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NeoGAF, welcome to .webm - the FUTURE (of burning out your CPU)


Feb 11, 2013
WARNING: CPU USAGE is said to be very high (with autoplay on). my CPU was constantly in the 90's% (with autoplay on)

Save bandwidth, more colors, superior IQ, 60 FPS, insanely fast loading. Evilore, pls (seriously). Hopefully this stuff can get embed within NeoGAF. Imagine this stuff for gaming. GIFs should be in the past now.
HOW TO (Windows): http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=107330048&postcount=1471
- I updated the script to v0.3 which adds a VP8 and VP9 codec toggle!
- Now we have 0.3.1 which fixes the CRF description, thanks to Havel for pointing this out :)
- Added instructions for making a SendTo shortcut in Windows XP
- Added a .gif to WebM conversion script


UPDATE#2: Firefox in this
WebM for NeoGAF Firefox Addon 0.5 - Now with Hover to play and option to hide the controls

WARNING: When autoplay, controls and hover to play are disabled, you won't be able to start the video!

UPDATE #1: BASED ANDREX. Our very own Andrex has creating a Chrome Extension that plays them automatically like GIFs. the amount of stuff that will load on this page might be overwhelming.
(Newer version)
WebM for NeoGAF (Chrome) 1.5

- Now works with posts added by D4Danger's Live Reload extension (version 2.1+ required, which he's uploading now, so sit tight!)

- Added toggle for video controls
- Added toggle looping
- Added toggle for auto-playing audio
- Added default volume controls
- Click-to-play option now also has click-to-pause[/QUOTE]

Thanks, Andrex!

You can also upload WebM to Gfycat, just FYI.

Here's some Titanfall.

EDIT: Seems to have resized mine, though. Weird.

Here's the full size version I uploaded to /v/.

Assassin Creed: Unity

My second webGIF.

My mind has been blown


Apr 15, 2007
Waiting to hear from Evilore about this, feels like waiting for the white smoke during a papal election


Aug 7, 2013
New York, NY
4chan threads (and the images uploaded to them) get purged pretty rapidly, so I would recommend against linking to images hosted there (the i.4cdn domain)