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NeoGAF's Essential Rpgs (2011 edition)


kswiston said:
Top 10 Essential Final Fantasy titles by votes so far:

1) Final Fantasy 6 - 64
2) Final Fantasy 7 - 37
3) Final Fantasy Tactics - 25
4) Final Fantasy 9 - 22
5) Final Fantasy 12 - 20
6) Final Fantasy 4 - 17
7) Final Fantasy 10 - 17
8) Final Fantasy 5 - 8
9) Final Fantasy 8 - 5
10) Final Fantasy 13 - 2

Anything not on the list received one vote or less. Final Fantasy 2 and Final Fantasy XIV were the only two numbered games to receive 0 votes.
7 over 9? Damn GAF, you fucking suck.


While I am sure everyone will be with their families tomorrow. Feel free to continue voting until the 26th. I tallied votes for about half the titles listed in the thread but won't have a chance to continue until then.

Unless things change drastically in the next day, Chrono Trigger was the #1 most picked game for a second year running. Final Fantasy VI has second place again by a comfortable margin as well. Everything else is too close to call.
-Suikoden II-

a flawless masterpiece.

-Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete-

charming party, good music and a nice translation make for a good classic RPG ride.


it is the definitive adventurers RPG. this game series gets voted -best battle system- on many occasions, don't pass this up, find out why and vote with us.

-Panzer Dragoon Saga-

unique magic world, mesmerizing music and a fresh take on the RPG formula back when the Saturn got ignored. i cherish this game.

-Shining Force II-

i could vote for any true shining force without regrets. i picked this because it has a phoenix as a playable character and the best town theme ever. you don't even have to revive the phoenix when he dies, he'll come back at no expense ;)

-Digital Devil Saga (split in two scenarios)-

SMT formula perfected. throw away everything that made nocturne a chore, refine the battle engine and add meguro's most diverse soundtrack. your companions are nice too, only topped my P2: EP cast if we're talking SMT.


sick world, sick soundtrack. you'll never know where this game will take you. maybe the most diversified RPG world ever created.

-Final Fantasy Tactics-

great story and music. a few flaws in gameplay pacing and very exploitable. this game is amazing if you play by the rules, otherwise you'll ruin it for yourself.

-Ys Seven-

crazy responsive controls. Ys is a beast that's been running wild for over 20 years. you'll miss out if you don't give it a try. crazy music again, like every other falcom game.

-Valkyrie Profile-

this game is pretty unique, so you better watch a few vids. there is a flaw where you can't get the best ending without reading a five-line-faq. do that and you'll get an RPG like no other. this might be sakuraba's best work btw.

every game i've listed has great music, that's no coincidence.
First three are my most favorive ever, the rest are ranked randomly as per OT.

1. Fallout 2 ; It was perfect. Just fuckign per-fect. And Cassidy. Fuck man..
2. Baldur's Gate 2 ; If it's second, that's by only a fraction of a difference. I wouldn't know where to begin praising it..
3. System Shock 2 ; We are, we are, we are...... Fuck, SHODAN????

4. Ultima VII Pt.2 The Serpent Isle ; First truly sandbox RPG I ever played, possibly the first of its kind with a real living world.. So good.
5. Ultima Underworld II ; Ok, this was just pure genious back in the day.
6. Eye of the Beholder 2 ; Dran was a Dragon? WTF man, fighting a red dragon inside the top room of its highest tower! Also, awesome dungeons..
7. Diablo II ; To this day I still hate it for stealing the summer of my 19th year away from me, making me spend it killing monsters with names that sound like Black Metal bands until the sunrise..
8. Planescape: Torment ; I was a pen and paper RPG'er for almost a decade when this came out, and the game still baffled me.. Soon enough my group and I ended up grabbing the Planescape boxed set and were blown by it.. My appreciation of this game and it's thousands of pages of dialogue and lore is very hard to put in words. It would've been up there with BG2 had it used the same engine..
9. Pools of Darkness ; Travelling to the dead body of a god in the Astral Plane, fighting epic monsters inside his organs and resting in the safety of his navel.. Ok, Sign me up just for that small bit alone. This game was E-P-I-C in a way no other D&D CRPG ever came close to being, that includes Torment.
10. Vampire The Masquarade: Bloodlines ; I'm a sucker for White Wolf's World of Darkness and this game was incredibly well done for its time, despite technical glitches.

A few nots on some frequent nominees on this thread.. MY OPINIONS of course..

If it was 2 years ago I'd have also named Mass Effect, because I was so goddamn blown away by the last 2 hours of the game, it was so gooooood.. Then I replayed it this year (last year? dunno..) and the repetitive quests, boring space exploration and a clunky UI became terribly apparent, and my memories of it have been more than slightly ruined :(

I sort of liked the KOTOR games RPGs and a Star Warss game but they didn't really feel good as neither. As RPGs, I always found them too one dimensional, and the game mechanics were so easy to exploit.. As Star Wars games, it felt like the universe was made entirely of Jedi (it actually felt like every minor Jedi was an orc, and blaster armed enemies were goblins.. D&D in space..) Also, the ending of the second one - what a motherfucking shame - FACEPALM! Fuck you Obsidian.. WTF have you done?...


There's a lot of JRPG love in this thread, so I want to balance it out with some great WRPGs :D Keep in mind that perhaps the most important thing I look for in an RPG is good, quality storytelling. And, since I'm role-playing, having choices to make is always nice. Having good choices and substantive consequences is even nicer... but for the most part, not much that I can say that you might not have heard already (not that it's gonna stop me from posting a paragraph or so about each one).

Baldur's Gate 2: Epic story, chock full of content, great characters, and a kind of atmosphere and sheer density to the world that would never be matched by any game since then, certainly not by BioWare. Pick up the expansion too.

Planescape: Torment: Phenomenal story. Perfect for role-playing, and it places more confidence in the game's writers than any other game before or since. I love how there are just three swords in the game and you don't have to defeat a single enemy in combat if you don't want to. Flips traditional RPG conventions on its head, especially regarding death. Extremely clever, extremely well written. Please check it out... it's well worth your time.

Deus Ex: If Mass Effect strived to let you be Jack Bauer in space, then Deus Ex was basically Jack Bauer in a cyberpunk future. It did a great job of providing you choices within the context of the narrative. So, no, you can't change which side you're fighting for, but you certainly CAN change the playing field whether it's by
saving your brother Paul, killing Anna on the plane, killing Manderly, killing the hostages, etc.
, and the game doesn't punish you with a game over screen - it merely reacts to your choices. Hideous voice acting, horrible graphics, poor shooting mechanics - yet the amount of freedom it provides in allowing players to tackle both the story and the levels themselves is unparalleled. To me, that's what role-playing is all about.

Diablo 2: It's Diablo. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I don't think any WRPG has been copied more than the Diablo formula...

Knights of the Old Republic: Probably my favorite RPG of all time. I'm one of the few who played it after they played the 2D Black Isle games and still prefer it to those games (which are still very, very good). In my eyes, the perfect balance between Star Wars atmosphere/cheese, fantastic production values (and graphics that, while are aged, aren't offensively bad by 2010 standards), having a lot of content (without diluting the main focus of the game), the best Star Wars plot written within the Star Wars universe (KoTOR 2 has a better story, but it's too existential and morally ambiguous to qualify as a Star Wars story, per se), and a really strong balance between having RPG elements and remaining relatively accessible to really strike a chord with me as someone who watched Star Wars as a kid - it really did bring back memories, that magic of the first movie. Sure, I can understand that a lot of people don't share those same sentiments about Star Wars, but I feel like the game has a simplistic charm (one shared in the Star Wars series as a whole), and I love it because of that. And unlike a lot of people, the jump to 3D really made a huge difference for me - I'll admit it, my imagination aint what it used to be. Having these scenes play out in 3D vs. in isometric fashion is a huge plus for me, especially when it comes to integrating itself in the Star Wars canon.

Alone, the greatest RPG? Hardly. The story is predictable, cheesy at times, with laughably polarized choices. The combat system isn't the best. The graphics have aged. But this is a game that is absolutley more than the sum of its parts. At the very least, it's very much a gateway drug for many newcomers to WRPGs. I know I've used it to get people into the genre.

KoTOR 2: Does everything better than KoTOR 1 (story, RPG elements, combat, characters), but is 1) incomplete and 2) loses Star Wars charm in the process, causing it to pale in comparison.

NWN2: MoTB: Shares many similarities with KoTOR 2 and P:T (led by the same designer, after all). Great story... everything else is kind of meh. But that story is fantastic - I'm a bit too lazy to write out a full reasoning for why it's great. Maybe later :lol :lol

Mass Effect: Though it's less RPG than I initially hoped for when I saw it's reveal and the game is very hit and miss when it comes to locations, story, gameplay elements, you name it. That said, for every horrible level or gameplay element (I'm not sure if I can ever forgive the Mako, or the countless copy/pasted sidequests) there was an equally compelling reason to continue playing (amazing graphics, the final level, the overall story arc... all fantastic). Another BioWare case of it being more than the sum of its parts.

Alpha Protocol: I know a lot of people deride it for being buggy as hell (it is), having unsatisfying combat (it does...), being made by Obsidian (well... yeah), but it actually ended up being everything I wanted in Mass Effect. Great dialogue, very open-story, with choices that actually have consequences, etc. Very underrated game.

Fallout: New Vegas. For me, it struck the right chord between playing to the side of me that loves open story games (like half of this list is made up of Chris Avellone games :lol :lol :lol ) and open world games, and, once I got it running in a relatively stable state on my PC, turned out to be great. I miss the days where games would give you 4 different main quest options, tons of different factions to help/piss off, the freedom to kill just about anyone and not break your game, and the ability to fail quests! How many games actually let you fail quests these days, and not just punish you with a game over screen, but with in-game ramifications? Not many... certainly none coming out of BioWare anytime soon.

And yes, I am a graphic's whore. I prefer 3D over isometric 2D when it comes to WRPGs. Why? I have no idea, I just really love that added immersion, I suppose... so that's influenced my list quite a bit too (all of these games are less than 10 or 11 years old).

Games that are also great, but missed the cut:
The Witcher (It's great, but I can't get over how much I don't like the combat)
Morrowind/Oblivion/Fallout 3 - all good, but good writing is a huge factor I take into account when I look at RPGs. If I'm role playing someone, I don't just want to walk and shoot like them, I want to talk like them too. Story/dialogue in Bethesda games are outright awful, no matter which way you look at it.
Fallout 1/2 - Good, not great. I think New Vegas outdoes them, personally. In terms of gameplay mechanics, I've already mentioned how I prefer RPGs in a 3D space vs. the isometric 2D perspective and everything Fallout 2 does, New Vegas does even bigger (and quite often, better).
Dragon Age - the self-proclaimed spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, but that's really just a marketing gimmick. It's far closer to KoTOR than any other game... solid, but didn't really excel in any are in particular for me, so it doesn't quite live up to the other 10.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines: Also good, but just didn't click with me as well as some of the other first person hybrids did (like Deus Ex and New Vegas), though certainly better than Bethesda's offerings. Controls were just too damn shitty for me to fully enjoy the story.


Master of the Google Search
Deus Ex
Persona 4
Pokemon Gold/Silver
Knights of the Old Republic
Fire Emblem
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
Tales of Vesperia
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door
Dragon Quest IX
Baten Kaitos Origins


SMT: Nocturne
SMT: Persona 3 Portable
SMT: Persona 4
The Witcher
Tales of the Abyss
Fire Emblem 7
NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer
Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines
Final Fantasy XII

After I realized how silly this idea was, I stopped trying to list the 'essentials' and listed my favorites instead.


This post has become a bit longer than expected. I hope that at least someone reads it...


Gothic 2
Jagged Alliance 2
Fallout 2
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
Fire Emblem (GBA)
Deus Ex
SMT: Devil Survivor
Baldur's Gate
Planescape Torment


RPGs are probably my favorite genre. Wish I had more time to play the countless RPGs I never tried and replay some of the amazing games in my list.

Somehow I could never get into JRPGs. (only Japanese SRPGs like Fire Emblem and Devil Survivor). I like a focus on story, I like a good presentation and I'm totally okay with turn-based battles. And yet I still can't stand JRPGs. Something about the grind-heavy battles, the annoying as hell dungeons. Among the JRPGs I tried and couldn't finish: Tales of Symphonia, Final Fantasy 4, Chrono Trigger, Golden Sun. At some point in these games I always felt like I was wasting my time...

WRPGs are also often rather flawed. I think that in some respects, a lot of them try to give the player too much choice. Or more precisely, irrelevant choice, that does not help the overall experience. (Of course I don't mean that choice generally is a bad thing. In fact the freedom in how you play the game is probably what I value the most in RPGs.)

For example in Mass Effect or Dragon Age: you always have half a dozen party members standing around in their fixed spots on the ship / in the camp and then choose two to take with you.
Now during gameplay / elevator rides those two characters might exchange a couple of rather meaningless words and at some points add a line when you talk to an NPC.
If you think about it, a lot of work has to go into that just because of the enormous amount of possible combinations to choose party members. And the player will only see a little part of all that work.
I think that was also really noticable in Mass Effect 2 the party members contributed very little to NPC conversations and there was hardly any interaction between them (there was way more of that in Dragon Age).

I think that could be improved upon by removing some of that choice.
For example when I think about Final Fantasy 4: at a lot of points in the story some party members just had stuff to do and ran off on their own and you had no/less choice for your party.
I think that's still a good idea. It makes the structure of the game more dynamic. You'd have to change your party of choice more often. And the characers might seem more believable if they do something other than sit in front of a camp fire.
When you have a fixed party during specific parts of gameplay the dialog of the party members can be more meaningful and there can be more of it.

Another example of too much focus on choice is the overall structure of games like Dragon Age. They want the choices of the player have a big impact. That's not easy when they have have consequences that last throughout the game. So they go out of their way to compartmentalize the story to limit the consequences of choice. The result is, that you can tackle some of the main quests in random order and that you can affect the outcome in those areas. E.g. you can choose the mages over the templars.
But again, I think that hurts the game more than it helps. Because what are the odds that just when the world-threatening, big, bad dragon comes around, you first have to tour the country and help every single fraction with their own little completely unrelated problem.
I'd prefer an experience that's a bit more linear but focuses more on the real main quest. I think that was handled much better in games like Fallout 2. It had all those big meaningful choices/consequences and handled them really well.

One of the biggest offenders here is Oblivion. I couldn't play it for more than 20 hours. While it may have had a couple of good quests, most of the quests, characters, choices were not that great and I mostly remember running through annoying little dungeons. The overarching story sucked, too. I appreciate the scope of the game and some of the possibilites, but if I compare it to games like Gothic 2 it just doesn't stand a chance.
Fallout 3 made some improvements here. However I didn't play much more of that either. In the part I played the NPC interaction and the quests were also really lacking and I mostly remember fighting my way through some vaults and countless subway tunnels...

In the recent RPGs I've played there is also way too much filler-content in the game. I don't need every game to take me 60 hours so they should focus more on the fun parts and drop the garbage. I feel like I've spent most of my time in The Witcher running through that fucking swamp (shortly after that I stopped playing). I've spent far too much time driving accross empty planets in Mass Effect and I've spent far too much time scanning planets in Mass Effect 2.

Some notes:

-I really liked Baldur's Gate 1 more than its sequel. I think the overall pacing just works better when you start from zero as opposed to having a leveled up character in a big city.

-Disclaimer: I haven't played Planescape Torment yet. I'm giving this one the benefit of the doubt. ^^ But it's on my list of games to play and I just bought it on gog. I'll only play it when I have a lot of time to just focus on that one game.


maeh2k said:
This post has become a bit longer than expected. I hope that at least someone reads it...

I read every post so that is at least one person. Thanks for the thought out response!

In general, I think wrpgs are going to make out much better this year.
1) final fantasy ix
2) final fantasy vi
3) final fantasy vii
4) final fantasy tactics
5) disgaea
6) demon's souls
7) shin megami tensei: nocturne
8) persona 3
9) mother 3
10) resonance of fate

iow, same list as last year (only with radiata stories replaced with rof)...


Chrono Trigger
Mario & Luigi
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Old Door
Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
The World Ends With You
Final Fantasy IX


My list changes every time I try to make one of these.

1. Planescape Torment
2. Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
3. Fallout 2
4. Baldur's Gate II
5. Risen
6. The Witcher
7. Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer
8. Ultima VII (counting both parts here)
9. Deus Ex
10. Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura
* Final Fantasy VIII
* Kingdom Hearts
* World of WarCraft
* Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
* The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
* Planescape: Torment
* Deus Ex
* Final Fantasy VI
* Final Fantasy Tactics
* Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
Baldur's Gate II - The epitome of the WRPG. This is the genre at its finest, its pinnacle, its everything you could want or expect. We're talking a huge world filled to the brim with interesting content. Pretty much a story around every corner. With tons of meaningful and interesting choices to make along the line. I don't just mean good/evil moral choices (which are still there, though not as entirely black/white as something like KotoR), but choices as far as ways to approach a situation or ways to build your character. It can be overwhelming sometimes even, but when it clicks its all so good.

TES: Morrowind - Okay so I lied. While BG is the pinnacle of the WRPG, Morrowind is the epitome. It represents all the genre's pros and cons. Huge, interesting world, tons of content, tons of exploration and choices. But pretty boring main story (except unless you like going around reading random books or somesuch), mute "everyman" main character, buggy as hell, etc. etc. Still, its an awesome experience and there are few games I feel are as immersive as Morrowind can be.

The Witcher - Ah. The good old Witcher. This is one of my favorite recent games. Its the game that made me believe that a WRPG as good as BGII could still be made. While it didn't exactly reach BGII levels, it was the closest one in a long while. First, lets get this out the way, the story is damn awesome. Seriously, I was swept up in that shit. And it was mature, and not Bioware Mature, but actually mature. Yeah, it kinda threw T&A in your face sometimes, but other than that it didn't seem gorey or throw a cuss word in just to make it seem "adult". A lot of people have problems with combat, but I loved it. My experience might be different because I only played on hard from the get go (cause I'm a real gamer and I enjoy challenge). The combat rewards preparation and maybe even a little bit of trial and error. It made me feel like I was really a monster hunter. A fantasy batman.

Phantasy Star Online - Alright, this game was a movement to me. Yes, it was more than a video game, it transcended that and became its own. This was my first experience with a lootwhore. I knew of Diablo but never really cared to play it. PSO had the uncanny ability to just somehow steal your time. I dunno what it was. Maybe it was the mix of 80s anime inspired sci-fi art style, awesome music, and that weirdly hypnotic combat. Seriously, the games combat had this odd rhythm to it. After playing it for a while you just reach this point of zen where you're sort of doing everything on auto-pilot, no sort of real thought involved. Oh and hay look, 12 hours have passed! Guess I better go eat or something...

Grandia II - If a top 5 best jRPG combat system list were made, this would have to be a serious contended for at least the #2 spot. Nevermind the fact that it had one of the best main characters in a jRPG ever, nevermind the story, which was pretty cliche, but still interesting enough that I cared about what happened. Those added to the entire package, but at the center of everything was this amazing battle system and customization. I really don't have anything to say about it. Just try it for yourself. Its some sort of crack, really.

And other games I don't feel like typing out why I like

Final Fantasy 9
Final Fantasy Tactics
SMT: Nocturne
Valkyrie Profile


1.- XENOGEARS (2 votes) : It's got a sublime soundtrack, the most engaging, deep, satisfying story you will find in any RPG, lovable characters, a good dose of sense of humor, and by the time you finish it you get this feeling of having achieved something within yourself, a sense of completion that no other RPG will ever give you. If you've watched the Shawshank Redemption then you remember how you felt the first time you finished watching that movie. It's almost the same feeling with Xenogears.

2.- Chrono Cross
3.- Final Fantasy VII
4.- Seiken Densetsu 3
5.- Grandia
6.- Parasite Eve
7.- Chrono Trigger
8.- Tales of Legendia
9.- Suikoden
10- Super Mario RPG


I've done nothing with my life except eat and fap
1. The Witcher
2. Vampires Masquerade Bloodlines
3. Mass Effect series.
4. Fallout New Vegas
5. Fallout 2


Dragon Quest V
Valkyria Chronicles
Chrono Trigger
Mother 3
Persona 3 Portable
Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness
Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
The World Ends With You
Final Fantasy VI
Skies of Arcadia


guess I will make one:

(in no order)
1. Baldur's Gate 2
2. Fallout 2
3. Final Fantasy VI
4. Tactics Ogre
5. Mass Effect
6. Chrono Trigger
7. Panzer Dragoon Saga
8. Skies of Arcadia
9. Diablo 2
10. Deus Ex
Baldur's Gate 2
Planescape: Torment
Final Fantasy IV
Deus Ex
Fallout 2
Fallout 3
Ultima VII
Knights of the old Republic
- Skies of Arcadia (two points)
- Ys: Vanished Omens
- Phantasy Star
- Tales of Symphonia
- Tales of Vesperia
- The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall
- Star Ocean 3: till the end of time
- Star Ocean 4: the last hope
- Pirates of the Caribbean
- Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic
I feel bad for making this list without playing lots of the supposed best RPGs, but whatever :lol. Not in any order:

Mother 3
Persona 3
Persona 4
Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal
Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow
Chrono Trigger
The World Ends With You
Plansecape Torment
Demon's Souls
Sweet Home
Chrono Trigger
Fallout 2
System Shock 2
Half Minute Hero
Shadowrun SNES
Pokemon Blue/Red


Last Chance to get your list in. I'll continue to take votes for the next hour, but I have tallied everything and will be posting results soon. The Top 3 will probably be the same as last year, but there have been some surprising changes beyond that.

EDIT: 196 people have participated so far. I was hoping for 200, so I am glad we ended up getting within that general area.

EDIT 2: I'm going to vote myself

In no order:

- Baldur's Gate 2: Probably the best balance between open-ended gameplay and story in any Bioware rpg I have tried to date (which is all of them except Jade Empire and Kotor).

- Final Fantasy Tactics: My favourite srpg, and also the best implementation of the Final Fantasy Job system in my opinion.

- Might And Magic VI: I love most of the M&M games (save IX, and 1+2 which I have never played), but I am picking this game as a stand in for the rest. The series has a great blend of exploration, humour, and open ended game play.

- Persona 4: My favourite PS2 rpg. Persona 4 fixed most of the problems I had with the gameplay in Persona 3, and was one of the rare anime-inspired jrpgs to avoid using cliched characters and plot devices. My only complaint is that the game takes 70-80 hours to complete, even skipping most of the side stuff.

- Fallout 3: I love the entire Fallout series, but I thought Fallout 3 had the best sense of exploration. Really, all 4 games are worth the time and money to experience though.

- Mass Effect: Mass Effect has one of the best original universes in a game to date. I loved learning about the various races/cultures/and planets. The second game had better combat and a better cast of playable characters, but I prefer everything else in the first game.

- Chrono Trigger: Chrono Trigger is the perfect jrpg. It's short with no filler at 20-30 hours, has a great combat system (especially for a 16bit rpg), has a memorable cast, and doesn't feature strictly random battles.

- Suikoden II: Maybe my favourite PS1 rpg. I love most of the Suikoden games, but feel the series peaked with part 2. Building up your castle and trying to find all 108 stars of destiny is addicting. Even the cooking mini game was fun.

- Shining Force 2: Deserves more votes. Yes, the game is technically a Fire Emblem clone, but it adds rpg elements (such as towns and exploration between battles), has more class variety than the contemporary Fire Emblem titles, and has a great soundtrack.

- Fire Emblem (GBA): I am picking this title to represent the series as it was my introduction to the Fire Emblem franchise, and I am having a hard time picking between this, Path of radiance, Fire Emblem 4, and Radiant Dawn. All the games are worth Playing, even the untranslated SNES titles. More Strategy than rpg though.


I'd go more in depth but theres obviously not much time left to do that so

1. Chrono Trigger
2. Final Fantasy Tactics
3. Final Fantasy IX
4. Baldur's Gate 2
5. The Witcher
6. Dragon Quest V
7. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
8. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
9. Mass Effect (series)
10. Earthbound
1. Knights Of The Old Republic
2. Mass Effect 2
3. Fallout New Vegas
4. Plane Scape Tormet
5. Mass Effect 1
6. Baldur's Gate 2
7. Oblivion
8. Deus Ex
9. Ultima Underworld 2
10. System Shock 2

Hon. mentions edit: Alpha Protocol, Jade Empire, BG1, FF7.


Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy X, IX, VII, VIII, XII
Final Fantasy Tactics
Breathnof Fire V Dragon Quarter
Persona 3
Persona 4


  • Ultima VII - The world that this game presents still feels the most free, alive and fully realized of all the, single player, RPGs that I have ever played. This coupled with a genuine sense of exploration and excellent atmosphere, IMHO, makes it one of the truly greatest RPGs.
  • Baldurs Gate 2
  • Planescape Torment
  • Baldurs Gate
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Chrono Trigger
  • Morrowind
  • Deus Ex
  • Secret of Mana
  • Oblivion

Honorable mentions: Vampire: Bloodlines, Fallout, Fallout 2 - I'm quite certain that these games would've qualified, and at least knocked Oblivion of the list, if I actually had played them. But ranking them based on second hand impressions doesn't seem right.


corkscrewblow said:
7 over 9? Damn GAF, you fucking suck.
Nostalgia is a powerful thing. FFVII was a revolutionary title. First 3d FF. First FF outside a Nintendo console and first RPG for many gamers.


2.vagrant story
4.chrono cross
6.persona 4
7.demon's souls
9.dark cloud 2 / chronicle
10.ff tactics


Ok, that's it for voting! You can still provide lists if you want, but they won't count towards the final results. Thanks to all 202 of you who participated!

Results coming soon.


I have posted the top 10 in the first post. Eventually, I want to create summaries for the top 40, and list everything that received over 4 votes (94 titles I believe).

Top 10 was split evenly between wrpgs and jrpgs. Top 50 includes 18 wrpgs. Last year, only 15 wrpgs made the top 50.

Some big changes as well. Vagrant story went from 27th last year to 84th this year. Morrowind jumped from 31st to 7th.


Master of the Google Search
Last Time
1) Chrono Trigger - 126 votes
2) Final Fantasy VI - 89 votes
3) Planescape: Torment - 67 votes
4) Final Fantasy VII - 66 votes
5) Demon's Souls - 64 votes
[tie] 6) Baldur's Gate II : Shadows of Amn - 53 votes
[tie] 6) Final Fantasy Tactics - 53 votes
[tie] 6) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - 53 votes
9) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - 52 votes
10) Diablo II - 43 votes

This Time
1) Chrono Trigger - 94 votes
2) Final Fantasy VI - 69 votes
3) Baldur's Gate II : Shadows of Amn - 53 votes
4) Planescape: Torment - 52 votes
5) Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 - 44 votes
6) Mass Effect - 41 votes
[tie] 7) The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - 40 votes
[tie] 7) Final Fantasy VII - 40 votes
9) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - 39 votes
10) Demon's Souls - 36 votes

Pretty consistent, though the few changes that did occur are pretty fascinating. I like that the WRPG/JRPG ratio is evening out somewhat.

Thanks for all the hard work kswiston!


Jeez, every time a list like this is made, I remember that I should probably buckle down and play through Baldur's Gate I, II, and Planescape. But given my limited exposure to Baldur's Gate I, I just cannot get adjusted to the gameplay style for some reason.
MechaX said:
Jeez, every time a list like this is made, I remember that I should probably buckle down and play through Baldur's Gate I, II, and Planescape. But given my limited exposure to Baldur's Gate I, I just cannot get adjusted to the gameplay style for some reason.
Skip I go straight to II.


Lostconfused said:
Skip I go straight to II.

I would, but for some reason, I usually have a problem skipping onto subsequent titles in a series unless there is virtually no connection between them and/if/or the events of the first game are absolutely inconsequential. For some reason, I tend to enjoy sequels more if I've played the connected predecessors before hand. This is done to a fault, however, in some situations (one big example was buying Shadow Hearts: Covenant, finding out it had a predecessor, and both taking great effort to hunt it down and actually play through it even despite how the first game was inferior in almost every way).
MechaX said:
Jeez, every time a list like this is made, I remember that I should probably buckle down and play through Baldur's Gate I, II, and Planescape. But given my limited exposure to Baldur's Gate I, I just cannot get adjusted to the gameplay style for some reason.

i tried both BD games aeons ago and shelved them after a few hours. the battles aren't enjoyable at all. don't feel bad, there are tons of other good games to play.
MechaX said:
I would, but for some reason, I usually have a problem skipping onto subsequent titles in a series unless there is virtually no connection between them and/if/or the events of the first game are absolutely inconsequential. For some reason, I tend to enjoy sequels more if I've played the connected predecessors before hand. .
I understand what you are saying. But trust me on this one. This is a bigger jump than ME1 to ME2. Skip jail, pass GO, collect 200 dollars.
John said:
i can't believe bloodlines didn't even hit the top 10
It was a technical mess when it came out, it would take a lot to look past all of that after launch and give the game another shot. Kind of like Alpha Protocol. Its going to be niche no matter how good it is. Also its a PC game.


John said:
i can't believe bloodlines didn't even hit the top 10

Bloodlines is 14.

Have a few things to do first, but I plan on working on the next batch of games shortly.

11-20 for those curious

11 Final Fantasy Tactics
12 Skies of Arcadia
13 Fallout 3
14 Vampire: The Masquerade
15 Final Fantasy 9
16 Earthbound
17 SMT: Nocturne
18 Deus Ex
19 Suikoden 2
20 Xenogears

is this a mod for the pc version???

why they aren´t super deformers??????
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