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Dec 25, 2018
Seems this was bumped. Going to add my new purchases!

Got Professor Layton and Pandora's Box and Bangai-O Spirits a few weeks back but not played them yet. (First Layton game).

Not played Inazuma Eleven either but my brother loved it (this was the Scandinavian copy before the UK got it). Did it ever get better and if it did, what is the best version of the game now? (Sorry I mean series, not the game as a remake!)

I also want to try out that Red the Hunter game but the US version got DLC Europe never got on Card? Which it is more expensive?

Does Magical Starsign hold up well? I saw it for £5 once but the boxart looks even more generic than Magical Vacation which looks much more colourful.

I am surprised Nintendo didn't try to make a physical copy of Sin & Punishment on the DS rather than put it on the N64 Virtual Console as I can bet that people woulf have bought it without any enhancements!!!

Lastly, does Sands of Destruction hold up well? Saw it ages ago on Play Asia for £11 but never bitten as I was still new at a job I was doing at the time.
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