Nathan For You Season 4 |OT| - Thursdays 10pm on Comedy Central

I gotta wonder if in this season they end the show and close the arc of Nathan being always alone and without real purpose. It became very obvious to me since I binge watched the 3 previous seasons...
Lol holy shit this stuff with the host has gotta be scripted right? Anthony Napoli comes across as a serial killer. He has the same demeanor as freaking mcconaughey's killer joe

Can't believe that shit about the threesome and then the holocaust question lmao

The stuff with the psychics and the tattoo kid was great too. Nathan has reached an even higher level of awkwardness with the pauses he was getting this episode. I'm impressed
OMG, he's a comedic genius. The O.J. segway, the i.d. check, the glimpse behind the scenes, the "where you there?" question. I was in tears. I'm so happy this show's back.
It'll be tough for the actual season 4 to live up to that special. God dammit that was funny.

The oj stuff, Corey's life working out, solomon's non interview, Anthony napoli and his coffee company. The best show.


Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that
This is already too funny. I'm cracking up and it's only the Anthony Napoli intro
I loved how much he prolonged giving that dude the 40 he paid for in 2013. I was hoping he wouldn't honor the purchase without the ticket, to be honest, but that man deserved his booze because of that patience.
That kid who bought the alcohol looked and dressed like everyone I knew in high school back in Season 1 and now he looks and dresses like everyone I know now

Growing up is weird


Supersonic, idiotic, disconnecting, not respecting, who would really ever wanna go and top that
Great special. I'm still bummed that I lost my Summit Ice beanie toque.
So you're saying you forgot it. Smh

I swear, that Anthony Napoli dude hates Nathan. There's a contempt brewing under the surface. He just barely keeps it together.
This episode holy shit.

Of course the vandal teen is a vape pen salesman.

Brian Woolfe my god what a legend.

Anthony is a fucking creep. Where does Nathan find these actors-for-hires?
Everything else aside, this Anthony Napoli dude is a terrible host. I get that Nathan is fucking with him, but when it's just Anthony talking to the camera, he's awkward as hell.

Also, Nathan and Brian Wolf's relationship continues to be the strangest thing I've ever seen. Despite the conflict, it feels as if Brian truly does care for Nathan in his own weird way, haha.
Aw man kind of a bummer to hear that (behind the show info)
most of the Celebration was scripted. I mean, I guess Napoli could be saving face by saying that, but I believe him. No way he'd do the Holocaust thing unprompted...even on a show where people have openly professed the wonders of drinking pee or testified to being molested by ghosts.
I think it's remarkable that it was even in question.