NBA Regular Season 2017-18 |OT| KD's chip, IT's hip, LeBron's Sinking Ship

As no one from NBA GAF is staying (NBA GAF has actual morals, we don't condone people who post revenge porn online) I will see you all on the other side! Goodbye! :)
I usually lurk around this thread, but it's been a lot of fun seeing all of the discussions over the years. I would love a discord and/or Re invite if that is possible, thanks!

Also more on topic, the Wolves look fucking terrible this week. I just can't believe how terrible Wiggins and KAT are on defense, and it seems like that rubs off on the entire team. Can't they at least give the slightest bit of effort?
I know they are working on links to the discord chat; but just the chat. That's all people can really help you with is just reconnecting with the NBA peeps in the chat for now.