NeoGaf's first NeoCosplay Thread. Muahahaha

Jan 11, 2006
I love when people dress up like characters they already look like!

as opposed to:

The second group does get an "A" for effort. Notice Heather's holding the
"Beam Sabre" you get when you beat the game and kill more enemies by fighting than shooting. Now if she could quickly change into a PrincessHeart outfit, we'd have a winner! :lol

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Nov 18, 2004
StRaNgE said:
My friend Melonie does some cool Cosplay and believe it or not she is in the states.

Uh, no more love for this? Holy shit. A-fucking-mazing. Very hot.

For the record, it used to be true that Japanese cosplayers were better than everyone else. However, anymore, I'd say they're just more consistent. Well, we may out-fat-chick-them 99-to-1. But still, the best U.S. cosplayers I've seen are as good or better than the best Japanese cosplayers these days. That the Japanese are still needlessly deified in this topic (one of *cough* many) is certainly NOT surprising to me, however.


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Nov 8, 2005
I second all the love for these dedicated cosplayers. Whether they're from the east or west, the costume parts bought or made, a lot of these folks deserve a lot of credit. Great stuff! Some of the likeness is scary...
SolidSnakex said:
And this dude isn't a cosplayer, but he looks just like Mr Satan so i'm posting it

:lol Superb! On that note, I have one from a trip to Japan a couple of years ago: