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NeoGAF's Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2014


Sep 28, 2010

Developer: CD Projekt Red | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Open World Action RPG | Platform(s): PS4, Xbox One, PC

TOTAL: 629 points

What GAF said:
This looks like a more content and more polished successor to Witcher 2. I like the ambience and atmosphere CDProjekt achieved with Witcher 2 and I hope they repeat the same level of worldbuilding with this game.
The Witcher series is beautiful. I wish more games would make use of slavic mythology/fantasy. The first game had such an amazing feel to it. I liked the atmosphere of the first game more than the second one. If the 3rd game is going to be more like the first one I'm in for a ride.
The final chapter to one of the best modern RPG series going. Scale and detail stands to be almost overwhelming if they deliver on their promises, and going by the significant leap from TW1 to TW2 I believe they can. Geralt has a smart looking beard.
An open world RPG with amazing graphics, promising story and DS like combat? Yes please!
If CDPR can continue with the rate of improvement that I saw going from Witcher 1->Witcher 2, then I'm expecting something god-tier.

and for the rest...

Developer: From Software | Release date: March 11 (US), March 13 (JP), March 14 (EU) | Genre: Action RPG | Platform(s): PS3, 360, PC

TOTAL: 554 points

What GAF said:
Sequel to the best game of the generation so far, there's every reason to be excited.
The sequel to my most favourite games of all time, Demons/Dark Souls. The Souls franchise brings back the old school gameplay to the modern era
What a great thing to have these games in this era of hand-holding and over-simplification. Dark Souls 1 was such a massive game that went on far longer than I ever expected it to, and I can't wait for Dark Souls 2 to show me what else FROM can pull out of their hats.

Developer: Bungie | Release date: September 9 2014 | Genre: FPS | Platform(s): 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4

TOTAL: 508 points

What GAF said:
Bungie returns with an mmo hybrid FPS? Yes please, after years of borderlands and WoW this is a game tailor fit for me. Most excited for the raid possibilities. However the game getting pushed to september kind of ruined a lot of my excitement. As the time gets closer my hype levels will grow for this game, yet as its so far off (almost a year) its hard to get worked up, even though i have loved every little thing they have outed regarding this game.
I don't like the loot focus, but I'll follow Bungie anywhere for their grasp of quality shooter mechanics and second to none (in the console space at least) encounter design in FPS.
Ahh Bungie, how you managed to make me lose so many hours of sleep playing Halo 3 and Halo Reach multiplayer. This game looks like it has elements drawing from all genres, but one can definitely see the similarities you get with this between franchises such as Mass Effect, Borderlands, and Halo. I already have a full group ready to go when the beta drops this summer, and this will truly be one of the defining games of this generation.

Developer: Sucker Punch | Release date: March 21 2014 | Genre: Open World Action-adventure | Platform(s): PS4

Total: 466 points

What GAF said:
I loved the previous two Infamous games and they're the only open world sandbox games I've ever bothered completely. Both of time twice which is pretty unprecedented. Looking forward to seeing what they do with it.
inFamous was one of my favorite franchises on PS3, glad to see they're keeping up with it. I like that there's a multitude of different powers rather than just one or two, it's like Peter Petrelli: The Video Game.
I simply cannot wait, I love the series and Second Son looks bigger, bolder and better, I'm also very intrigued by the character and I'm curious to see how he will evolve during the game; so promising!

Developer: Sora Ltd./Namco Bandai | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Fighting | Platform(s): Wii U, 3DS

Total: 429 points

What GAF said:
The only mp game to last my buddies and I longer than a year. We loved brawl and what we know of this new iteration can only mean it'll be better.
Can't wait for that glorious Hi-Def Smash Brothers, and the remote play should be a nice option as well.
It's a new Smash Bros. game, and hopefully one I can get utterly engrossed in like I did Melee and (to a lesser extent) Brawl. It certainly is already a nicer-looking title, thanks to a more colorful palette (and of course being in HD helps).

Developer: Monolith Soft | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Action RPG | Platform(s): Wii U

TOTAL: 403 points

What GAF said:
This has everything I'm craving since I've played Xenoblade. Amazing worlds, an HD JRPG from Nintendo and a game with mechs and clearly some HUGE exploration going on.
My game of the generation was Xenoblade Chronicles, so yeah, I'm pretty excited for the follow-up on the Wii-U. In fact, that's one of the main reasons why I bought a Wii-U. Based on the trailers, the world looks massive and fun to explore with being able to fly and all.
Just look at the gifs, man. After playing Xenoblade (my first Monolith Soft game), I became a fan of these guys, and now they're bringing this baby out. I really hope they market this thing well, every single piece of media we've had so far has delivered.

Developer: Ready At Dawn | Release date: Fall 2014 | Genre: Third-person shooter, Action-adventure | Platform(s): PS4

TOTAL: 340 points

What GAF said:
Ready at Dawn's first non-portable game. If those God of War PSP games are anything to go by, this could be something amazing.
Looks promising. A nice unique setting, interesting backstory, and RaD has a great track record.
A new IP and about time! I;m slowly digging the graphics as well the steam-punk environment hopefully well see some gameplay soon.

Developer: Atlus | Release date: Winter 2014 (JP) | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): PS3

TOTAL: 336 points

What GAF said:
A new Persona. That's all. THE only reason I'll keep my PS3 out for another year.
I can't imagine what longtime fans of the series must be feeling. I only hopped on the train with Golden, then went back to P3:FES and even being so new to the series I cannot describe how excited I am for this.
Played my first Persona game this year. This year, I've played P3FES, P4 Golden, SMTIV, and started P2: Innocent Sin and P3 Portable. Needless to say, I'm a fan. I stayed up until 6 AM for that crazy reveal event, and somehow managed to keep my composure when the announcement of P5 seemed to be in doubt :p

Developer: Respawn Entertainment | Release date: March 11 (US), March 13 (EU)| Genre: FPS | Platform(s): 360, Xbox One, PC

TOTAL: 311 points

What GAF said:
An fps parkour mech game from the people who brought me my 2 most played fps games of all time, COD2 and 4. I have faith/trust that these guys will deliver, and i have been really hungry for a new infinity ward game, its been a while.
On-foot combat looks fast-paced, like Brink done right. Mech combat looks seamless and potentially game-changing.
I'm sure this game will set a new standard for online shooters. I have big hopes because I love the idea, the gameplay and I love mechs... sorry, Titans. I will enjoy this game a lot !

Developer: Kojima Productions | Release date: March 18 (US), March 20 (JP, EU) | Genre: Action-Adventure, Stealth | Platform(s): 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4

TOTAL: 293 points

What GAF said:
This game will show well, has an incredibly powerful name behind it, and will likely be marketed to bejeezus and back.
I had kind of gone off MGS, but finally finishing MGS4 and then the sublime Peace Walker then the last trailer got me hyped for this all over again.
Don't care that it's just the prologue. Don't Care that they replaced David Hayter. Don't care about the gameplay changes. I just want more Metal Gear.

There you have it folks! GAF's #1 most anticipated game coming this year followed by the next 9 runner ups. So as not to toss others to the wayside, as a bonus I decided to go ahead and list the next 20 games in order as well. That's 30 total. Enjoy.

Developer: Platinum Games | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Action | Platform(s): Wii U

TOTAL: 290 points

Developer: Ubisoft Montreal | Release date: Spring 2014 | Genre: Open world Action-Adventure | Platform(s): 360, PS3, Wii U, Xbox One, PS4, PC

TOTAL: 277 points

Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 1 | Release date: Spring 2014 | Genre: Racing | Platform(s): Wii U

TOTAL: 243 points

Developer: Ubisoft Massive | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: TPS, RPG, MMO | Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC

TOTAL: 235 points

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment | Release date: March 4 (US), March 6 (AU), March 7 (EU) | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

TOTAL: 195 points

Developer: Tango Gameworks | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Survival Horror | Platform(s): 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC

TOTAL: 170 points

Developer: BioWare | Release date: Fall 2014 | Genre: Action RPG | Platform(s): 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, PC

TOTAL: 160 points

Developer: 343 Industries | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: FPS | Platform(s): Xbox One

TOTAL: 156 points

Developer: Silicon Studio/Square Enix | Release date: February 7 | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): 3DS

TOTAL: 152 points

Developer: Number None, Inc. | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Puzzle/Adventure | Platform(s): PS4, PC, iOS

TOTAL: 133 points

Developer: Obsidian Entertainment | Release date: Q4 2014 | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): PC

TOTAL: 122 points

Developer: Retro Studios/Monster Games | Release date: Feb 13 (JP), Feb 21 (US, EU), Feb 22 (AU) | Genre: Platformer | Platform(s): Wii U

TOTAL: 121 points

Developer: Dennaton Games | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Action | Platform(s): Vita, PS4, PC

TOTAL: 114 points

Developer: Evolution Studios | Release date: Q1 2014 | Genre: Racing | Platform(s): PS4

TOTAL: 113 points

Developer: Tequila Works | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Adventure | Platform(s): PS4

TOTAL: 81 points

Developer: Double Fine Productions | Release date: Jan 14 (Act I), April-May (Act II) | Genre: Point-and-click adventure | Platform(s): Android, iOS, PC, Ouya

TOTAL: 71 points

Developer: MercurySteam | Release date: Feb 25 | Genre: Action adventure | Platform(s): 360, PS3, PC

TOTAL: 69 points

Developer: Access Games | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: Action RPG | Platform(s): PS3

TOTAL: 68 points

Developer: InXile Entertainment | Release date: TBA 2014 | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): PC

TOTAL: 65 points

Developer: Virtuos Games | Release date: March 18 (US), March 21 (EU) | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): Vita, PS3

TOTAL: 57 points

About the voting:

  • Voting ran from Dec. 26th, 2013 through Jan. 10th, 2014
  • 698 ballots counted
  • Voting thread

Thank you to all who participated!


Mar 3, 2010
I fully expect to see X and Persona 5 on NeoGAF's Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2015.


Aug 20, 2012
man if even gaf can't get that excited for the evil within :/
I voted for it! Its the dark horse that is going to steamroll all of these other games!

Good list, i am interested in all top 10


The Birthday Skeleton
Jan 9, 2013
This is a very nice list.

Edit: I need to buy a new PC this year. Maybe a Steam machine.


If I ever post something in Japanese which I don't understand, please BAN me.
May 9, 2009
1. and 2. same as GameTrailers.



Feb 15, 2013
Neat list! Every time I've tried to jump into Witcher 2 I've been baffled at how much trouble I'm having with the combat. Is M+KB preferred over 360 controller? Someone please help me, I really want to play that game after hearing so much good about it, and being a huge RPG fan. :p

Edit: Personally Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and GTAV PC release are very high on my list!


Aug 16, 2009
i put V coming to PC as my most anticipated but witcher 3 came in second, out of the entire AAA assault this year i'd be most saddened if that was the one that didnt turn out great.

Where's The Last of Us?
seriously, how did neogaf think they could get away with this?


Aug 20, 2012
nice smash should of ranked higher :p also lol yep watch_dogs keep on losing hype also frankly I don't get the hype about Destiny ..looks like a better halo >.> so ..prettier halo with loot.
hmm how come I don't see FF XV or was that game against the rules of the pole

witcher 3 deserves it i mean look at this

I dream of the next Zelda looking like this
if only the witcher games had a similar combat system like zelda =/


Dot Hacked
Jul 21, 2004
Mineral Town
I couldn't even think of any games coming this year I'd want but this list helped remind me Smash Bros. 3DS'll be a thing an that I still do want the FFX collection, just that I'd forgotten about it since the delay x.x! Thats at least 3 games ta look out for this year which is already a better start than last!


Jun 30, 2013
London, UK
I must have missed the voting thread. There's a lot to look forward to, I'm not sure which game I would have voted for but it might have been X. I'm glad to see there are a lot of people looking forward to that game!


Oct 15, 2011
Surprisingly homogenous. Looks like a repost from somewhere like Game Informer or IGN.


Feb 7, 2012
This list seems comparable to the recent list from GameTrailers, consider that before claiming obvious bias.

Nice work OP, must have taken forever to count up all of this.


May 22, 2009
Damn, I could have put Bayonetta 2 in the top 10 if I had voted.

Pretty good list anyway. It gives me some hope during this post holiday drought.


Dec 6, 2012
I would remove #5, 6 and 9 with the quickness.

Other than that, good picks.

Pillars Of Eternity is still my most anticipated game :)
May 8, 2012
NeoGAF does not much care for Hyrule Warriors, eh? Great list, almost all the games that I voted for are up there too. The Witcher 3 is my personal #1 as well. It's going to be amazing. Good job with the OP too, looks great!


May 23, 2012
This is a very good list. It looks like it's going to be a great year for games. I'm not excited for everything on that list, but I'm glad everything is there because it makes for a great amount of variation.


Apr 3, 2012
witcher 3 deserves it i mean look at this

Every time I see that gif of Geralt entering a village, it makes me think of Vince McMahon's entrance swagger.