hard. But maybe you were fallowing the news.
I've seen the news, it's genuinely unfortunate, as you want all brands to be competitive as it pushes for better experiences for everyone, it's a genuine shame that some here want Xbox to die etc.

I would say I'm more of a fan of video games in general, I keep up with all platforms, Xbox is just my current preference (I use to have a ps5 & switch too but downsized a while back as I can't keep with the games I want to play on one platform, let alone 3) :)

I was genuinely disappointed that they shut tango gameworks down, as Hi Fi Rush & Ghostwire Tokyo were two games I genuinely really loved and I was excited for their future.

& I was hoping with the ps5 port it would gain more sales to warrant a sequel for Hi Fi Rush, but last number reported was 2 million players last year sometime, what is genuinely sad as it's an amazing game and was ignored even by game pass subscribers sadly, I am still looking forward to the LRG release though. 😭

I am happy that sea of thieves is coming to more platforms too, as it means more people can experience a great game, it gives the game a healthy player boost & warrants more content support for people that still continue to play, it's what 7 years old at this point?

I know many Xbox fans are upset over older titles being added to other platforms, but it doesn't really phase me, if it means they get added support I am all for it.

I would personally like to see them remake lost odyssey and bring it to all platforms and try turn it into a franchise.

Or a new killer instinct with crossplay between all platforms.

I also think they think they will/should bring Hellblade 2 to playstation in the future, especially as I imagine most Hellblade players played it originally on the PS4 as it was playstation exclusive for a bit I think? :)

Now I'm rambling about games haha
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Glad you’re doing well bud, self reflection and care are always important to growth, and it looks like you’ve got that nailed down. You don’t need to thank me again for the gift, once is enough! Super happy that you ended up enjoying the game as well as beating it, that’s all I wanted. Welcome back. 😊


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Seriously thank you for all the kind words, it means a lot, I'd love to single handedly address everyone, but time doesn't permit it, but it's genuinely nice that people remember me, honestly thought I'd be forgotten 🙏

John Marston John Marston Thank you for blessing my reunion with Anthony.
John Marston John Marston thank you for the gold, it's incredibly generous of you :)

Imagine what you could do with another year?

See ya.
Are you saying I should be exiled for another year? 👀 I'm going to keep at it, and I'll use gaf still, but in moderation 😁

Sounds like a solid year of self improvement. I think a lot of people could take inspiration from your post.
Thank you so much, I think just taking a step back really helped, and just focusing on myself and what I enjoy, I'm going to keep at it 🙏

Its somewhere in the Friday thread.

You missed a lot of great stuff over there lol.

And I will continue to mistake your avatar as a banana
One day I'll change it to a banana and say nothing 👀

I do not want to be self-exiled, but I need a year of improvements
currently not working so need to find a job lose weight and learn some new skills
truth be told I'm kinda bummed out
I'll give myself a year lets go I can do it
Honestly start walking, i feel so much better after a good walk, feeling stressed or run down? I'll walk a few miles and I feel so much better afterwards. 😁

Plus it's a good way to improve your fitness and lose weight 🙏

I genuinely hope you succeed and find happiness, I found making a routine I was consistent with made it easy. ♥️

We have gang wars now


I'm genuinely curious as to what I have missed now 👀

Congrats on the transformation!
Seriously thank you, I still fondly remember our chatgpt story exchange 😂

You are an inspiration my man. Glad to see you back.

Heart Hands GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Thank you so much, and thanks for all the summaries you did for me in the past ♥️😁

Glad you’re doing well bud, self reflection and care are always important to growth, and it looks like you’ve got that nailed down. You don’t need to thank me again for the gift, once is enough! Super happy that you ended up enjoying the game as well as beating it, that’s all I wanted. Welcome back. 😊
I genuinely really appreciated, I certainly couldn't afford it at the time, and I genuinely enjoyed it a lot, planning a replay some time soon, as I heard it got a big update :)
Thank you so much for the kind words ♥️

Congrats on all your efforts since your exile. Clearly GAF is very important to you, so welcome back.
Haha yeah I genuinely love gaf, sometimes the negativity around games or point scoring in some threads could get tiresome, but other that the site has a lot of wonderful users that I genuinely enjoy engaging with :)
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