My Hero Academia (Shonen Jump) move over pirates, ninjas, reapers, its Hero time

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Best Girl

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So a few days the first volume of the manga was released in Japan and it seems to be Shonen Jump new best selling manga in a while and, funny enough, it seems to be slowly growing in popularity in my city too. This is a Shonen Jump series that has great potential, likable characters and, most important of all for me, a lot of heart. The art also takes some inspiration from classic American comics in a few of its designs, that gives a funny clashing effect with the manga style it has for most of its regular cast.

What is it about?
In a few words: A boy wants to be a hero but doesn't have any powers while everyone else in the world does.

Midoriya Izuki, a teenage boy in middle school, lives in a world where superpowers, known as "quirks", have become commonplace and are an active part of society. Midoriya too wants to become a hero and help people, but he is one of the rare cases who lack superpowers. Not one to give up, he still wants to join the best academy for aspiring Superheroes, Yuuei, and use his knowledge to be the best hero he can possibly be.

Should you read it?
If you liked shonen series like Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, One Piece, early Naruto and Bleach, or even Hunter x Hunter and Yuu Yuu Hakusho. Yes. Yes you should. Without spoiling too much, this series is not afraid to go in unexpected directions with its characters and believes that Hard work > Born Power. What I'm saying is that Izuki is an underdog and if you love underdog stories you should totally read this.

Also the series takes a dark turn in the most recent chapters and I swear I want someone to discuss it with. Mark my words, if this series ever gets an anime its going to be HUGE. It aims to take a place in the greatest shonen manga's of all time, and even if its too early to tell (17 episodes released so far), something tells me it might get there. Look around for a place to read it, some fans are translating it to english, and if it ever gets released officially over here (just a question of time, really) I'll be sure to buy it.

It's finally getting added to the English Weekly Shonen Jump, with first chapter in next weeks issue and the latest chapter starting with the February 9th issue.

~~~First NeoGAF Popularity Contest for "My Hero Academia".~~~
Here it is! Your vote has been cast and your voice has been heard, 28 NeoGAF users have entrusted upon me their opinions and we know that is the only opinion it matters. Now onto the results. Plus Ultra!

10th Place!

Villain Name: "Hero Killer" Stain.
Civilian Name: Stain? I guess.
Quirk: Bloodcurdle
Total points: 12. Mentions: 5.
With a design straight from the 80´s or 90´s. Stain got a popularity boost thanks to the recent asswoopin´ delivered to our boy Iida, both physical and moral. With a twisted logic and a fun quirk, that lets him immobilize suckers by cutting them and ingesting their blood. It was enough to get him on the 10th place.

9th Place!

Hero Name: Ingenium (Borrowed from his bro).
Civilian Name: Tenya Iida.
Quirk: Engine
Total points: 14. Mentions: 6.
Glasses boy is a serious kid, but after his brother was de-feet-ed (Hehe, get it? Because he can´t use his feet? Hehehe), he got angry and went for revengeance (I am pretty sure is a real word). Pretty much our favorite character to turn evil later on, Iida is good friend with Midoriya and Uraraka, so in a way he is the third wheel. Also look at that glorious jawline. Hang in there Iida!

8th Place!

Hero Name: Tsukuyomi: The Jet Black Hero.
Civilian Name: Fumikage Tokoyami.
Quirk: Dark Shadow.
Total points: 15. Mentions: 5.
That ain´t Falco! Our reserved, cool and mysterious feathered proved his worth in the Sports Festival Arc by saving Deku, and later by fighting a exciting match against Bakugou. Its impossible to dislike this guy, just look at how cool he is.

7th Place!

Fanmade Name: Gadget Girl.
Civilian Name: Mei Hatsume.
Quirk: Zoom.
Total points: 15. Mentions: 6.
A creative inventor, she wants to make awesome gadgets for heroes to use and will do anything to prove her genius. Be it manipulate teammates, or helping her opponent in a friendly competition, she will open her mouth and shamelessly promote her inventions.

6th Place!

Hero Name: Explode Kill King.
Civilian Name: Katsuki Bakugou "Kacchan".
Quirk: BOOM BITCH (Actual name is just Explosion).
Total points: 27. Mentions: 9.

5th Place!

Hero Name: Shouto.
Civilian Name: Shouto Todoroki.
Quirk: Half-Cold Half-Hot
Total points: 35. Mentions: 15.
Son of the 2nd Best Hero, Shouto was born and given the purpose to surpass his father, but he is a teen and his dad is kind of a dick, so of course he might not feel like doing that. Either way, he can control both Ice and Fire, so he might be the main character of Game of Thrones.

4th Place!

Hero Name: Froppy, Rainy Season Hero.
Civilian Name: Tsuyu Asu.
Quirk: Frog-Form
Total points: 39. Mentions: 13.
Proving Frog+Girl=Cute, Froppy is straight-forward and relaxed, also quite funny. Tsuyu is a great underwater fighter and always speaks her mind. Also once when the anime hits expect her to be the only cosplay you are going to see for the next few months.

3rd Place!

Hero Name: All Might!
Civilian Name: Toshinori.
Quirk: One For All
Total points: 56. Mentions: 17.
ITS HERE! THE SYMBOL OF PEACE! All Might is the greatest hero there is, strong and, well, heroic, he is the role model everyone aspires to reach. But one day he was gravely injured and can only keep his powerful form for a few hours. So he has taken Deku as his successor and given him his mighty power. But do we know everything about him? What secrets does he have? Only time will tell! And look! He is drawn in another style!

2nd Place!

Hero Name: Uravity (Phonetically: Gravity)
Civilian Name: Ochako Uraraka.
Quirk: Zero Gravity
Total points: 72. Mentions: 23.
Officially declared by this poll as "Best Girl", Ochako claims second place! With her warm, happy-go-lucky personality, and tenacity to reach her dream, Ochako proves to be an asset in any heroics team. Through her fingers she can remove Gravity from objects, making her quirk great for support and unconventional tactics. Her fighting potential was proven with her fight against Bakugou, even if she got destroyed. Oh well, you still beat him in this contest, so suck it Kacchan!

1st Place!

Hero Name: Deku
Civilian Name: Izuku Midoriya.
Quirk: One For All
Total points: 106. Mentions: 27.
Our protagonist and the winner by a wide margin! He is smart, kind and hardworking. Since young his dream was to be a great hero, and judging by the last few chapter he certainly has the tools to do it now! 15 out of 28 polled users had him in first place, that is Something% of the votes! That is, like, a lot of us. Jeez guys, you love underdog stories, don´t you?

That is it! Well, that was fun to write, here is the list of all votes and positions. Any questions or mistakes be sure to point them out.
1 .- Deku ~~~ Total: 106 Mentions: 27
2 .- Ochako ~~~ Total: 72 Mentions: 23
3 .- All Might ~~~ Total: 56 Mentions: 17
4 .- Tsuyu ~~~ Total: 39 Mentions: 13
5 .- Todoroki ~~~ Total: 35 Mentions: 15
6 .- Bakugou ~~~ Total: 27 Mentions: 9
7 .- Hatsume (Techgirl) ~~~ Total: 15 Mentions: 6
8 .- Chocobro (tokoyami fumikage) ~~~ Total: 15 Mentions: 5
9 .- Iida ~~~ Total: 14 Mentions: 6
10 .- Stain ~~~ Total: 12 Mentions: 5
11 .- Kaminari (Shock dude) ~~~ Total: 7 Mentions: 2
12 .- Momo Yaoyorozu (Clothes girl) ~~~ Total: 4 Mentions: 2
12 .- Shinsou (Mind control dude) ~~~ Total: 4 Mentions: 2
14 .- Handude (Shigaraki) ~~~ Total: 4 Mentions: 1
15 .- Endeavor (Firejerk) ~~~ Total: 2 Mentions: 1
15 .- Ashido (Pinky) ~~~ Total: 2 Mentions: 1
15 .- Mineta (Grape Boy) ~~~ Total: 2 Mentions: 1
18 .- Kendou (Class Prez girl) ~~~ Total: 1 Mentions: 1
18 .- Yuuga Aoyama (Crotch Laser Dude) ~~~ Total: 1 Mentions: 1
18 .- Kirishima (Rock dude) ~~~ Total: 1 Mentions: 1
18 .- Deku's Mom ~~~ Total: 1 Mentions: 1
I'm more of a seinen kinda guy, but I love having some brainless shonen that I can keep up with on a weekly basis while I wait months for all my good stuff to update. Will have to check it out, thanks for the recommendation!
It's a lot of fun and the pacing has been pretty good so far.
I agree! I specially like the characters. Deku, Ochako and frog girl been my favorites so far, and the speed the story is going makes for a exciting read, it feels like every chapter is packed with content.

I'll definitely have to check it out now. I am liking the art
style based on that cover.
Please do so! I'm not sure if I'm allowed to link to fan translation, but if you regularly read manga online it should be easy to find.

I'm more of a seinen kinda guy, but I love having some brainless shonen that I can keep up with on a weekly basis while I wait months for all my good stuff to update. Will have to check it out, thanks for the recommendation!
You are welcome! As long as you know what you can expect you might be gladly surprised. I also like Seinen but I rarely read them since I don't have the stomach for gory stuff, who seems common place in seinen. Monster, Billy Bat, Oyasumi Pun Pun are my favorites.
This is the Bulge guy huh. Enjoyed his last two series but it always lacked something to keep it going, glad he finally found what looks to be a hit.

I'll check it out soon.
I'm really enjoying this series. I hope it keeps to what it's doing now and doesn't fall into the same trap Naruto did of making 98% of the cast useless and going full ham on the power scaling.
been a good follow so far. Also Tsuyu is the best, and Grape Boy (Mineta) will grow up knowing what he likes (round... ermm... objects. on females mostly)
I'm really enjoying this series. I hope it keeps to what it's doing now and doesn't fall into the same trap Naruto did of making 98% of the cast useless and going full ham on the power scaling.
Same here, it's going great so far with the involvement of the side characters and there's still more of the cast that need to get their chance to shine. Plus with the way they've established how the MC works, even if it does happen it won't nearly be as bad as Naruto or Ichigo got.
Subscribed, because I love that Manga!

Also, Frog Girl is indeed best Girl. Does anyone else think that Midorima is going to be a kind of Batman-Charakter, meaning becoming the Brian of the Group before he becomes able to use his Powers to the full extend?


Thanos acquires the fully powered Infinity Gauntlet in The Avengers: Infinity War, but loses when all the superheroes team up together to stop him.
Wow, thanks for this topic. At chapter 10 now and it's really good so far.

I especially like Tenya:

The hero abilities and costumes give me a Mega Man vibe.
Can definitely see this taking one of the empty spots left by Naruto (and soonish Bleach). It does feel like it's going to comparatively be a much shorter manga though, the protagonist is already pretty overpowered.
Good shit OP, caught up to it last week and it's quite excellent. Was a bit disappointed when bulge was cancelled but I find this to be superior so I guess it works out in the end.
hahahaha that was awesome. but do people really consider naruto's story (like late shipuuden) bad
Yes. The last few Chapters had a decent Quality, but everything between the Last Nauto vs. Sasuke Fight and the Pain Arc was bad. It didn't felt like the kind of Manga it was supposed to be, but more something in the direction of Dragonball.

But enough of that, i mean this is the Thread about Hero Academia, and not Naruto :)
Pretty cool, but I'm surprised Luffy is there considering One Piece isn't even close to done yet?
He's there to say goodbye to Naruto.

Anywho, I'm expecting All Might to fuck some shit up. Also, is it just me, or does anybody else get the impression that the fire and ice guy might be evil?
I'm really glad that this ended up being good after all, in spite of the kinda bad first chapter.

Also glad that this is probably going to make it, since this dude's last manga was also pretty cool but ended up getting the axe.
He's there to say goodbye to Naruto.

Anywho, I'm expecting All Might to fuck some shit up. Also, is it just me, or does anybody else get the impression that the fire and ice guy might be evil?
Didn't he try to avoid killing anyone because that wasn't what a hero would do? Not getting any evil vibes from him.