NeoGAF, did I just get called out by Microsoft's JEFF BELL?!

Razoric said:
Fight for Freeform said:
Jeff Bell ****ing RULES.

I completely understand the hate, it's jealousy.

Jeff Bell is the sort of guy you want in marketing, he's articulate and well spoken, always has a smile, and is obviously comfortable at public speaking.

And for someone with apparent social skills to be seen at E3, that definitely irritated some people on this board.

+1 Jeff
Trying to get a job at Microsoft? :lol
If he works for 1UP like some guys suspect he already has it secured. *wink wink*
If it is him, then he actually don´t need to post anything more.. he went from "ohh noo" to a god among men (according to gaf) with just a line of text...

his work is done.. booyakasha..
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I wonder if Bell is laughing it up right now or on the verge of shitting his pants. Internally, MS is probably going nuts right now.


First tragedy, then farce.
a Master Ninja said:
bell801, if you are reading this, I would like to play a match with you in any multiplayer XBLA game of your choosing. You seem like a good sport.
play him at Madden, he really sucks.


Comics, serious business!
Grecco said:
Does MS Really care? I dont really think so.
The story is already on several of the hard core sites, it will be everywhere tomorrow morning. Remember: NeoGAF is the preeminent Internet gaming forum.