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NeoGAF - Stand and be counted

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Makoto Yuki

Dec 26, 2013
NeoGAF – Stand and be counted

I think it is time to draw the digital line. Evilore can't be trusted and I think there is going to be a lot of trolls crying here for his innocence. Either way when the truth comes out this forum will likely be on fire. So in order to pour some gasoline on this fire I will ask those interested to stand up and be counted.

I feel Evilore can't be trusted, and his inability to even address the issue without having to resort to victim blaming is evident. Right, she is crazy. Whatever you say man. Removing OT will make this place better. Nope. Blame it on 2017 and how crazy the world is, that's why you are the victim, so exhausted by the backlash from your own Mod team. The team that really made Neogaf amazing in the first place, not you. I certainly feel like leaving NeoGAF is the best bet we can make at this point. I don't want to be part of a community who's figure head can't even admit their fault and has handled the whole situation in such a haphazard way. The evidence is out there, you can choose to believe or not. I personally believe that all these incidents create a damning picture of him.

This puts me in the "AGAINST EVILORE" camp.

I know there are many who feel strongly in opposite camp. I also would ask you to stand up and say ”FOR EVILORE".

When the truth is released and everyone sees the fact that Evilore is a wolf in sheeps clothing who claims innocence, yet has a deplorable track record. A record not limited to leaking a women's nudes (totally gentleman-like bro), feeling like he should jump into a shower with a vomiting women (how romantic), and grabbing ass hard (because nothing says manly like aggressive physical contact because a women was trying to get a drink from you). I personally don't want to associate myself with that. So I am comfortable with the tag "Banned."

I would like to make a honorary invitation to Evillore and Modbot to help fuel the fire on a regular basis – assuming you both would be ”FOR". In the end though, it is your decision and I want to remind everyone that I have an advantage of actually seeing that Evilore really isn't all that great of a person.

I invite anyone who seeing someone trolling Evilore as some kind on innocent victim in other threads to point them here. :D

So it's time to be stand and be counted:

Makoto Yuki - ”AGAINST" Evilore's bullshit.

Also, great post:

The way this is all being handled is inexcusably bad, it's just a master class in bad executive decisions. There isn't much community left here, but removing the Off Topic forum because the owner of the website allegedly did something disgusting several years ago -- and was identifies -- is punishing the community for disgusting decisions that the owner of the website made.

Evilore, the Off Topic forum did not make you make the wrong decision or do the wrong thing 2 years ago or 5 years ago. The Off Topic forum did not make Amir0x download child pornography. Yes, the Off Topic forum exposes risk for your business (these three issues are examples of that risk), but the reason your business is a business is largely because the site has both a gaming discussion area (which I think is the initial draw for most members) and then an off topic area (which most members also chat in). I think most people here became members to chat about videogames, but then naturally, you chat about other things you're interested in -- sports, movies, music, or the really specific topics like the Black Culture threads, developer/programming threads, or the communities like WrassleGaf or NFLGaf. Punishing those communities because you or your former staff are exposing your business to risk with poor choices is not the right way to handle this.

There have been a number of high profile sexual assaults in the news lately, and while most folks are talking about Harvey Weinstein, Liberty Mutual -- the investment firm -- has also recently fired two employees for sexual misconduct at the workplace. It wouldn't be right for Liberty Mutual to say, "We're not having the company Christmas Party, because Christmas parties is what got us into this mess in the first place," or "We're not going to participate in social out reach because social out reach has made us look like hypocrites with these sexual assaults." No, because it's not The Christmas Party or the Social outreach program that's causing the problem: It's bad, hurtful, or illegal decisions made by you or by some former staff members.

You've always had a reputation for making brash decisions, and most of these have not faired well for you. Poorly thought out statements about Amir0x that bent the truth, came too late, and just weren't handled correctly; decisions to ban certain topics from being discussed; decisions to ban certain members or former staff, and scores of others. This, though, is clearly the worst decision and it shows in inability to accept fault. This decisions seems to simply be another projection: "I've made bad decisions in my life and business, and so the business must be punished." That doesn't make any sense, it's selfish and delusional.

You have an opportunity to make the right decision. Obviously you feel like this site is your baby and "it's your's," but this business exists in spite of you, not because of you. It can be hard for a CEO or business owner to give up something that they think is theirs, many CEOs resist this and are befuddled when their board ousts them for a business that they themselves launched. The right thing for you to do would have been to announce that you're taking an indefinite leave of absence from NeoGaf. Revenue from the site would be put into an escrow account to cover expenses and hire staff who would manage it in your absence. A board of staff (moderators, admins) would be formed to hire staff who would manage the site and support the community. Those would be base level decisions which would ensure, at least, some integrity with the site which would keep at least some members around. The site would persist and could possibly bounce back, ultimately you wouldn't be punishing your customers or your business for your own bad decision. Instead, you made the wrong decision with how this was handled and then continually made the wrong decision with how you're going to move forward with this, instead of holding yourself accountable, you're punishing the community that has made your business successful.

It shows an utter lack of self-awareness which then also undermines any integrity that you're trying to preserve against allegations like the ones you're facing.


Jun 11, 2015
Just wait for an alternative to gain steam. Trying to salvage GAF at this point is like trying to raise the Titanic


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Apr 9, 2009
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