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Neogaf Rock/Indie/Alt Music Thread (RockGAF?)

big ander

Stella of Warpaint too. and I think some of each of their respective solo bands played on the record but idk who's with them on tour.


the new mgmt song is dope (i like their first album, think the second album is one of the best of the decade, and disliked their last album)

big ander

The Barnett/Vile album has proven to be ideal for about exactly what they intended it for: doing nothing and walking around. Blue Cheese is so goofy and nice, Courtney's Peepin' Tom and Kurt's Out of the Woodwork are both worthwhile covers, Let it Go has a great beat.

Makthaverskan and Bully today=good day
Morby & Crutchfiled (Waxahatchee) singing a Velvet Underground song

This is so good and much needed. Swoon is the only way to put it


Yeah the new Destroyer album is good.

Also decided to give King Tuff's debut a spin again. Forgot how much I liked that album.


Only halfway through the Destroyer album, but I really like it.

It takes a few steps back towards his sound on Kaputt, which I love. Mainly the synths and the horns. Tbh, I've always been more of a Kaputt fan than a fan of Destroyer overall.


Makthaverskan's new album 'III' is out today! Their last two albums were fucking fantastic and I can't wait to dive into the one.
Yeah, that Barnett & Vile album is legit. It definitely scratches a 90s indie rock itch that never gets scratched anymore. That probably raises it up higher than it would otherwise be. I mean the songs are kinda there whether you want to listen or not; they don't really ask much of the audience, it's just driving around spacing out kind of music, or the thing you could have on repeat all day at home and not even notice. The melodic guitar lines are great and everything forms around that. The harmonies work in places and others not so much, I think I like it most when they just trade lines back and forth.

It's a welcome album in these times, really. Sometimes you need to just pull the musical covers over your head for a bit.
The new Fever Ray is nice. It has that odd cheerful, electronic sound like Gloss Drop.

And in light of news, would anyone be interested in a Rock/Indie/Alt Music discord?


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The new Fever Ray is nice. It has that odd cheerful, electronic sound like Gloss Drop.

And in light of news, would anyone be interested in a Rock/Indie/Alt Music discord?

For sure, I come here for a lot of recommendations and would hate to lose that if this place were to implode.
Quote to see the discord link .

Correction, I've tried to send PMs to all the people who asked for it in this thread but because there's a new limit on how many PMs you can send (wonder why that is), it'd be best to just quote this post.


This was one of my fav threads and I'm reviving it in case anyone wants to talk some good rock/indie/alt music.

I'm really enjoying both The Black Keys new album and The Raconteurs

Lyrical meaning:

"This was another song I revamped from my lo-fi tape American Sound. I wrote it about someone I dated who made me feel like I wasn’t cut out for my own music career. It’s sort of about that really ugly moment when you try to do something sexually wild to save a relationship, only to make it more painfully apparent that it’s not going to work.

The second verse has a quote from something I read about Tammy Wynette. I really fell for Tammy about a year ago. I love the sort of tongue-and-cheek melodrama of her songs. I read that when she left her first husband to pursue a career in music, he told her ‘dream on, baby.’ Years later, after she was famous, he attended one of her shows and asked for her autograph. She signed it ‘dream on, baby.’"
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