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NeoGAF 2019 Pick-Up Post! Show Us Your Gaming Goods + MORE (REAL PICS ONLY)!


I hadn't too much time recently, but finally take a photo of my little friends:

I haven't DC versions. Maybe someday.


Tears of Nintendo
November + December 2019 Pick-Ups:

MedievalAstronaut, just one word - ATLUS.

Extremely hard (if not impossible) to find let alone get anything digitaly and in original form. I mean, honestly, you better off getting original JP design works artbook, rather than suffer by trying to find something:messenger_beaming:

Personally, I still trying to force myself to buy it, the damn thing costs ~3,5 - 4K RUB:messenger_weary: But I want it SO BAD!:messenger_confounded::messenger_face_steam:
And I finally bought it,....

This is my first ever import from Japan (or any other country for that matter) and now that I know I can trust Playasia, I'll be importing more stuff from Japan in the future.

Also bought a couple of new Blu-Rays, Luigi's Mansion 3, 128 GB SanDisk Extreme MicroSD card for my Switch....

.... and finally Hellblade on PC cuz damn, Hellblade II trailer is amazing and now I just can't wait any longer to play the first game.



Appears you're trying to have a ton of fun with this and that 2060 SU-PAH. What Ryzen CPU do you plan to pair with it?

I have all the other parts ordered at a 3rd store, and they had the 3800x for almost the same price as the 3700x (€20 diffrence)
So I'm getting the 3800x.
Got this today from my brother. Say what you will about their games, but Bethesda has some very creative designers conjuring up these things, and they have pretty decent record when it comes to their merchandise. The Wand Company really did a nice job with these die-cast cars.

A while back my brother was trying to get ahold of a Fire Emblem Tharja figure before the price skyrocketed. On his first attempt he received what had to be the worst knock-off I've ever seen. It was so shit-tier it didn't even line up with it's own parts. Eventually I found him an authentic one, but the knock off sat in the closet for quite a while. I decided to make use of it. It made for a pretty nice Christmas decoration. I didn't do a perfect job, but the paint job is actually about 10X better than how it arrived.


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Didn't find the thread for 2020 so I'll post here.

Got this bad boy with dual fans for my ryzen 3700x. I'm really fed up with the noise the stock wraith cooler makes. I even tried a custom fan curve but it still revs up and down.
Hopefully this is much quieter.
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So maybe theres a 2020 pick-up thread? Its been awhile but these were all purchased in 2019.

Picked this up on Boxing Day (Canada's traditional Black Friday, the day after Christmas) actually just finished the main story yesterday after finally figuring out how to unlock Gambit. Great game, so many characters to choose from, I went with Ironman, The Hulk, Gambit and Wolverine.

My other Boxing Day pick up, been having a blast with this, been awhile since I played CoD, well since WWII and not for years before that. This feels pretty balanced, the nostalgia of those old maps online, Crash, Shipment are amazing after like 10 years now?

I honestly couldn't remember if I posted this yet, ordered from PlayAsia, love me a hard copy, actually looks pretty decent and quite clear on the Switch, obviously no full screen, different era 4:3 standard TV size.

This last one, I know its not typically allowed but I got confirmation just today payment went through. So I'm just waiting for April 10th now. It was pretty ridiculous after the USD to CAD conversion, way over budget for me so I'll likely be holding off on anything new for abit ($632 CAD) but Final Fantasy 7 is my jam, I've waited for over 20 yrs and this will be the jewel of my collection, 'I couldn't miss the reunion.' :messenger_tears_of_joy:



CDP had a sale on just after the New Year so in anticipation of the imminent Arrival of CP2077 (Hah) I ordered an Arasaka Notebook and Coffee Container and got some Stickers thrown in into the bargain.

^ Both look rather sweet, though whoever their Graphic Design ppl are need to learn to proof thoroughly before going to press: -

WARNING: Depending on the contents inscribed within loosing this journal may result in severe disciplinary action.

'Losing' not 'Loosing'

I did let them know via customer support so hopefully, it will get rectified with the next batch, but that's a pretty basic error to make :messenger_neutral:
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Still no 2020 thread, thought about making one but didn't want to step on any toes.

I got a kicking deal on Saturday Morning RPG Limited Run Games #05, $40 off eBay, something I've always wanted to try and add to my collection. Is it just me or is it really short game? I beat Commander Hood in a snow level at a wedding.

These Amiibos snuck by me releasing around Jan 17th but I managed to get them about 2 weeks after the initial release, is the hype dying... I've gone this far, so I still need them all!
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I finally jumped on the Switch Lite bandwagon last week, when I saw BestBuy.ca had them available online. Only took a few days to ship and admittedly the big incentive was getting this setup to play Splatoon 2 with my fiance. We've both put a bunch of time in on it, easily over 100 hrs each and we finally played our first games opposing and on the same team together last night, so much fun!

This is officially the greatest collectors edition I own, even though it was crazy expensive. After standing around at the UPS warehouse for 3+ hrs yesterday, as my First Class Edition has been sitting in the warehouse, 11 minutes from my house for over a week and 3 cancelled deliveries, I decided no matter what I would not miss the opportunity to play Final Fantasy VII Remake by launch day. I took some high quality pics for this post and inbeween playing til about 330am last night I'd get up to just look at this in all its glory.

That Final Fantasy Remake CE does look really cool. What kind of drink is in the can? Will you drink it? :messenger_grinning_smiling:

So I got that at a small local gaming store, imported from Japan. I'll edit this thread and post some pics but it is an energy drink called Final Fantasy VII Potion and it has a pic of Zack Fair on it. I've never drank it and its been years haha but if I ever feel down and out maybe I'll be forced to crack it open to rejuvenate myself.
I've been going pretty hard with some pickups lately but what else are we going to do when we're all inside anyways. Mostly just things I've had my eye on for the past little while anyways, with a bunch of stuff coming (eventually) from Limited Run Games

Loving this so far, it does kinda floor me that it ended up on a family friendly console like the Switch. This is a turn based game, although you can only move one unit at a time, if you're clever in positioning units you can counter-act during enemy turns. Visually it looks great for the Switch, I've enjoyed playing both docked and on my Switch Lite. If you're a fan of the Netflix series Narcos you'll enjoy this.

London Drugs one of the only places still open to shop went in to buy some vitamins and Tylenol and I noticed they, had a sale going on $29.99 CAD for MediEvil and $39.99 CAD for Death Stranding so I grabbed both. Started MediEvil but then I finally got FF7.
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edit: I didn't realize there was a 2020 thread... I'll post there instead
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