NeoGAF’s Official Game Soundtracks of the Year 2016: Results and Archive

Thank you for the work Dark Schala and co.! These lists have given me (and I'm sure many others) quite a few great games and songs to find and listen to. There's always a gem or three I would have missed otherwise.


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So happy to see so many great soundtracks this year. I think it's really important we continue to bring new composers into gaming. I hope Takeshi Furukawa continues to score games.


The results from NeoGAF's Game Soundtracks of the Year 2016 vote are below. Enjoy! Additionally thanks to Earthpainting for helping to count up the votes and making the archive. Thanks to Noi for helping me out with the thread creation again. Also to Xander Cage and Aeana for administrative stuff (mostly the stickying and unstickying).

Unfortunately I was banned when the thread was made, but thanks again for all your hard work (and to the others helping you).
Honored to have been quoted next to some other descriptions, love reading those :)

Looking forward for 2017's OSTs, which seem already really promising!


Hey folks,

I'm not going to go the all-caps, invective-laced account suicide thread route, but I did feel the need to say something even though I've been more of a lurker than a poster in recent years.

Both EvilLore's alleged instances of sexual harassment and the way he's handled the resulting controversy are unacceptable. Also, trying to deflect discussion of his personal failures with a "the real problem is that political topics are too toxic these days, let's stick to games" framing is bizarre and transparently disingenuous.While it's sad to see this community torn apart over something like this, that pales in comparison to the importance of the well-being of his victims. I hope that they and any other people in similar situations are able to find the support that they need.

Thank you to everyone that participated in these threads over the years, and another round of thanks to the people (especially Dark Schala) who kept this tradition going after I burned out. I've met some great people through the process of working on these threads - it was wonderful to finally meet GhaleonQ in person last year - and I thoroughly enjoyed discussing and celebrating the great and often underappreciated work of gaming's composers.These threads stretch back to 2010 and I'll miss checking in on them going forward.
Always loved the work you, Dark Schala and the like put into these threads. Hoping we can see something similar on a new platform.



I'll miss you, Nert! I was at Next just this weekend and walked by Roister thinking of you. Video games in 2017 mostly make me sad, despite the Cupheads of the world, but as I work to recapture it, I remain grateful for the many departed friends (real friends!) I've made here. The best of the community is truly worth remembering.


Reading this in the world did Hyper Light Drifter ever get votes? The boss battle music in particular was especially grating in that game.
Do you know how awful it was hearing the beginning of this track 20+ times trying to beat the frog boss?
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