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My French assistant has a thing for me...

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Since Sep. of last year I hired her to help with animation in my studio place. She never went to art classes before, but she does have one of those looney degrees that is called 'art history', and she knows the basic stuff of drawing.

It was a really slow process for her to get anything done, but while it was super slow she did get things done in a decent manner. During the months of her coming over she told me more about her past, and that she is actually depressed, and has anxiety issues (which were kinda obvious from the start). We talked a lot about the solutions, and I always tried to get her to the gym and make her take cold showers, but she gave up soon after the first try. The more I got to know her, the more often she started to unveil her dark days (mood swings), I mean she wasnt showing it to me, but she kept telling me about her suicide feelings. I was not sure if she was serious half of the time, as we do like black humour.

The past 2 months she seemed to have more of those days, and she acts more vulnurable. Tells me about her crying nights and how she doesnt want to do absolutely anything when she comes back home (she works as a kindergarden teacher as well), so she just stays in bed, miserable.

I always knew she had feelings for me from the beginning, but I always played safe and kept her in the friendzone. I just dont see us being a couple, though she's a cute girl on the goth/80's music scale. Her parents are probably pressuring her to get shit done in life, like marry etc. But I think the biggest issue is that she thinks she should be doing more fun and interesting things for her 26th age. Kinda sounds like shes entitled to things, and I blame social media here, she lurks a lot in FB and kiwifarms. I always joke around like shes a Doomette from the Doomer meme, but she gets mad.

Few days ago she has a breakdown at my studio, she cried and I tried to comfort her. She keeps telling how theres nobody else who listens to her but me etc. How I am the only one who cares for her. And of course this puts me in the situation of being seen as a prince to her. She gave so many signs how she wants to get in a relationship with me but I always act oblivious, and she also gets really frustrated whenever I bring up our other mutual guy friends who may be that someone for her.

So long story short, Im not sure what should I do, because she does have suicidal tendencies. I fear if I tell her I dont like her that way she may do something really stupid. Another idea was to hook her up with some other singles I know, but that would still require a painful talk with her.

What would French people do?
From personal experience with that you would best be trying to get her to talk to someone professional other than her boss or authority figure.....there are so many things that can go wrong for you and her..if I was you I would help convince her to talk to a medical professional but still be her friend.....ifbim
Being brutally honest I would also let your hr department know you are trying to help this girl

TLDR version....handball that on dude...don’t mix work and mental health issues with personal feelings

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If she is still hopeful and does not know you are not interested in her, it does not help her if you keep being disinterested but being vague about it. Even if she has suicidal tendencies, clarity will be preferrable over desperation.
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