My Girlfriend's Inappropriate Behavior, she has an obsession with an internet fad.

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Feb 22, 2011
Hi, been a lurker on GAF and didn't really have the courage to post, but I'm at my wits end with my girlfriend (let's call her Chris) and her immature behavior.
Some background: So I first met Chris in a group of friends. She was fun, tomboyish, smart, and well-versed on the internet which I found particularly striking. She spends a lot of time on reddit, 4chan, and knowyourmeme. At first I found this hobby mutual as I'm a frequent internet user myself, except I started noticing that Chris would bring it into the real world.

For example, Chris has an obsession with memes. She has memes posted all over her wall and is very active on meme based forums. I understand they make her laugh and that it's not too concerning, but she brings up memes ALL the time. And I mean all the time. Even when we first started talking and flirting she'd bring up socially awkward penguin. At first it was cute, but then it got annoying fast when I realized she did this constantly.

My girlfriend doesn't abstain from meme usage, even when we're having sex. Whenever we spend this time together, she starts moaning doge memes like "such sex, wow" and it really kills the moment for me. Like really? Is that even close to appropriate? Maybe she wants to relieve the tension, but does she know when to draw the line? Even reading that over made me sick knowing that Chris is usually 100% serious about those things.

I tried bringing up her inappropriate usage of memes after my father died and she literally sends me advice animal memes that say 'don't be sad' but my dad just fucking died could you be more sensitive and not send me memes? I said that straight to her face yesterday and she started crying, and I feel awful but it was just really irritating for me.

Basically, every time I bring up her habit, guess what- she just brings up memes! It's impossible to fight with her reasonably and I'd hate to end our year long relationship over something so trivial like this and I need advice. Do I stick with her or not? The reaction to my dad's death was the final straw for me and I've been ignoring her messages, texts, which yes, do contain memes.

Sorry for making this long, I'm having a bit of catharsis here. I know Reddit loves its memes and I might get flamed for this, but it's an actual problem and I need help dealing with her. Throwaway because yes, she is on reddit. I'm thinking of showing her this board once I get enough advice to show her that her "harmless" jokes actually get on my nerves to a serious degree.

tl;dr: Girlfriend uses memes in real life, acts immature about them, and doesn't understand context... I'm really at my wit's end and need advice on if I should break or try to work this out. Please help.

Sep 12, 2013
That would annoy the shit out of me.

My personal advice OP, is to sit down with her and talk. Say something like "I'm tired of hearing what you have to say through memes, I want to hear the real you."

For something as serious as your Father passing away, surely there is some form of expression deep down past the meme-obsession.
Nov 15, 2011
Sep 29, 2009
So you don't like your girlfriend but you're too spineless to break up with her? Good job dude.

tl;dr: i don't like a fellow human being who i am in a committed relationship with and want to change her because her behavior annoys me

It's not your fucking job to tell her what she should and shouldn't do.

edit - this is clearly a reddit repost lmao
Feb 11, 2013
The Reddit poster needs to ask themselves these questions:

1) Do you love her? Honestly, truly love her?
2) If she doesn't change her ways and doesn't want to address the problem, what are you prepared to do?
3) Could you see yourself happier without her, knowing everything she said and/or her willingness to change?

Those are the questions I'd ask myself. I'd say that they need to sit down with her and talk about it seriously. If she either thinks it's a joke or keeps up with her behaviour, it may be better to just cut ties and leave. I sure as hell wouldn't put up with someone who didn't understand when I was going through a grieving process.
Oct 12, 2005
How old are you two? I can't comprehend how people would spend an extended amount of time viewing meme websites on a regular basis. Maybe I'm just to old now. Get off my lawn!
Jun 22, 2014
Sounds like someone I couldn't stand to be around. That bit about your pop's death would've been the end of it all if I was in your situation. I'd break ties and move on, honestly.


my cake, fuck off
Jun 17, 2011
I would avoid anyone that did this kind of shit. There is a janitor where I work that constantly talks about My Little Pony. It takes all my willpower not to rag him hard, and now I'm wondering if he talks about it while having sex.
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