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My Opinion on Dragon Ball Super


Jan 21, 2018
I have to admit that Dragon Ball Super is great and the right succesor to the Legendary Dragon Ball Z

I had to watch the series again after i lost my hopes after watching it until the Black arc but know my opinion changed after watching the Black Goku arc upwards
As a long time Goku fan i decided to give Super another chance and i did the right decision
And with the Movie coming out in december 2018 in japan and january 2019 in the US and Europe im really hyped and hope that the movie is as great and thrilling as the Universal Tournament arc or better


Dec 5, 2013
The zamasu arc was pretty great but I disagree that the Universal Tournament was anything but a wasted opportunity.
Don't get me wrong some of the fights were cool, Ultra Instinct is a neat concept but from a storytelling perspective, character development etc it felt so hollow. Maybe my expectations were too high.
Funnily enough the zamasu arc was better in manga to me but the tournament was completely botched there.
I have fairly good hope for the movie though so wait and see.