Need Help Finding The Origin Of A GIF

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Is this from a tv show, music video, art piece, etc? If it's a show, I need to know the name asap. Thanks for any help gaf can give me.
While we're here anyone know what episode and scene of Firefly this is from? (This is Firefly right?)

I just finished watching the series and Serenity but don't really remember seeing this.

Awesome show and movie btw.


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Fine, here's more info:

Also referred to as the “Stop Girl,” the GIF is a common one, taken from ESPN footage at a University of Arizona football game on Sept. 18, 2010. The game’s tied in the fourth quarter when a camera zooms in on a pretty young woman whose concentration is elsewhere. She’s either stressed or zoned out—until she notices a camera.


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I can't help but put Kaz's face on that stop girl
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I want to know the origin of a gif I saw. Sadly I don't have the gif. I think it's from a hindi music video and has absolutely horrible CG effects mixed with some dudes dancing. If someone could let me know what video that was from I would be happy. Looked like a lot of fun.
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