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My PC crashes at irregular intervals, one-year old computer


Nov 20, 2018
Since this morning my PC crashes, just from me being on desktop, running the minimum of apps (Steam on the background, Microsoft Edge, a couple of programs maintaining my fan speed, etc.)

The screen freezes for 5-10 seconds, then either goes black (with the PC still operating), or I get a blue screen of death and the PC restarts itself.

It can take my PC 10-40 minutes to crash.

I think that this may be a memory issue - some of my PC's memory chips being faulty or something.

The only thing I can think of doing since last night was downloading the latest Nvidia drivers for my 2080 Super.

Any thoughts?
Your pc is over heating.
You need to clean cpu/gpu heatsinks and fans with compressed air.


The Amiga Brotherhood
Jun 13, 2013
United Kingdom
Had something similar with my Alienware X51. This is after a number of years of the PC collecting dust.

Ran a RAM test (you can get an ISO the PC will boot from but can't recall the name) and it found a RAM issue. I simply removed the 2xRAM dimms blew away any dust and re-inserted the RAM and the problem was gone.