Nate Fox is a little disconcerted by his Infamous GIF

Sep 28, 2010

Jason Schreier, Kotaku writer: So, Nate, I have to ask: how do you feel about that GIF of your face being plastered all over?

Nate Fox, Infamous: Second Son director: It is humiliating.

Schreier: Is it?

Fox: Well, it’s not humiliating, it’s fine.

Schreier: I feel like it’s goodhearted—it’s not like people are making fun.

Fox: So, alright, here’s what happened. We made this video, this really cool video that featured that kind of 2D art style of the game which you saw today. It had these kinda neat transitions and sound effects. And I timed my speech out against the video—I thought, this’ll be great, people will be looking at the video. I’m just some bag of meat talking, right?

So I timed what I’m saying against this big snazzy transition in the video, and in one of them, I’m waiting while there’s this transition happening. And my sentence, you know, I’ll stop halfway because it’s being accented by the movie, but in the transmission of the show they put the camera on me. So I'm just saying sentences that stop halfway through and it doesn't make any sense at all. And then I’ll pick it up again and I didn’t know they would be looking at me.

Schreier: When was the first time you saw your face in GIF form?

Fox: I was at work, and my face lit up like Rudolph’s nose. It was a little embarrassing.
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Jan 19, 2013
Like I said in the comments section of that article, I feel like this gif got the play it did not because 'he looks funny!', but because his monologue was such a bad, overblown sentiment for what turned out to be the trailer for a superhero action game.
Aug 27, 2007
Haha aw man, poor Nate. That would be pretty embarassing to me too, not thinking that the camera is focused on you while you're reading along with the video people are supposed to be paying attention to. Then you get home and see your face giffed all over the place. XD

Hopefully he just takes it as the internet poking fun. It was a pretty cheesy presentation but I think people are just having fun because the game really speaks for itself.
Apr 15, 2010
Great reaction gif, and nobody knows that it's from... it just fits to be a "wtf... " weirded out reaction.

It's only embarrassing for the person because he'll worry people think he's embarrassed/weirded out by what they played on the screen. But nobody else really thinks that about him.
Mar 4, 2008
Was a bad monologue. I'd say just laugh it off and maybe do a parody of it in a future Second Son trailer.

Lol, god that was such a funny moment though.
May 26, 2009
He wasn't sad he was just timing his words to go along with the Video and so he had to stop a lot and talk slowly. Camera man screwed up and showed his face instead.
Camera men in Sony's shows are who should be embarrased.
Nate shouldnt feel humillated, in fact he looks like a Hollywood actor.
Apr 17, 2008
Eastern USA
For me, it wasn't so much the awkward pauses that made it so ridiculous, but the overly dramatic concern/sadness he was trying to convey. We get it, the future is an awful place where people are discriminated against and hunted down.... in a video game.
Nov 28, 2011
I thought what was funny was how intense he was talking about the game. Just like the Evolution guy was hilarious with how sexual he got talking about DriveClub. That Giant Bomb live-stream will go down in history because of those on-stage antics.
Dec 5, 2008
So it's confirmed, Sony is hiring the most stupid directors ever. They fucked up the entire Gamecom presentation and now we learn the fucked up the Infamous E3 one too. WTF?
Sep 13, 2009
It's not really about how he looks, it was more the overdramatic speech about the nanny state followed by "so anyway you can blow dudes up with your mind". The gif just encapsulated that nonsense.

edit: that comes off as harsh, sorry. Good on him for owning it.
Jun 12, 2013
It's a great gif, neatly sums up (with a measure of irony) how I feel about some of the event feeds this year - such as Sony's Gamescom debacle.

I know, lets show everyone watching online an atmospheric shot of the audience watching an awesome trailer..