My dog ate my 3DS. What now?

Aug 8, 2009
He also ripped out the SD card and ate half of it. All my downloaded games, my streetpass data, puzzle pieces etc. Gone. :-(

So what do I do now? If I get a new one do I just start over from scratch? Is there a way I can retrieve my Mii? Maybe from someone else's street pass? I need hope.

This is a terrible feeling.

Also, feel free to share a story about your 3DS.

Here are pics...

Update: Holy crap! You guys were talking about the system transfer and I cut it on to check it out a bit more and I went to the activity log and it still had my steps and titles played. I thought that was weird since my downloaded games were gone and when I went to the streetpass section I thought it told me to make another Mii. Turns out I failed at reading ( I guess I wasn't thinking clearly given the situation) and it was just telling me there was no SD card and asked me to uses another SD card, I skip through that and I'm right back in the plaza with all my data! I'm so relieved! Woo!

Also, people were asking for pics of my dog, so here's my Shiba, Loki (damn that name now)

Apr 28, 2006
Weird. My dog jumped up on my dining room table to eat my copy of Mario Kart for 3DS.

What is it about this system that makes it so insatiably appealing to canines, and how can Nintendo cash in on this?

3DS game cartridge shaped dog treats seems like an obvious first choice.

Sporran said:
id say he was lucky he didnt get to the battery, would have been fatal!
Nah, battery not strong enough (lol).
Mar 2, 2011
You could try checking his poop. Maybe your Mii winds up there.

Seriously though, I've been sometimes fearing for the 3DS screens since my cat likes to touch them. He also touches my smart phone screen. Probably just wants to play with with the same toys I do.
Jan 6, 2010
My uncle's dog almost ate my copy of OOT3D I had lying on the table.

You could try sending the system to Nintendo to get a system transfer. You'd need another console though I guess.