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Need to vent

Bro...my cousin have a girlfriend now soon to be wife.I don't know her good enough because they live in another country and i met her maybe 3-4 times now but everytime im getting all the red flags around her.She has a child from other relationship and now she is pregnant with his child,they build a house (mostly his and his parents money),now they bought a new car because she wanted one because this one will be too small when the second child comes (thats some bullshit right here cmon) even tho they are short on cash.I hope everything will be ok in the long run but she just doesn't sit right with me and not only me (my sister has some gripes with her too).Its not my life so i cant really say a lot and its too late anyway but my cousin changed a lot.He became really soft.To the OP.You seems like a nice guy that have too much on its shoulder at the moment.Hope you will pull through.

It's like watching a car crash in slow motion.
And the worst thing is, you cannot do anything.
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