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Staff NeoGAF Ban Review/Justice Project


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Nov 4, 2020
I like Jordan's thread this morning on debt. It was insightful and a very good topic for debate. Not sure why he was banned thou ( unless he got warnings before).

Politics is ruining users again. Take a step back and breath. Join us on a different board, come to the stocks thread and learn, get your mind out of politics man.
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Slings and Arrows

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Apr 19, 2019
Away with the fairies
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Voost Kain
Afro Republican
Freedomgate co

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Oct 26, 2018
That sounds like when I used to lurk on the Underground, back when I was more (way too much more) into MMA.

The old Underground, not the fucked up undead version that is still gasping along.
Another great tactic to piss off people too which worked (since Yahoo didn't mod it) was two sides butting heads (longs and shorts) and they would make alt IDs of the other side by making a user name with a 1 instead of an l, or replace a w with two v's. And it was tricky because unless you really looked at the user ID, you might think it was the original person.

So a guy named Dawn from NY who is long, would get an enemy poster calling himself Davvn from NY.

Real Dawn wants the stock to go up and posts news. Fake Davvn posts a thread saying he's got new news, but when you click it, it says "I'M A GAY LOSER!"

You mainly got this stuff from volatile tech and dot com stock boards. The back and forth might be the funniest shit I've ever read on the net.
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Dec 15, 2011
I noticed. You and cryptoadam cryptoadam barely touching politics these days. Zombie got banned which was really sad to see.
I rightfully received a warning for my inappropriate conduct and, as I did through most of November, am waiting for dust to settle.

Also, I started watching "Succession" and it's really good.
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May 31, 2018
Leeds, UK
MATE. That's a bigger twist than I've seen in any movie for several years. Three different identifiable moron accounts and I never made the connection, he's had my trousers down there.

Xaero Gravity

May 12, 2013
Canada Eh
I knew, but I thought the Bluray Death Laser threads were endearing. Unfortunately on the Politics forum a non-trivial number of users will believe the equivalent of Bluray Death Lasers...
Does that mean you're aware that I'm also Ethomaz and Bo_Hazeem? You're free to ban those accounts by the way, I don't need them anymore.
May 22, 2018

Lionel Richie

Jun 22, 2014
I think that anyone engaging in violence at the Capitol should be prosecuted. I also think that double standards are relevant to the discussion. Handwaving, throwing out “whataboutism”, or otherwise ignoring them will not bring healing and unity.

The topics in the discussion need to be discussed separately and there needs to be a bigger discussion. First you have to consider the motivation behind those events, then you have to consider the actual violence in those events, what they mean to state order overall, what lessons can be learned, how the media covered them. There's a lot of variables that don't exactly fit inside a tangent to what was a pretty clear cut terrorist act motivated by asinine allegations, this discussion needs to go deeper than "there are double standards".