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NeoGAF Votes: Most Anticipated Game of 2016 (Voting has been over for weeks)

  1. Mass Effect: Andromeda : Despite how I felt about the ending for Mass Effect 3, I did enjoy the trilogy. So I'm really excited to see what Andromeda is all about.
  2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided : Human Revolution was so good. I've been patiently waiting for the sequel. And then the delay happened and crushed my soul. But the delay didn't ruin my anticipation level for the game at all.
  3. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End : This is a no-brainer for me. I enjoyed the other three installments. So at this point, Naughty Dog and Uncharted is proven product for me. Looking forward to seeing how it all ends.
  4. Rise of the Tomb Raider : The PS4 version of course lol. The reboot was really good. After hearing the feedback about the sequel, there's no reason I wouldn't anticipate this.
  5. No Man's Sky : I know that this game will in no way live up to my expecations. But damnit, I can't wait to play it. The exploration aspect has hooked me.
  6. Quantum Break : I can't front. This might be the game that makes me get a Xbox One. Really like everything that I've read and seen about the game so far.
  7. Firewatch : Both times I've seen footage of this game, I've wanted to immediately own and play it. This can't release soon enough for me.
  8. Dishonored 2 : At first I had no interest in Dishonored. But when positive reviews and feedback started hitting the net, I decided to take the plunge. And boy was I glad I did! Was a great game. Looking forward to finding out more about the sequel.
  9. Far Cry Primal: I enjoyed Far Cry 3 and 4. I found the story to be a letdown both times, but the gameplay is what made me a fan. At first, I wasn't interested in Primal at all. The announcement trailer did nothing for me. But then I saw the trailer that was shown at this year's Video Game Awards...and was sold! Ubisoft got my preorder with that.
  10. Horizon: Zero Dawn : I want to have faith in this game. I like what I saw at E3. But I'm not a Killzone fan. At all. So I hope that Guerilla Games will surprise me with Horizon. I'm anticipating it. But I'm definitely being cautious.


Feb 20, 2015
1. Street Fighter V: This was the game that made me buy a PS4 a solid year before it even came out. The fact that Zangief and Alex are back in the same game has me super hyped. I already pre-ordered the collector's edition, fight pad, and I'll probably throw down for the season pass (something I rarely do). I've had loads of fun on the beta and I can't wait to get my hands on the full game.

2. Ace Attorney 6: We know almost nothing about the game at this point, but I'm a die hard fan of Ace Attorney. I've yet to be disappointed by the series (even with Justice for All being lackluster in my opinion).

3. Pokken Tournament: I haven't been super into the mainline Pokemon titles for a while, but I still love the franchise to death. This game was teased about 2 years ago and to see it finally happening on Wii U has me excited. I love fighters and the game has Charizard, Mewtwo, and Sceptile, which are 3 of my favorites. Looks like the camera is somewhat similar to the Ninja Storm games, but the combos look more Tekken like.

4. One Piece Burning Blood: It's from the same studio that made J-Stars (a fun, but flawed game) and the combat director of DBZ:BT3. I've been waiting years for an arena fighter One Piece game that wasn't related to the Grand Battle series. Hopefully with a decent engine in place from J-Stars they can improve upon it. Also, while it has a 1-v-1 mode, 2-v-2 to 3-v-3 fights sounds like a blast.

5. Dragon Quest 8: One of my favorite JRPGs getting some upgrades on the 3DS is awesome. Even more so that we're actually getting it in the west!

6. Fire Emblem x Shin Megami-Tensei: Been following this one for almost over 2 years now. No one expected it to turn out the way it did, but none the less, I'm still looking forward to it once it's out in the west. Loving the mirage concept.

7. The Legend of Zelda Wii U: Again, we don't know much about the game, but after the huge delay my expectations are pretty high. I'm happy we're getting a new traditional Zelda game on a console finally.

8. Dragon Quest 7: Never got to fully enjoy the original game. I'm hoping with Heroes, DQ8, and DQ7 it'll finally get some traction in the west, so we won't have to beg for Dragon Quest 11.

9. Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest/Birthright: Been hooked on the series since Path of Radiance and absolutely loved Awakening. Having two different versions was a bit weird at first, but I figured it was just two new games instead of one. Looking forward to the amiibo support for Ike and Marth too.

10. Star Fox Zero: Looks like the delay has been beneficial to the game. The new walker mode for the Arwing looks fun and I love how this installment kept the campy feel from the earlier games.


May 26, 2015
1. Horizon: Zero Dawn
2. Mass Effect: Andromeda
3. Final Fantasy XV
4. Dark Souls III
5. No Man's Sky
6. The Last Guardian
7. Uncharted 4
8. Kingdom Hearts 2.8
9. Nier Automata
10. Persona 5
1. Uncharted 4
2. Gravity Rush 2
3. Last Guardian (they better not have lied about 2016)
4. Horizon
5. Nier
6. Dark Souls 3. Playing through BB boosted my interest of Souls a lot.
7. Persona 5
8. Nioh
9. Yakuza
10. Zelda

4/10 games from my previous anticipated got delayed. My honourable mention turned out to be the worst game I've played this year.

Quintin DM

Jun 2, 2015
1. Persona 5
2. Fire Emblem Fates
3. Street Fighter V
4. Final Fantasy XV
5. Gravity Rush 2
6. Genei Ibun Roku #FE
7. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
8. The Last Guardian
9. Nier: Automata
10. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

If I could have a number 11, it would be Ace Attorney 6.
Feb 27, 2015
1. Final Fantasy XV
2. Street Fighter V
3. Persona 5
4. Quantum Break
5. Uncharted 4
6. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
7. Ratchet and Clank
8. Star Ocean 5
9. Horizon: Zero Down
10. Dark Souls 3


Mar 23, 2013
Kansas City

1. DOOM : It's Doom. We've been waiting decades for a proper installment to this series. It doesn't get much bigger than this unless it was Half Life 3.
2. The Last Guardian : Team ICO's first game since the legendary Shadow of the Colossus back on the PS2. I just hope I'll have a PS4 by the time it releases.
3. Batman: A Telltale Games Series : This feels like a dream match. If Telltale can capture a detective story like they did with The Wolf Among Us then it could rival the Arkham series.
4. Horizon Zero Dawn : Most interesting new IP of this gen so far. I can't wait to finally see more of it.
5. Mirror's Edge Catalyst : The sequel and/or prequel and/or reboot of one of last gen's cult classics, but I'm not completely sold on the change to open world.
6. INSIDE : Limbo was one of my all-time favorite indie games and this follow-up game looks like a much more interesting concept.
7. Cuphead : I'm not entirely sol on the gameplay yet, but that art style is so unique and good that I can't resist.
8. ReCore : I know nothing about this game other than the fact that I really want it, but I need to see it in action first. Keep the new IPs coming!
9. Friday the 13th: The Game : I'm not going to sugarcoat it, the first footage looked bad. Really bad, but if they can pull this off then it can create a whole new subgenre of horror games.
10. Sea of Thieves : Rare are legends of this industry, and this is the first interesting game I've seen from them since the 0G Xbox days.

Honorable Mentions

x. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End : I've never liked Uncharted, but if that TLoU magic can rub off on it then it will be something special.
x. Halo Wars 2 : Not a fan of RTS, especially on consoles, but Creative Assembly is the perfect pick for this.
x. Gears of War 4 : A make or break game for this series under new management. Hopefully it will transition better than Halo did.
x. No Man's Sky : My initial hype for it was through the roof, but everything I've seen since then has been the same thing over and over.
x. Quantum Break : Remedy has a great legacy of games, but I'll wait until reviews.
x. South Park: The Fractured But Whole : I still haven't played The Stick of Truth, but if impression were anything to go by, it was amazing. Can't wait for the sequel.
x. Superhot : I've been following this indie game since it was first announced to the world, and I still think its the most unique concept to hit the FPS genre in years.
x. The Division : It was announced 2 years ago, and yet I still feel like I've barely seen anything of it.
x. Far Cry: Primal : This game wasn't even close to my radar until that TGA trailer. This could be the shakeup that this series needs to get me back in.
x. Adr1ft : An interesting little indie game that feels like what a game based on the movie Gravity would've been.

Gorilla Shark

Sep 21, 2009
1. Zelda: Wii U
2. South Park: the fractured but whole
3. Starfox Zero
4. No Man's Sky
5. Horizon: Zero Dawn
6. Zelda: Twilight Princess HD
7. Batman (telltale)
8. Rime
9. Uncharted 4
10. Doom


Neo Member
Aug 25, 2014
1. Mass Effect Andromeda
2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
3. Dishonored 2
4. Street Fighter V
5. Batman: A Telltale Games Series


Junior Member
Feb 22, 2005
San Francisco, CA
1. Street Fighter V: Can't wait. So over USF4.
2. Horizon Zero Dawn: Game looks amazing and like a breath of fresh air. Hope it doesn't disappoint.
3. Uncharted 4: It's Naughty Dog. It will be amazing.
4. The Last Guardian: Cautiously optimistic.

Don't give a fuck about the boring looking No Man's Sky or The Division, which will certainly be the Watch_Dogs of 2016.


Oct 25, 2013
1. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
2. Horizon Zero Dawn
3. Dark Souls 3
4. Mass Effect: Andromeda
5. Rise of the Tomb Raider (PC)
6. The Last Guardian
7. Nier: Automata
8. Gravity Rush 2
9. Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PC)
10. The Witness
Apr 18, 2014
It looks like Uncharted 4 and Persona 5 are battling out for the top spot. Also, it's kinda sad that Cuphead isn't getting any love. That game is underrated big time.


Sep 6, 2005
1. Cyberpunk 2077
2. Mass Effect Andromeda
3. Star Citizen
4. World of Warcraft Legion
5. Ratchet & Clank
6. Deus Ex Mankind Divided


May 23, 2013
  1. The Witness: Problem was that it was announced too early, but I find it one of the most interesting games to come out, hoping the puzzles are not repetitive and still be solvable with my feeble mind.
  2. The Tomorrow Children: I'm loving the concept and the visuals, I haven't hear anybody not like this game who tried the beta.
  3. Uncharted 4: I like all Uncharteds so far. Will probably like this one.

*The list may change without prior notice.


Jan 14, 2013
It's funny looking back at last years thread.

3 games from my post in last years thread, are in my top 10 for this year as well (Hellblade, Uncharted 4, No Man's Sky)
And I ended up only really playing/enjoying 2 of the games on my top 10 from last year (The Order 1886 and Journey).
I skipped Battlefront after the beta, lost interest in Carmageddon. AC: Rogue didn't get a Current-gen release, skipped Dying light after the demo.

Wonder if there'll be a repeat of this for next year.


May 8, 2009
West Chester, PA
1. Mass Effect Andromeda : I love the Mass Effect series and BioWare RPGs and the info from the survey leak aligns with what I am looking for in the next Mass Effect game
2. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands : I'm a huge fan of the Ghost Recon series and this looks to be a return to form and natural evolution of the franchise with killer co-op potential
3. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End : No doubt this will meet even the highest expectations as Naughty Dog have been at the top of their game for years, only not on top of my list because I didn't feel another Uncharted was necessary
4, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided : Human Revolution was terrific and this has been a long time coming so hopefully it's as great or better
5. Tom Clancy's The Division : I'm a huge fan of most Tom Clancy games and im intrigued by the co-op gameplay with hopefully a worthwhile story built around it
6. Nier: Automata : Nier was a terrific and memorable experience, and adding Platinum Games to the mix is just a dream come true
7. Rime : Really what I've seen and heard so far, looks like it has the potential to be this generation's Ico or maybe even better
8, Mirror's Edge Catalyst : Mirror's Edge gameplay was so unique, looks like the devs have taken this in the right direction, can't wait to play
9. Horizon: Zero Dawn : Very interesting world and concepts, and looks great but this is completely new territory for Guerrilla Games and their writing wasn't very impressive in any of the KIllzone games so...
10. The Last Guardian : Looks to be a one-of-kind experience, hopefully it lives up to the unprecedented hype and turns out great despite its troubled development history
Jun 10, 2015
1- Uncharted 4: I love the Uncharted series and the return of Druckly is great.
2- Ratchet and Clank
3- Horizon zero dawn
4- Deus Ex: Mankind divided.
5- Overwatch
6- Cyberpunk 2077
7- Mass Effect Andromeda
8- Mirror´s Edge Catalyst
9- Aliennation
10- Shadow of the beast


Mar 25, 2007
For me:

  1. Ratchet and Clank
  2. Uncharted 4
  3. FFXV
  4. Street Fighter V
  5. Gravity Rush Remastered
  6. Gravity Rush 2
  7. Star Ocean 5 : Integrity and Faithlessness
  8. The Last Guardian
  9. Horizon Zero Dawn
  10. Project Setsuna

And i could add more than 5 title!
There is so many game in 2016 (if not delayed) that it's insane.


Nov 28, 2014
1. Horizon Zero Dawn
2. Tekken 7
3. Street Fighter V
4. Ni-Oh
5. NieR Automata
6. Uncharted 4
7. Gran Turismo Sport
8. Dark Souls 3
9. Final Fantasy XV
10. No Man's Sky


Neo Member
Jan 26, 2015
1. The Last Guardian
2. XCOM 2
3. The Witness
4. Persona 5
5. Fortnite
6. Uncharted 4

7. Virginia
8. Crossing Souls

10. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


Dec 24, 2007
The Hague
1) The Last Guardian; it looks and sounds breathtakingly beautiful, what lies beneath the canvas is exciting, even though the development time has been enormous, we have seen little of the game.

2) Uncharted 4; it looks just as good as the best looking games, but this game does not come from an artsy place or specific design like Journey, Ni no Kuni, or the Nintendo games. This is a freaking traditional 3rd person action adventure! Incredible.

3) Streetfighter V; going to be the best fighting game ever. Simple as that.

4) Destiny 2016 stuff; looking forward to this man. One of the best IP's this gen.

5) Dark Souls 3; Everybody needs Dark Souls in their lives.

6) Quantum Break; I want to believe Remedy has still the touch.

7) Horizon Zero Dawn; what can I say, open world + Guerrilla Games kinda sounds exciting, they make games without bugs and such. Very advanced technical team showing others how you do it!

8) Rime; what is happening with this game; the first few glimpses make me anxious to see more.


Aug 16, 2006
1. The Last Guardian
2. Gravity Rush 2
3. Mirror's Edge: Catalyst
4. The Legend of Zelda Wii U
5. Dark Souls 3
6. Ni-Oh
7. Nier: Automata
8. Persona 5
9. Street Fighter V
10. Zero Time Dilemma

Only one Western game. lol


Apr 18, 2013
1. Uncharted 4
2. Persona 5
3. Dark Souls 3
4. Ratchet & Clank
5. The Witness
6. Horizon Zero Dawn
7. The Last Guardian
8. No Man's Sky
9. Zero Time Dilemma
10. Firewatch


Jun 4, 2014
1. Crackdown 3 - I can't wait to see what this title achieves from a technical standpoint. This game could have a huge effect on the way games are developed in the future.

2. Recore - I'm hungry for a new AAA IP so I'll be keeping my eye out on this one. The developers seem to have a good pedigree.

3. Zelda (WiiU) - Its Zelda, I love Zelda. Enough said.

4. DOOM (2016) - played the multiplayer alpha, not a fan of old school type MP shooters (i.e. Quake). That said I'm really interested in playing the single player. I'm wondering if there be a significant story like Wolfenstien TNO.


5. Cuphead - Geez, can't believe I forgot about this one. A playable 1920's cartoon. Love the art style. Day 1.


Dec 1, 2007
1. SF5- best fight game series gets better
2. the division- the pvp sounds amazing
3. Final fantasy xv- waited so long
4. Uncharted 4- kittonmwy
5. Final fantasy explorers-MHxFF oh ok
6.Horizon- robosaurs rex
7. Persona 5- its persona
8. No man sky- vr headset + this game= ready player one
9. Zelda Wii U- 1st Zelda I'll get to play since OOT on n64
10. Ni-oh- onimusha x darksouls + team ninja bisonyes.gif
May 8, 2012
1. The Legend of Zelda for Wii U : I remember that I voted for this game last year, and it wouldn't surprise me if I have to vote for it next year too, heh. From the short videos shown so far, the game looks fantastic. We've yet to see if Nintendo can actually pull this off, but regardless of how good it turns out to be in the end, I'm excited for it.

2. Dishonored 2 : The original game is one of my all-time favourites. If the gameplay of this game stays true to the original, then you better believe I'll be there.

3. One Piece Burning Blood : Everyone who's visited a One Piece thread knows about my love for it. How could I not be excited for a new game? Regardless of how mediocre of a track record the developer has, I'm looking forward to hearing more about this game. The fighting does look really cool from the videos they've shown so far.

4. For Honor : Simply looks like great fun. Duels + musou-esque armies? I'm all in.

5. Horizon Zero Dawn : I really hope this game will deliver. There's no way the end product will be as impressive as the demo they've shown, but nonetheless, this could be an amazing open-world game with truly interesting fights.

6. No Man's Sky : Such an ambitious project that sounds more and more exciting every time I hear more about it. It will be really interesting to see how this game is received when it finally launches.

7. Yooka-Laylee : My first and only backed Kickstarter so far. I'm really looking forward to playing this charming new 3D platformer.

8. Ratchet & Clank : I loved the future trilogy. Hopefully this game will be just as good. It certainly looks the part.

9. Nier Automata : Nier was amazing, and Platinum is known for their quality. I just hope they're careful and don't ruin the atmosphere that has been built up.

10. Final fantasy XV : This ambitious game looks really cool. I just hope it turns out to be as fun to play as it is pleasant to watch.


Nov 11, 2015
1. Street Fighter V
2. Final Fantasy XV
3. Persona 5
4. Star Fox Zero
5. Dark Souls III
6. Ratchet & Clank
7. Uncharted 4
8. Firewatch
9. Hitman
10. Scalebound


Feb 21, 2014
1) XCOM 2

2) Torment: Tides of Numenera
3) Quantum Break
4) Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
5) Dishonored 2
6) Total Warhammer
7) Zelda Wii U
8) Ghost Recon: Wildlands
9) Midair


Aug 21, 2009
1. Uncharted 4
2. Dark Souls 3
3. Persona 5
4. Ratchet & Clank
5. The Witness
6. Horizon Zero Dawn
7. The Last Guardian
8. No Man's Sky
9. Nier
10. Zelda WiiU

Silent Chief

Oct 17, 2014
1) Valkyria Chronicles: Can't wait to finally platinum this.
2) Ratchet and Clank: Who needs Crash? Not me.
3) Horizon: Zero Dawn: Something new.
4) The Last Guardian: The wait will finally be over.
5) No Man's Sky: Hopefully my new goto game when I have 15 minutes to spare.
6) Uncharted 4: Could be the game of this generation.
7) Ni-Oh: Most original Soul concept since Soul Sacrifice.
8) Dark Souls III: Still love the games, but I'm having trouble keeping with the releases.
9) NieR: Automata: Would be higher if I had played the first one.
10) Persona 5: Would be higher if I had played 2-4 or if Atlus would let me preorder it.


Oct 12, 2015
1) Uncharted 4
2) Horizon Zero Dawn
3) Overwatch
4) Paragon
5) Mass Effect Andromeda
6) Far Cry Primal
7) The Division (although I'm sceptical about it, I hope it's great)

No matter which games you like, 2016 is going to have a diverse lineup that should please everyone.


Apr 3, 2012
1. Mass Effect Andromeda
2. Zelda U
3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
4. No Mans Sky
5. Uncharted 4
6. Final Fantasy XV
7. Ratchet and Clank
8. Persona 5
9. Thimbleweed Par
10. Star Ocean 5


Dec 11, 2013
1. XCom 2: Hard to choose between this and Dark Souls, but it looks truly great with all the customisations and I guess I'll play this more.
2. Dark Souls 3: Looks awesome and have great confidence they'll pull it off.
3. Dishonored 2: First was a great game and hade an awesome world that I can't wait to see again..
4. Total War Warhammer: These games are always great, even when buggy.
5. No mans sky: Looks beautiful.
6. Day of the tentacle remaster: Haven't played this classic in ages.
7. Mass Effect Andromeda: Haven't seen or heard anything about this game but liked the previous one.
8. Deus Ex Mankind Divided: Same as above


Sep 25, 2013
1. No Man’s Sky : Deja vu. I feel like I put this game in the top spot last year. I think my expectations for what this is and isn't are appropriate, so I suspect I'll get a lot of enjoyment out of this one.
2. Firewatch : I really dig the people behind this studio and I can't wait to see their first game. The little bit of info that has come out intrigues me, and the art direction is spectacular.
3. Persona 5 : I'm not big on JRPGs, but Persona 4 was absolutely amazing. I'm hoping this one lives up to its predecessor.
4. Dark Souls 3 : My favorite series, but after the disappointment of DS2 I can't really put this as high as I wish I could.
5. Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilema : I can't wait to see how this story concludes, and I didn't think we would ever get to.
6. Horizon: Zero Dawn : Based on the little we have seen, it looks great. I'm cautiously optimistic.
7. South Park: The Fractured But Whole : The Stick of Truth was the biggest surprise for me last year. I expected nothing and got a genuinely funny, well made RPG. I can't wait to see how the sequel turns out.
8. Valkyria Chronicles Remaster : I never got around to finishing this game on PS3, despite really enjoying it. I hope the remaster will inspire me to give it another go.
9. The Witness : It's hard for me not to be excited about this. Jonathan Blow is an interesting guy, and this game seems so ambitious and mysterious. I can't wait to see what the hell it is.
10. Doom : The Doom reboot looks big and fast and dumb and we just don't get enough shooters like that anymore. I hope there is practically no story, just crazy monsters and big fucking guns.


Oct 23, 2011
1. Mass Effect: Andromeda
2. Persona 5
3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
4. Dark Souls III
5. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
6. Outlast II
7. Batman - A Telltale Games Series


Jul 28, 2012
2014 - Persona 5 8th
2015 - Persona 5 6th
2016 - Persona 5 ??

Amazing to see how the anticipation is just growing despite it being nearly 3 years.


Feb 14, 2012
Newcastle, UK
1. The Last Guardian : What can I say? Shadow of the Colossus is probably the greatest game I've ever played. Sure after this long drawn out saga and years of anticipitation the game may not live up to what I've imagined. Still it's the game I've wanted for so long.

2. Persona 5 : Persona 4 was my first entry in the SMT games. From the way it was described to me, I should have hated it. Dating sim elements and randomly generated dungeon crawler? Both sound awful. Yet somehow it just clicked and it became one of my all time favourite games. Persona 5 will probably really wacky at times, but I know I'll be able to embrace the crazy and still love the game.

3. Final Fantasy XV: When this game was Versus XIII, it was my most anticipated game for ages, even moreso that The Last Guardian. My interest has cooled somewaht over the last year ever since the Duscae demo, but it still remains a game I really want to play. I also believe this game is important to my interests, that it releasing will be a hurdle for Square (and Japan) to overcome on consoles and will do them well going forward.

4. Deus Ex Mankind Divided : Was my favourite game of the last generation for a long time. Arguably still is although Last of Us is up there. I can't wait to explore the setting again.

5. Gravity Rush 2 : The first game did have it's misgivings. The world was a bit sparse with little to do. The combat was a bit basic as well. These things appear to have been fixed for the sequel. However the traversal in Gravity Rush was second to none. The feel of shifting gravity around and zooming through the skies in an unparalleled sense of freedom, wonder and sheer enjoyment. It kind of ruined expploring the map in other games since it was just so much better than anything out there and I can't wait to do it again.

6. Zero Escape 3: Zero Time Dilema : 999 and VLR are some of the finest experiences I've ever had with any medium. the puzzles are really nice and make you think, but the story is absolutely engrossing and I've wanted this game for so long and nearly gave up.

7. Zelda WiiU/NX : Zelda along with Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid are my favourite ever franchises. While all 3 have waned over the last decade, it's still a series I hold close. I can't say why I want it more than simply it being a new Zelda game. If I was an owner of a Wii U it probably would be higher up the list. But I do expect to play it by the end of the year, more than likely on NX, but Wii U if not

8. Ys 8: Ys is a series I only discovered relatively recently, however it quicky became a well loved series. From Oath in Felghana, Ark, Seven and Celceta. My only real complaint is that I've had to play them on a handheld. The fact that it is on a console now with a TV and a controller excites me so much more, especially since I can now share this series with friends and family.

9. Valkyria Chronicles: Azure Revolution : Valkyria Chronicles was first SRPG that i played seriously. Without it I would have never played FF Tactics, Tactics Ogre and more. The main reason I disliked SRPG's was how grindy and slow paced they were, how too much time was wasted on doing side things to flesh out your unites with right classes, cross abilities and gear. With Valkyria Chronicles I could skip all that and just simply play. It then made me go back and give SRPG's another chance since I was more used to the genre. However I was extremely disappointed with the shift to handhelds and general tones and am now excited to finally play on a console again. yes it's not an SRPG anymore, but I'm just happy to get more full fledged Valkyria again, and I'm sure the SRPG version will come later

10. Star Ocean 5 : Star Ocean 3 was my first entry in the series and I loved it. Sure the wasn't as much "star ocean" I imagined but it still had a sense of wonder to it. Star Ocean 4 had it's fair share of problems. A lot of things were bad about it, but the core gameplay and RPG systems and mechanics were still amazing. If Star Ocean 5 fixes the aforementioned problems and keeps the good stuff, then I expect I'll be in for a fantastic game. Still wish the Herioine's face wasn't that creepy though and it needs to be fixed ideally.

Honourable mentions: I don't feel comfortable putting remasters in the above list. However if I did then the likes of Valkyria Chronicles, Gravity Rush, Twilight Princess and Resident Evil Origins collection would have a chance of being there as well

Nier Automata just misses out, as do Trails of Cold Steel I and II. Then there are other games which I will play but I'm not sure how I feel about them, I've been feeling Uncharted had gotten a bit stale after playing 3 and the Vita game. Sure I'll likely enjoy it, but I'm not reall eager for it. Horizon looks amazing, but I don't know enough about the game yet. I never really liked Killzone so I'm not sure if Guerilla will be able to deliver here. It looks good, but I need to see more substance yet. Dark Souls III looks really good, but I only started the Souls series last year with Demon and Dark, and played Bloodborne and Dark II this year. I feel it's too soon for Dark III so I'm gonna pass on it for now despite loving the previous games. I'd also want to see a lot more of Mass Effect Andromeda before I can decide my thoughts on that. Dragon Quest XI would be there, but there's no way it's gonna release in Europe in 2016. Project Setsuna probably deserves a mention too, as would Exist Archive but that hasn't been confirmed for localisation.


Jan 23, 2012
  1. Mass Effect: Andromeda; The series gets a fresh start on the new consoles and I'm excited for it. Very curious how this will play.
  2. Dishonored 2; Who doens't love some sneeking and killing. The world was awesome in the first game, the second should have the same weird world to enjoy.
  3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided; HR was pretty good, this looks good... let's hope it's good.
  4. Hyper Light Drifter; Just the trailers get me excited, hoping it will be on vita in 2016 as well.
  5. Rise of the Tomb Raider; Don't own an X1.
  6. Firewatch; Saw one trailer, will see no more until release.
  7. Hitman; A bit nervous about the systems and cities, but this should be better than Absolution.
  8. Civilization Revolution 2 Plus; Civ, on the Vita. Yeah.
  9. No Man’s Sky; Who isn't interested in this one?