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lol @ how fast this thread turns on people

horford was literally a top 3 player in the playoffs through the first 2 series. put a guy next to him that can battle thompson on the boards and this discussion isn't happening.
He's only like 17 right now. Its remarkable at all that he's playing
I really wouldn't start him and give him that many minutes in a Euroleague final four so soon. Give him less minutes off the bench.
Guy looked downright panicked out there.

I would let him get some more experience in the ACB and bring him along slowly. Bring him back next year just before the draft to show the world what he's got.
Memories be so short. Horford has been been really, really good in the playoffs.
Though he's not an elite rebounder, Horford can do just about everything else. Only three other players are averaging at least 15.8 points, 7.7 rebounds and 6.1 assists during the postseason: LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Paul George. Horford currently tops the NBA in playoff true shooting percentage (a measurement of shooting efficiency) while ranking fourth in 3-point percentage (56.7). He ranks third in overall playoff win shares, trailing only James and Kawhi Leonard; fifth in VORP, trailing only Leonard, James, James Harden and Draymond Green; and ninth in box plus/minus, if you prefer that statistic.
Not to mention his leadership and experience, which has been key for a really young team throughout the season and in big moments. Hot takes about Al Horford says more about the poster than what he brings to the C's.
Horford hasn't been a top 3 player. That's been LeBron, kawhi, and probably Curry at 3rd.

Watching the Euroleague semi finals.

Anthony Bennett looking nice getting paid to watch the game from the sidelines.

Doncic looks completely lost among the older pros.
The fact that doncic gets minutes is incredible by itself, and on one of the best teams too


[OC] Ryan Anderson's shooting struggles at home: A result of his colorblindness

u/boxonfire said:
I've been researching why ryan anderson seems to struggle so much at home vs away: His shooting splits at home vs away this season:


FG%: 37.0 3PT%: 33.2 FT%: 77.3


FG%: 46.1 3PT%: 46.7% FT%: 92.9%

His shooting at home vs away is a very real and statistically significant difference. I recently read that Tracy mcgrady's complained about depth perception issues at Toyota center.

I hadn't heard about this problem before but as a half color blind person myself, I'm aware that color plays a role in depth perception. Red-green color blindness is a common form.

You can read in that "Color does impact our depth perception even though it is a relatively weak indicator and is not necessarily the overriding depth cue for complex, realistic objects." Some more real life examples include pilots having to take color tests due to depth perception being incredibly important.

I believe Ryan anderson's struggles at home are a result of his depth perception being skewed as he perceives the basket is closer than it really is. Depth cues like the red padding behind the basket and lines distort his depth perception and thus affect his ability to accurately gauge the distance between himself and the basket. Some would argue that shooting is muscle memory at this point in his career, but you wouldn't tell someone to shoot with their eyes closed. Visual cues still play an important role.

This could have been some anomaly, but I thought about which other teams had a predominantly red court. Chicago comes to mind. His career shooting splits in chicago?


FG%: 33.5 3PT%: 29.1% FT%: 87%

For reference, his career shooting splits:

FG%: 42.3% 3PT%: 38.1% FT%: 86.1%

So what's the solution to this? I don't see a color scheming change happening anytime soon for the rockets. Glasses aren't exactly the most appealing option either. Just thought it was worth pointing out so they can figure out a solution to accomodate him.
I can't wait till ryno starts wearing tinted goggles and becomes the most accurate 3 pt shooter in the NBA. That, or the rockets change their color scheme slightly.

Other stuff from that thread

For reference he also shot 29% from 3 @HOU in the 10 games before he became a Rocket.
To clarify, I don't think red on red is his problem. It's red as a dominant visual cue in general that affects his ability to gauge distance. So teams like cavs, hawks where red is not the primary color wouldn't affect him as much.
Jokes asides, I honestly wonder if goggles would actually help this
Horford had been a top 3 performer in the playoffs and it's backed up by stats. Does that mean he's more valuable than Durant or Curry? Of course not, and no one would say that they'd rather have him over those two.

I honestly don't understand your argument right now.
To even say that he's been better than those two is silly to me.
Yeah they will.. Why do you think they are drafting Fultz? He has potentially can solve the IT or Bradley contact situations when that time comes. Guards are leaving or getting traded. There no way around that with their roster.
Bradley is a dude you want a title contender. Or at least I would. Fultz, Bradley, Brown could be an awesome core.
Yea, that's fair.

All I'm saying is that I don't begrudge someone for laughing at "Al Horford has been a top 3 player in these playoffs"

Even if stats back it up.
Ok if you watched the games where he got those stats you wouldn't be laughing.

Bradley is a dude you want a title contender. Or at least I would. Fultz, Bradley, Brown could be an awesome core.
On a max contract? No way. Give him $18m/year sure but a max for an undersized SG who can't create his own shot is a bad idea.
I hope the celtic starters are watching that little video package of kenny telling them how to guard bron.

Stevens needs all the help right now. Hope he went to a Friday morning service at church
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