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NeoGAF 2019 Pick-Up Post! Show Us Your Gaming Goods + MORE (REAL PICS ONLY)!

Pick ups from the first half of 2019:

(from my "new" retro PC gaming rig build... I'm still hunting down a Voodoo 2)

...Lots more to come :messenger_grinning_sweat: 🍺
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Parts for my PC have all arrived. Found a new RTX 2080ti for about the same price as the 1080ti was so I jumped on it. Bitcoin shit is picking up again and I couldn't let it go at this price. Also picked up four 200mm fans, GPU bracket, 6 140mm fans, Thermaltake X71 case, and a mechanical keyboard. Mobo, CPU/AIO CPU cooler, ram and power supply are all being carried over as they're still more than capable enough. Time to start putting shit together. Fingers crossed I don't fuck something up royally :messenger_grinning_sweat:

New case vs old Fractal case which was out of space for expanding. I think I have that sorted.

This keyboard is better than the price would suggest, the face is a metal plate and it weighs a ton.
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Picked up this cheaply. I've completed it on the PS4 Pro (easy Platinum!) and sunk over 100 hours into it and loved it, so I can't resist another go - this time as the other character - on the One X 🙂
It definitely feels like its been awhile since I've been on the boards, I don't think I've posted anything on pg 3 yet and I've had a few pickups since last time.

I have wanted this PS Icon's neon light for quite some time, came across one last week finally.

I almost forgot I ordered this, it must have been around April from PlayAsia, haven't ordered from them much but I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I've had with Death Road to Canada. For anyone who has played 'Organ Trail' this is like an upgraded version with custom character creation and 4 people local multi-player. I made it to the border once, then the largest horde of zombies ever, wiped out my party. As I've leveled up my classes it seems to get a bit easier.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses CE came in, I'm still super early on but visually its beautiful so far.

Missed launch day for these guys, it was a miracle I was able to find these two, especially considering I got Pokemon Trainer a day after I found Pichu and it was the last one at the same store, maybe it was misplaced within the store the first day I went. I'll have to eBay Isabelle from the Smash series still.

And finally Robinson Journey, originally saw this right after I got my PSVR headset but I passed up on it, saw it again for $30 CAD and decided it was worth a shot. I've read mixed reviews people either cherish it or hate it but apparently it has great visuals.

Thats all for now.
G'day GAF! Here are my pick-ups for August :messenger_beermugs:

Some rare-ish Commodore 64 Lucas Arts goodness:

The eBay prices for this are crazy :messenger_hushed:.

The only Lucas Arts adventures that I've finished before are The Secret of Monkey Island 1 and 2. Once I'm done with Baldur's Gate 1 (...now easily in my favourite games of all time), I plan to play through this. What platform should I play it on GAF? I have a few retro computers set up in my house.

On to the more modern stuff:

My favourite game of all time

I have physical vanilla copies for the PS3, Xbox 360 (+ digital for PC) and the boxed Premium Edition for 360 but this is my first time owning the Songbird Edition. This is unopened too! The seller packed it so well that it rocked up in perfect condition. Happy days. Now I just need to buy and play through the "Complete Edition" copies on each platform (Infinite is my most completed game...I've done so many runs through it).

I didn't want to leave my PS4 hanging to dry, so I finally grabbed Nier Automata:

I scored the steelbook for a reasonable price too:

I honestly really want to play NieR Automata right now but I'm going to hold out until I can acquire a mint-condition copy of Nier for the Xbox 360 and play through that first. The soundtrack to the original Nier has been at the top of my WinAmp 2.11 playlist for whenever I'm coding for eons, so I really need to play it. Preferably sooner rather than later.

Some under appreciated JRPG Xbox 360 goodness:

And some other assorted gems that were missing from my Xbox 360 physical game library:

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Thought I had other pictures of the box and what not but this is . Finally got a 1440p 144 in the form of an MSI 32 MAG something something something (lots o letters). Even has some RGB in the back that reacts to the game ! Before I had a BenQ 24in 1080p60 that is used by the Capcom Pro Tour. Since I have an X1X , Ps4Pro and a 2080 the monitor was a HUGE bottleneck . Now I hope haven't spoiled myself
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This is brilliant. It kinda reminds me of the Windtraps in Westwood's, Dune 2 -hahah.

What games come pre-installed?
They're all chinese crafted games. The main titles are motion-controlled sports games. Other games are controlled with the gamepad holded sideways. Here's a list of the games, but its not complete.

Game Player seems like an "emulator" or at least a development environment, game engine or something like that.

Once done with it i'm planning to send it to MAME Team, since they're adding lots of Wii clones in the latest years.
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This finally arrived in the post (a little late). But I'm happy as it arrived in great condition. I'm looking forward to finally diving into some Ninja Theory goodness sooner rather than later. It'll be the first game that I've played from the team 🍺 . I can't wait to dive in. Xbox One back compat for the win!

I'm now five chapters (of seven) into Baldur's Gate 1 on my retro PC.... and I've become -sadly- attached to my virtual RPG companions and I now don't want the game to end. Ahem. So... I'm going to procrastinate and dive into some new loot with my new Diablo 2 pickups and distract myself with some Diablo gaming action this weekend instead (temporarily).

My August 2019 weekend of gaming is sorted:

Happy gaming GAF! :messenger_beermugs:
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Finally got the X-01 armor, which is the last of these Threezero power armor figures. For all of Fallout 4 and Fallout 76's problems, including the implementation of the power armor system and butchering the lore behind the armor variations, the power armors themselves looked amazing, and finally felt like something that could take on a tank in a fight. With mods like PAMS and Better Power Armor it's even better.

I skipped on the '76 edition of the armor because I don't care for the design. Bethesda decided to put this regular version in a "shame box" with a giant X and "Standard Edition" plastered over the artwork. I'm not very impressed with that. The first three came in matte black boxes with metallic silver silhouettes of each helmet. The Atom Cats T-60 was the only special paint job I was interested in as I liked the group in the game and it came with the Fat-Man. I liked the Nuka-Cola T-51, but being the most iconic armor of the set I decided to go standard on it as well.

The figures are about 38cm tall when T-posed (1/6 scale) These have full articulation down to multi-jointed fingers, though the bulky armor is restrictive. The materials are high quality as is the paint work which includes several advanced hand painting methods like chipping and salt spray that I use on my own models. The operator can be seen through the frame with the armor removed and is wearing a detailed vault suit made of leatherette. The paint on the faces is extremely well done.

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Kingdom Come Deliverance finally sparked my interest enough to pick it up, I got it at a steal at $20 through an online auction group on social media. I got to play for awhile today and completed the first set of task. I'm actually pretty impressed, visually this is more what I'd expect to see from Bethesda if they ever decide to upgrade their game engine. Its got its short comings, definitely missing a few cutscene type animations but the voice acting has been decent, the storyline has been good and I feel like I'm learning progressively at a good pace. We'll see as I play through more, what set off my want to pick this up was, I read the game was banned in Australia, where the studio that made it is located so I just kind of wanted to see what it was all about.

I didn't realize that Collection of Mana was a thing until I was in EB Games and saw a commercial on one of their TV's in the store. Having missed out on the original hit, Secret of Mana on the SNES I wanted to play this as it was originally released. Haven't fired it up yet as I got my pre order today but I will shortly.

My Limited Run Games copy of Dragon's Lair Trilogy finally arrived! Limited Run #036. Its extremely easy to see now why this game stole so many quarters during the days of arcades. It was one of the best looking games though so you had to play it.

I also grabbed the physical copy of Tetris 99 which has been a fav of friends who come over and hangout to play. The big draw was my Nintendo online membership is up in a couple of days and this came with 1 yr free, well played Nintendo. Incase anyone would like to know, as I was hoping for themes to be included in this physical version although my research before hand didn't count for much. I was specifically hoping the Gameboy Tetris theme that I missed out on would be included... but no themes were included sadly. I've unlocked the Splatoon and Fire Emblem themes in the timed events after and now have the Zelda theme bought with tickets but the Gameboy theme was the one, I wish I hadn't of missed out on.



Ok thats to bad. Got the Xbox version on a flea market for 5€ a few years back. Was shacking a bit because I was nervous that the guy might figure out what he was selling besides all the other trash xbox games (also alot of Korean Versions . . .). I felt a bit bad and also bought some other games which were priced right^^
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