NeoGAF gets a Prophet: Rumors about the E3 Nintendo Direct

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Jun 28, 2007
These were posted in the Nintendo Direct topic. As the poster hasn't been banned yet, I figured this information could use it's own topic.

The rumors come from GAF member "bh7812"

My understanding this particular Direct would be week after next, early that week. That was the plan for this particular direct, so evidently they moved it so it can be during E3 itself...interesting. I'm still thinking there may be a smaller Mini direct week after next though. So as to not spill the beans, ill share what I believe will be the contents of this Dorect along with a few tidbits about each thing. It's going to be a largely Wii U Direct. These aren't in any particular order of actual showing, rather its going by what things people want to hear the most about.

1. Retro: Finally after at least a few years development, their game is finally ready to be unveiled. What is it? It's an old Nintendo IP that people have wanted them to do for a while, but no one thought they had the guts to do it-but they did. I'm very happy with the one they chose to do. It'll definitely fall into that "Wooooo helllll yeah!!!" category for a vast majority I think. Trailer set to be shown at the Direct.

2. is everyone in for a really huge treat with this!!! I know the exact title of the latest adventure. Everything's been so vague hint wise so ill say something a little more exact about it. That 100 Year Guy is right on one thing-it's an enormously large, grand adventure in scope and size. Development began on Wii, not too long after Galaxy 2 was done. This adventure brings together a lot of levels, concepts, ideas, level types, mechanics and characters people have been begging for a long time for. Maybe you'll finally see Wart again this time ;) it makes very clever, imaginative use of the game pad but its definitely not forced. You can certainly play with traditional controls. Trailer and a giid look at game play on the Direct. Release set for late October. This October.

3. Zelda. First the bad's a mid 2015 title at the soonest. They are debating between middle and Thanksgiving/Christmas 2015. Aim is to have most of if not all the game to look like that tech demo from 2 years ago. Story is the longest and grandest in the series. You MAY see some brief concept art at this E3 but they're looking more to fully unveil it early next year. They're debating between a few ideas as well as concepts and which they want to use. They want a familiar yet really fresh take on this for everyone. How soon you'll get it depends on that. They may again make a brief mention at this direct with the understanding it's still too early to show. No exact title yet. Just Zelda Wii U ATM.

4. Mario Kart U....this mighta changed but last impression I got from it is its basically a souped up Mario Kart 7...literally. Think that, online play if course and Miiverse integration slapped in. It should be out in time for this Christmas 2013. Aim was to bring out something for the U that's on the safe side that's guaranteed to help jump start the U. Some added tweaks and whistles here and there. Trailer plus some gameplay at the Direct.

5. Super Smash Bros. 4...As promised by Mr. Iwata and Reggie, it will finally be unveiled during this Direct. What you're about to see is...odd. How to describe...there will be an unveil trailer, and during this trailer a few characters in the. Roster will be announced. All the others are black shadowy silhouettes. You should get a good idea who some of them are, others will be "Who the hell's that supposed to be!?" The full roster will be gradually unveiled from now till release. Release is aiming for Thanksgiving 2014. It might slip to closer to Christmas though. The aim is to launch both the 3DS and U games same day, so they'll do what it takes to get that to happen. This is the big 2014 game for Nintendo. 3DS version is further along than the U one. That one will also be shown on th Direct. Some parts of U version done, others still cooking. Coding, etc set to start in earnest this fall. It looks great ;)

6. General Wii U...possibly price cut, they really would rather not but they understand this nay be the only way to re jump start it. Possible Ambassador Program 2, looking at a few neat ideas for that. They will attempt one last time to very clearly communicate what the U is and isn't. They want to get people excited again and show good value.

X and Yarn Yoshi will have trailers. Both 2014 games. SMT x Fire Emblem is still too soon to show, but it's a really weird ass collaboration project-will be in a good way for fans of both,

One final huge surprise.,.its both a oh hell this makes sense and with kind of thing rolled into one. The aim is to introduce it fully in Fall of Winter. Timing still being decided. May or may not be announced at the Direct.

That's all for your Nintendo stockings, see you all after E3 ;)

Holy crap I better address all these quoted posts really damn fast!!

Regarding Retro, it's Star Tropics U. I posted that a few weeks ago and stand by it.

Regarding Mario,,giving the exact title's a lot riskier..rather ill state one of the titles that was being debated and that should give you a good idea what the final title is...Super Mario Retroverse U.

Regarding Mario Kart..believe me, I expected an all new game too and am surprised its just a souped up 7. If you wanna sell to a potential username, with guaranteed sales sometimes you need to play it safe with something that's sold well.

Regarding Smash the trailer, with the silhouette stuff, the camera is flying down an open space with the characters standing on the sides. There's a LOT if characters this time. Samurai had said he didn't want as many but they decided to go all out this time for the fans. They're wanting to do a Dojo type thing again since the last time was received very well.

Regarding 3DS direct: the U and 3DS directs are bith happening period. They had to decide 3DS or U first. Due to the U's situation and anxious people U is going first. 3DS a few days later.

Regarding Zelda: I saw one post say bs because how can I be so detailed with a 2015 game. I don't know the exact storyline for the new game. I only know its the longest in the series. I also stand by they're trying to decide which core concept to go with..they're looking for a happy middle between those that want an easier, more hand hoody experience and those that want something far more difficult. At the same time provide something more open world. THAT'S what's making development take quite a while.

Here's why I hate rumor mongering..some people who do get inside info are in fact correct but this stuff can change daily, hell hourly and if that happens then you have egg on your face. Look at Retro last year. That trailer was in the actual presentation schedule and got pulled at the last possible moment. That's why this rumor stuff can be so shaky. Some of us try to be generous and if it changes on a dime you're left in a bad spot. As of right now, Retro, 3D Mario, kart, Smash, trailers for X and Yoshi..all 100 percent sure to be in that direct. If any mod has any questions or concerns, please feel free to PM. As of this hour I can stand by my statements.
Thoughts? Is this all bullshit? Speculate away!
Nov 10, 2007
I thought about making a thread to hold this guy accountable, but I didn't want that blood on my hands.

So, I posted jontron.gifs and "There Will Be Blood" posters as I gently encouraged accountability in the other thread.
Feb 23, 2011
I want Star tropics to be real. But Kart just a souped up version of 7? That would suck.

Not that this rumor is real. I highly doubt it.
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