NeoGAF FEBRUARY 2012 Pick-Up Post!! Show Us Your Gaming Goods (Real pics or BAN!)!


Contains Sucralose
My pick-ups from the last two weeks (excluding anything I got through work).

Pic 01: Hakuoki limited edition + my new pink PSP-2000 I picked up earlier in the month in Osaka + Persona 2 character strap. Forget all of this Vita nonsense—OG PSP is where it's still at! *heh*

Pic 02: A majority of my purchases from my most recent Japan trip. You'll, uhhh, notice a certain pattern to some of the purchases if you know enough about various topics. *laughs* I found a section of a bookstore and went a little crazy. (And no, none of it is porn!) Covered-up PS2 game is Dance Summit 2001 (never tried it, and it was only 500 yen).

Pic 03: Just for fun, the chu-hi (type of Japanese alcohol) offerings I brought back. I'm a sucker for trying out different kinds of chu-hi.

What manga is that with the boy(?) holding a uniform?
New 22 inch Samsung 1080p LED monitor. This thing is BEAUTIFUL! Was originally 229. Was on sale during the weekend at 139 plus free shipping from Best Buy. 4 days later it went back up to 199.

Alice and MW2 from Amazon sale

New mouse pad


Also picked up Alan Wake's American Nightmare last night.
I feel you man. It's a great game on console, but it looks so right with the vita.
I played a bit of Rayman on the Vita, and actually came away not liking the experience. With as gorgeous and detailed as the game is, I felt like a lot of that was lost being on a smaller screen—even with how beautiful the Vita's display is.

I think that's one game that I'd definitely play on a console instead.
I was gonna pass on The Last Story limited edition, I wanted to wait for Dolphin to support it. Then I saw your shots and sent my preorder to amazon uk. My wallet hates you guys :(
My purchases so far for the month:

3DS pickups:

Love Plus, Good People Die, and Theatrhythm

e-Shop pickups:

Love Plus tools (for importing save from DS version), Denpa Ningen, and True Remembrance


Nothing else for me until next month.

The Japanese Fragile Dreams Soundtrack does not feature opening nor credits song. I mean WTF. It seems that the only way to get those 2 was the *US/Canada* exclusive preorder bonus soundtrack CD (that did only feature 12 songs in total).

What were they thinking... Putting every song from the game on those 2 CDs, but for those 2 important ones. It seems the only way to get those otherwise in Japan is via iTunes store. Why - why - why.

EDIT: If anyone is interested in this: Just searched around. Those 2 songs were originally released on a single in Japan, but it was released digital only. Additionally there seems to be an album by singer Teshima Aoi released end of 2011 called "Collection Blue", that also features those 2 songs and this album seems to have been released on CD as well as digitally. It's available on yesasia.