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Aug 25, 2010
Voting thread:


1) Hyouka

Houtarou Oreki lives by a simple motto of energy conservation: "If I don't have to do it, I won't; if I have to do it, make it quick." When he enters high school, he joins the Classics Club at his older sister's insistence to save it from being shut down. What he didn't count on was meeting the inquisitive Eru Chitanda, whose curiosity and passion for everyday mysteries begin to drag him into a much more energetic school life than he'd planned.

Based on the light novel series by: Honobu Yonezawa
Director: Yasuhiro Takemoto
Writer: Shoji Gatoh
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Official Site:

PoeticProse22 said:
This was easily the best and most visually impressive show of the year, as it excelled with nearly every aspect, particularly its incredible conclusion, meticulously constructed narrative, and the small touches of romance that were filtered into the latter half of the show. Though the mysteries were occasionally of the mundane variety, they certainly weren’t close to being the focus of the show, as the complex characters and the nuanced characterization that defined them immensely elevated the few episodes that contained a mystery that was less than intriguing.
SolarPowered said:
I went into this show expecting slice of life or high school romance, but I got much better. The main cast is great: we have a borderline savant detective in Oreki who prides himself on low energy living, an intensely curious girl in Chitanda that has to straddle the line between upperclass life and her scary curiosity, Mayaka whose strong personality results in many clashes with the boys and Satoshi, a poor man's renaissance man. Behind the veil of ordinary life you'll find tons of mystery, great character interations/growth and an overall tone that strikes a great balance between the fantastic elements of the show and the more mundane everyday life in their small, but old town.
moonspeak said:
It took a few episodes for this show to sink its claws into me, but by the third episode I was completely engaged by it. A lot of my enjoyment came from how invested I was by the characters and the slower pace (especially in the first half) gave me a better appreciation of the attention to detail. I just absolutely love the atmosphere that this anime has. Very relaxing yet manages to make a lot of scenes very engaging to me. Many of the subplots and characterization hit a lot of the right notes with me, to an almost frightening degree. The production values are just superb and even puts some theatrical productions to shame. With this show, I became a fan of KyoAni and I don't know how they did it week after week. I loved the characters, the animation, the soundtrack, the direction, the art design, and all the little subtle details. It's definitely not a perfect anime and definitely not the most exciting show at times. Despite its faults, this was the show that resonated with me the most.


2) Fate/Zero (Season 2)

The Holy Grail War rages on, continuing to take its toll on those fighting and all they hold dear. Masters and Servants alike fall deeper into the darkness as they reach toward victory, but as the clock counts down towards zero, what it means to emerge the winner in this bloody feud becomes less and less clear.

Based on the light novel by: Gen Urobuchi, Nitroplus, Type-Moon
Director: Ei Aoki
Writers: Akihiro Yoshida, Akira Hiyama, Kazuharu Sato, and Takumi Miyajima
Studio: ufotable
Official site:

Mad Pierrot said:
In a fairly weak year for "instant classics", Fate/Zero S2 managed to stand out as the one series that immediately cemented itself into "the canon" of recommended works for people interested in the very best that the medium has to offer. S2 managed to improve on the already-great S1 in virtually every way possible with some of the most nuanced character development this year, highly engaging dialogue, great emotional intensity, satisfying resolution for the various strong personalities in the story, and high 2D production values. Nothing came close for me in terms of being the total package.
duckroll said:
I loved the first season, and I'm a total sucker for modern settings mixed with urban fantasy nonsense. The compelling characters, dark tone, and tight script made for a really thrilling ride. Ufotable's creative usage of digital techniques in the series really elevated it from a normal television anime series into something which felt more at home with OVAs or theatrical animation. Great stuff.


3) JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

In late 1800's England, the family of young Jonathan Joestar takes in an orphan named Dio Brando. Jealous of Jonathan's wealthy lifestyle, Dio plots to take the Joestar fortune for himself, and their rivalry ends up unleashing the powers of an ancient stone mask, beginning a legacy of battle that will span years to come.

Based on the manga by: Hirohiko Araki
Directors: Kenichi Suzuki and Naokatsu Tsuda
Writer: Yasuko Kobayashi
Studio: David Production
Official Site:

Jarmel said:
This has just been flat out fun to watch. While the show is obviously on a low budget, David Production has used every cent to create a show that is a blast to watch. The plentiful use of manga inserts throughout the OP and the show itself also serve to remind you about the manga source. It feels very 80's in execution but that sure as hell isn't a negative. The characters are very old school in regards to that whole black and white morality and it's actually kinda refreshing to see a villain that is completely unafraid to be a villain purely for kicks. All in all, it's a very puristic show which is unashamed of its roots and is a great show to lay back and watch.
sonicmj1 said:
It hearkens to a time where men were men, women were beautiful, and everyone said everything they were thinking out loud. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure may not have much animation, but every moment exudes love thanks to an all-star voice cast, pitch-perfect openings and endings, and an explosion of hot-blooded sincerity in every moment. Few shows are as cheesy, or as exciting.


4) Tsuritama

For all his life, high school student Yuki Sanada has never been good at making real friends thanks to his abnormally poor communication skills. After moving to Enoshima with his grandmother, he meets Haru, a self-proclaimed alien, who invites him to go fishing and won't take no for an answer. Along with irritable fellow student Natsuki and the mysterious Akira, Yuki dives into the worlds of friendship and fishing -- and they just might end up saving the world while they're at it.

Director: Kenji Nakamura
Writer: Toshiya Ono
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Official Site:

Moonlight said:
I absolutely cannot believe how much this show passed me by. I hadn't even heard of it when I wrote my first draft of this AOTY list. I fell in love with practically everything about it. Its vibrant, distinctive art style, expressive characters, narrative quirks, and sharp, well-plotted script deserves a great deal of respect. It's one of a few shows that I can say only got better and better as each episode went by.
Narag said:
Not a wasted moment throughout in an engrossing tale of fishing and friendship. Its unique art definitely makes it stand out nearly as much as the wonderful character interaction that comes as a result of the relationships of the cast. I think my only regret with this show was not watching it sooner.


5) Kids on the Slope

Because of his father’s job situation, freshman high school student Kaoru Nishimi moves by himself from Yokosuka to Kyushu to live with relatives. Until then, Kaoru was an honor roll student who tended to keep to himself, but meeting notorious bad boy Sentaro Kawabuchi starts to change him. Through his devil-may-care classmate, Kaoru learns the attractions of jazz and finds the first person he can call a “friend”.

Based on the manga by: Yuki Kodama
Director: Shinichiro Watanabe
Writers: Ayako Katoh and Yuko Kakihara
Studios: MAPPA and Tezuka Productions
Official Site:

Grzi said:
Shinichiro Watanabe returns with an incredibly rushed adaptation of a josei manga that still manages to be an emotional roller coaster with some very powerful scenes featuring an amazing soundtrack by Yoko Kanno. Watanabe still managed to make the show have a better than average pace despite the fact he had to squeeze in a huge amount of chapters in the few final episodes. Has the best opening of the year too.
Mature said:
Shinichiro Watanabe's triumphant return to directing is a bit different, but different is good. Touching, pleasant, emotional and uplifting, Kids on the Slope runs the gamut of emotions in its single cour of twelve episodes. It's hard to pin point just what exactly I love about Kids on the Slope. It tells a touching (albeit, occasionally frustrating) love story with realistically defined characters and their growth, surrounded in a backdrop of Jazz. This wrapped in a charming package, brimming with quality is enough to put it near the top of my 2012 list.


6) Girls und Panzer

Tankery: the art of tank combat, a traditional martial art for girls. Due to a bad experience with tank combat in her past, high schooler Miho Nishizumi thought she could get away from it all by transferring to Orai Girls' Academy, a Tankery-free school. Unfortunately for her, Orai's forming a brand new team for the upcoming national Tankery tournament, and the student council says Miho will be taking part -- whether she likes it or not.

Director: Tsutomu Mizushima
Writer: Reiko Yoshida
Studio: Actas
Official Site:

Ultimadrago said:
This show about girls in tanks is very fun. The characters are as much a joy to watch as the music is to bask in. It's good at what it does and presents high school girls and the passion of a hobby in a way you probably haven't been familiarized with. It came out of left field for me in 2012 and up to now has left one of the strongest impressions as a new series from that year.


7) Space Brothers

When they were young, brothers Mutta and Hibito Nanba promised each other they would become astronauts. Almost twenty years later, Hibito is poised to become the first Japanese man on the moon, but Mutta stayed with his feet on Earth. When Mutta is fired from his salaryman job, Hibito reminds him of their childhood promise, and Mutta decides once again to aim for space.

Based on the manga by: Chuya Koyama
Director: Ayumu Watanabe
Lead Writer: Yoichi Kato
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Official Site:

Regulus Tera said:
This story about two grown men and their aspirations of becoming astronauts became a quick favourite among AnimeGAF, and not only for its premise. Free from most anime trappings, Space Brothers presents a charming and realistic ensemble of people in their adult life aspiring to reach for very child-like ideals. It exudes an almost cynicism-free view of the world while using some of the traditional shounen concepts of hard work and optimism. While not a looker, Space Brothers will leave you satisfied if you ever had curiosity for what it was like to travel to the moon, or simply strive for something that you couldn't grasp in your adult life. The uplifting morale-boosting cartoon of the year.


8) From the New World

The setting is the future, the protagonists, 5 young boys and girls. They have been born and raised in a tranquil town that can be described as a utopia, overflowing with water and green foilage. Their story starts when these 12-year-olds begin school to learn “magic”, the power of telekinesis. Together, the five of them learn about mankind's bloodstained history, and begin their heroic, life-threatening adventure.

Based on the novel by: Yusuke Kishi
Director: Masashi Ishihama
Writer: Masashi Sogo
Studio: A-1 Pictures
Official Site:

Branduil said:
The series isn't finished yet, but what it's achieved so far is too admirable to go unacknowledged. One of the most intelligent science fiction works in recent memory, it's a rare work that actually takes it's genre seriously, and painstakingly examines what would happen in a world where a portion of humanity suddenly gains telokinetic powers. This isn't the kind of story where the writer just decides "wouldn't it be cool if they could do x," the worldbuilding is thorough and consistent with the premise. Much of this is probably due to the fact that it's based on a true novel, rather than the typically thoughtless light novels which seem to be more designed for RPG stats than anything else. First-time series director Masashi Ishihama uses the trademark flat-shaded style he's used as an animation director, and the character designs are solid and expressive, if inconsistently modeled. Despite a couple of bad episodes early on, for the most part the series has great storyboarding and direction that maintains a sense of dread and tension throughout. A must-watch for anyone looking for maturely-written anime.


9) Humanity Has Declined

Several centuries into the slow decline of mankind, Earth has now become the realm of "fairies" -- 4-inch-tall creatures with remarkable intelligence and an appetite for sweets. But humanity's importance isn't over quite yet, as the young heroine learns when she makes the decision to return to her hometown and assume her grandfather's position as an arbitrator between the races. She also learns that dealing with the fairies is anything but simple.

Based on the light novel series by: Romeo Tanaka
Director: Seiji Kishi
Writer: Makoto Uezu
Studio: AIC A.S.T.A.
Official Site:

Thoraxes said:
This is basically the funniest show of the year and the most interestingly written. Dark, witty, sarcastic, and dystopic, the show is filled with likable characters, concepts, and a twisted and demented view of the world in a dim future that uses its disconnect with the present as an incredible strength through creating new innovation/hardships/technology of the human race, but simultaneously draws on it to create hypothetical answers to what has become of everything we are familiar with in our present day and age.


10) K-On! The Movie

As the end of their high school days draws near, Yui, Ritsu, Mio, and Mugi start planning a post-graduation trip for the whole band, hoping to be able to give Azusa even more happy memories of the band's time together. When they pick an international destination at random, it turns out to be a fitting location for Houkagou Tea Time's fab five: London, England.

Based on the manga by: Kakifly
Director: Naoko Yamada
Writer: Reiko Yoshida
Studio: Kyoto Animation
Official Site:

Nafe said:
It really does almost come across as just a long episode of the main show but I thought it was great. The best anime film I personally watched in 2012. It was great to see the girls back again after a bit of a break and the film does a good job at bringing back the familiar but also having a few surprises up its sleeve. KyoAni's meticulous, insane attention to detail, both in the visuals and the sound design, transfers over to this film as well. I never minded the pace the show carriers and found the little jokes it presents to be amusing. Just a really fun lighthearted show.


The impressions written above for each show are but a miniscule fraction of the tremendous amount of discussion that took place in the voting thread; I strongly encourage everyone to visit and read the many, many excellent writeups that different members had for their lists.


The full points list:
1	Hyouka	619
2	Fate/Zero 2nd Season	570
3	JoJo's Bizarre Adventure	567
4	Tsuritama	417
5	Kids on the Slope	367
6	Girls und Panzer	322
7	Space Brothers	290
8	From the New World	264
9	Humanity Has Declined	246
10	K-On! The Movie	228
11	Chihayafuru	207
12	Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!	198
13	Daily Lives of High School Boys	184
14	Sword Art Online	164
15	Hunter x Hunter	154
16	Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun	137
17	Ano Natsu de Matteru	129
18	Accel World	119
19	Dusk Maiden of Amnesia	105
20	Kokoro Connect	95
21	Yuru Yuri ♪♪	94
22	Nisemonogatari	84
23	Binbougami ga!	79
24	Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb	76
24	Mysterious Girlfriend X	76
26	Kuroko's Basketball	70
27	Joshiraku	65
27	Persona 4 the Animation	65
30	Bodacious Space Pirates	62
31	Rinne no Lagrange	61
32	Nekmonogatari Black	59
32	One Piece	59
34	Polar Bear Café	58
35	Gintama'	56
35	Smile Precure!	56
37	Gundam UC 5	52
38	AKB0048	48
39	Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere II	42
39	Psycho-Pass	42
41	One Piece: Episode of Nami	41
42	Tari Tari	39
43	Medaka Box Abnormal	38
44	Natsume Yuujinchou Shi	36
45	Moyashimon Returns	34
45	Zetsuen no Tempest	34
47	Natsuyuki Rendezvous	33
48	Robotics;Notes	31
49	Dog Days'	28
50	Jormungand	27
51	Kyousogiga Dainidan	26
51	Magi	26
51	Thermae Romae	26
51	To Love-Ru: Darkness	26
55	Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse	25
55	Nyaruko-san: Another Crawling Chaos	25
55	Wasurenagumo	25
58	High School DxD	24
58	Hotarubi no Mori e	24
58	Lupin III: Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna	24
61	Listen to Me, Girls, I’m Your Father!	23
62	Black Rock Shooter	22
62	Strike Witches Movie	22
62	Teekyuu	22
65	Aquarion Evol	21
65	From Up on Poppy Hill	21
65	Mirai Nikki	21
68	A Letter to Momo	20
69	HELLS	19
69	Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki	19
69	The Pet Girl of Sakurasou	19
72	Ginga e Kickoff!!	18
72	Kill Me Baby	18
72	Saki: Achiga-hen episode of side-A	18
75	Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos	16
75	K	16
77	Fairy Tail	15
77	Guilty Crown	15
77	Sukitte Ii na yo.	15
80	Another	14
80	Berserk Golden Age Arc I	14
80	Inu x Boku SS	14
83	Ixion Saga: Dimension Transfer	13
84	Amagami SS+	12
84	Beelzebub	12
84	Sengoku Collection	12
87	Phi Brain: Puzzle of God	11
87	The Ambition of Oda Nobuna	11
89	Bleach	10
89	Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate	10
89	Berserk Golden Age Arc II	10
92	Jormungand: Perfect Order	9
92	Medaka Box	9
92	Naruto SD: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals	9
92	Naruto Shippuuden	9
92	Queen's Blade: Rebellion	9
92	The Knight in the Area	9
92	Upotte!!	9
92	Zero no Tsukaima F	9
100	Eureka Seven AO	8
100	Initial D 5th Stage	8
100	Minori Scramble	8
100	Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!	8
100	Rinne no Lagrange Season 2	8
100	Sankarea	8
100	Hellsing Ultimate	8
100	The Idolmaster Shiny Festa	8
108	Acchi Kocchi	7
108	Gundam AGE	7
108	Kamisama Kiss	7
108	Kimi to Boku. 2	7
108	Space Battleship Yamato 2199	7
108	Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai-2-Maku	7
114	BTOOOM!	6
114	Campione!	6
114	Gakkatsu!	6
114	Kingdom	6
118	Arashi no Yoru ni: Himitsu no Tomodachi	5
118	Senhime Zesshou Symphogear	5
118	Yurumates 3D	5
121	Shakugan no Shana III Final	4
122	Utakoi	2
123	Gokujyo.	1
123	Last Exile: Fam the Silver Wing	1
123	Saint Seiya Omega	1
126	.hack//The Movie	0
126	Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero	0
126	Aikatsu!	0
126	Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de	0
126	Baku Tech! Bakugan	0
126	Bakuman. 2	0
126	Bakuman. 3	0
126	Battle Spirits: Sword Eyes	0
126	Brave 10	0
126	Busou Shinki	0
126	BUTA	0
126	Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit Hen	0
126	Chitose Get You!!	0
126	Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter	0
126	Danball Senki W	0
126	Folktales from Japan	0
126	Haitai Nanafa	0
126	Hakuouki: Reimeiroku	0
126	Hayate no Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You	0
126	Hiiro no Kakera	0
126	Hiiro no Kakera Season 2	0
126	Imaginary Abyss	0
126	Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone	0
126	Jewelpet Kira Deco!	0
126	Koi-ken!	0
126	Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead	0
126	Kuromajo-san ga Touru!!	0
126	La storia della Arcana Famiglia	0
126	Litchi Hikari Club	0
126	Little Busters!	0
126	Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G	0
126	Monsuno	0
126	Nakaimo - My Sister is Among Them!	0
126	Natsuiro Kiseki	0
126	Ozma	0
126	Phi Brain: Puzzle of God Season 2	0
126	Pokémon: Black and White Season 2	0
126	Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future	0
126	Recorder to Randsell	0
126	Recorder to Randsell Second Season	0
126	Seitokai no Ichizon 2	0
126	Shiba Inuko-san	0
126	Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan	0
126	So, I Can't Play H!	0
126	Tanken Driland	0
126	The New Prince of Tennis	0
126	Yurumates 3D Plus	0
126	Zetman	0
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Nov 16, 2009
Oh, well, will you look at that.

I'm really surprised that Jo Jo made it in there. Most of what aired in 2012 was Phantom Blood and, frankly, that wasn't particularly outstanding.
Mar 3, 2010
Oh, well, will you look at that.

I'm really surprised that Jo Jo made it in there. Most of what aired in 2012 was Phantom Blood and, frankly, that wasn't particularly outstanding.
Quite frankly, it shouldn't as Phantom Blood was awful at times. The only reason it was on my list is due to Joseph.


Nov 16, 2009
Quite frankly, it shouldn't as Phantom Blood was awful at times. The only reason it was on my list is due to Joseph.
Then again, the start of Jo Jo Part Two: Battle Tendency was pretty amazing so I can see where people are coming from.


Nov 16, 2009
I think Girls und Panzer is a surprising dark horse candidate for one of the anime of the year. Quite surprised to see it so high.
Sword Art Online being higher than Accel World and Hunter x Hunter 2011 is kind of shocking. Though perhaps hopefully through 2013 with Greed Island and whatever future arcs it has, and the Phantom Troupe movie, HxH continues to remain strong and show the other long running adaptations of Weekly Shonen Jump/Magazine series how to be competent and excellent adaptations.

So many of my pics in the bottom half of the list, Blast of Tempest, K, Phi Brain, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate...
Aug 12, 2009
Ah, there's one novel left. I can't imagine they'd bother, unless that novel contains something awesome or the writer is still churning more novels. The anime series ends on probably the best note that it could.
yeah, I don't think it will happen anytime soon if ever, not enough content.
Sep 28, 2006
Veracruz, Mexico.
It's pretty much what I expected and nothing too egregious managed to make it into the list so I'm satisfied enough, I guess.

Of course if it were up to me Space Brothers would be a lot higher, not to mention I'd boot the K-On movie in favor of Chihayafuru and bump Hyouka down a several couple of notches but oh well.

Thanks for taking the time to put this whole thing together Articalys!
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