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NeoGAF's Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2015


Sep 28, 2010

It was a very close race between the top 2 this year, but only one could pull ahead. In any case, this year is looking good, real good. Thanks for participating everyone, the turnout was much higher than last year. Hope to see even more next year. Enjoy!


**Big thanks to nrvalleytime and dancrane212 for their assistance in the count!**

Developer: Naughty Dog | Release date: Holiday 2015 | Genre: Action-adventure, TPS | Platform(s): PS4

TOTAL: 1685 points

What GAF said:
Considering their pedigree, I have no doubt that Neill Druckmann and Bruce Straley will deliver another masterpiece.
Naughty Gods have yet to dissapoint me. The gameplay looks amazing and I have faith the story will be excellent and well paced.
The greatest developer making another installment in one of my favourite franchises, and one that promises to be the best yet. The influence from TLoU is felt, the environments are more multi-tiered, and stealth appears to be a legitimate option now. What's not to be excited about?
What we have seen is incredibly exciting. It has made strides in the gameplay department that I didn't expect. Wait till we get to see an actual setpiece. Brains will melt.

Developer: Kojima Productions | Release date: TBA 2015 | Genre: Action-adventure, stealth | Platform(s): PS4, PS3, XBO, 360, PC

TOTAL: 1629 points

What GAF said:
I'm also a huge MGS fan. MGS3 for me is one of the masterpieces of gaming. I've tried to stay in a media blackout for this game but the bits I have seen look like based Kojima is creating his craziest yet. Loving what I've seen so far and loving the comedy. Looking forward to his madness once again.
MGS is one of my all time fav series. I kinda started to drift away from it after PW was kind of mediocre but I'm feeling some of dat old hype coming back. It looks like a ton of fun from both gameplay and story setting wise. I just hope this is the true ''BB turns into a villain'' story that supposedly 3, PO and PW were hyped as ;). The most exciting thing about it is that for as much as they have shown the game I feel like Kojima is going to surprise us somehow.
Ground Zeroes is one of the most fun games I've played all year, and Phantom Pain will surpass it in every way possible I'm sure.
I've been an avid MGS fan since 2001, but slightly fell off the bandwagon with 4. The Legacy Collection last year rekindled my love for the series and I am more excited than ever for V. Everything about it, from the story, to the gameplay, has me foaming at the mouth.

Developer: Nintendo EAD | Release date: TBA 2015 | Genre: Action-adventure | Platform(s): Wii U

TOTAL: 1472 points

What GAF said:
This game man. Looks like everything I've ever wanted out of a video game. Cannot wait to see more of it, has the potential to be really something special.
It's looking like the kind of Zelda that I used to only imagine. So happy to see that becoming a reality.
It's a new Zelda afterall and the scope of the game looks huge. Finally a 3D Zelda that seems to be more like the original.
As much as I love RPGs, The Legend of Zelda is my favorite series and I didn't hate Skyward Sword either. I'm hoping this can inch closer to the perfect Zelda game with a world that feels alive and even better combat added to its already beautiful art style.

Developer: From Software | Release date: March 24 (NA), March 25 (EU), March 26 (JP) | Genre: Action RPG | Platform(s): PS4

TOTAL: 1464 points

What GAF said:
When Miyazaki said they wanted to make this games atmosphere to feel like Tower of Latria from Demon's Souls I was sold. That is one of my favorite levels of any game by the atmosphere alone. Also the combat seems to be same as Souls series except much faster and offensive based which also make this really intresting title.
As somebody that has never played any of the Souls' games, I am hyped as hell. The gore and the enemies and the random dungeon oh man I want it now. This is definitely worth getting the Collector's Edition Day One.
A souls game set in a depraved, gothic, victorian-esque city made by the original Dark and Demon's Souls team? What's not to be excited about? Oh, right. it's a PS4 exclusive. Guess I'll be obliged to buy one then, huh?
While I enjoyed DS2 overall, it didn't have nearly the impact on me that Dark Souls did. I can not wait to see what Miyazaki has in store.

Developer: CD Projekt RED | Release date: May 19 | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): PS4, XBO, PC

TOTAL: 1171 points

What GAF said:
I'm playing through The Witcher 2 at the moment, and it's incredible. Can't wait to see the next installment.
I love RPGs. They're my favourite genre by far. I love the gameplay, the customisation and - in most cases - the narrative. The Witcher has it all. With an open world, it will go even further than its previous entries. The title is very ambitious, I just hope CDPR can deliver what they are promising. I'm not disappointed over the many delays, but I hope they are worth it and I also hope it means the final product will be even better than before.
Ambitious RPG made by one of the most underrated studios. This could be their big break.
Have only played moments from Witcher games on my friend's PC but I enjoyed what I played and loved how immersive and well-built the world was. If they can transfer that detail in to an open world and make it run well on PS4, then count me in.

Developer: Atlus | Release date: TBA 2015 | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): PS3, PS4

TOTAL: 1126 points

What GAF said:
Persona 4 is my favorite game of all time. Persona/SMT has become my last bastion for JRPGs as I've grown to dislike a lot of the trappings of the genre. Given the story beats we know of (well conceptually anyways) Im super stoked for this.
Ever since I played Persona 3 Portable in 2010, the Persona series has quickly risen to the top of my favourite game series of all time. One of the few JRPG series still featuring turn-based combat (a favourite of mine), the series usually includes interesting and well-written characters. We've gone a long time without a new main entry, so the anticipation is high!
While my experiences regards to Atlus games are limited to my middling reception to SMTIV, I have always enjoyed watching the persona series from afar. I love the main character design and the theme of the game. It could be higher up but I worry about the dungeons and the slow combat. I'm sure the game will have great characters. Maybe it'll be reason enough for me to get a PS4.
My first exposure to this series was playing Persona 3:FES last year and it immediately became one of my all time favorites. Playing Catherine had me foaming at the mouth thinking about similar graphics in a new Persona game. I fully plan to take off a couple days when this comes out.

Developer: Monolith Soft | Release date: TBA 2015 | Genre: RPG | Platform(s): Wii U

TOTAL: 1061 points

What GAF said:
Xenoblade immediately become one of my favourite games of all time so of course I'm looking forward to the sequel. Being able to fly around the world in a mech as well as the likely online play could make this even better than the first.
It looks like Xenoblade, plays like Xenoblade, sounds like Xenoblade. And everybody loves Xenoblade. If this game is everything that Xenoblade was, and improves on everything that Xenoblade did, there's no way they could screw it up.
I became a big fan of Monolith Soft after their amazing work on Xenoblade for the Wii, which many of us hold in our hearts as one of the best RPGs of all time. Seeing them pour so much love into this new gem, as shown to us in the Treehouse Experience at E3, giving us a huge world, full of life and great variety, that you can explore by just flying around in a giant mech, exploring while enjoying a, so far, beautiful soundtrack crafted by Hiroyuki Sawano. The art style is good, the story looks interesting, and both the graphics and music are amazing. The only thing to do left is wait. This can be one of the greatest games of all time. We'll just have to wait for it.
because it'l be massive and adding mechas seems exciting. The first Xenoblade is also one of my favorite games ever so I'm pretty optimistic about their new game.

Developer: Hello Games | Release date: TBA 2015 | Genre: Adventure | Platform(s): PS4, PC

TOTAL: 990 points

What GAF said:
This game's look, premise, atmosphere, music, lore, and pretty much everything else that has been released on it has had me intrigued since it was announced approximately one year ago. If Hello Games can pull this off and deliver on what they have announced for the game, then this will be one of the best games not only the year, but generation for me. I also love how sincere Sean Murry and his entire team are and how much love you can see they have for their game and their tiny studio. I look forward to playing in their universe.
This is actually the most next gen thing that I've seen so far, and it could be the first game that does procedural generated levels right, it's this lower on my list because I'm a, games with story, guy but it's seems amazing.
My dream game may be coming true. Not only does this game look stunning with its worlds, but the music is going to be the best OST of 2015.
I didn't follow a lot of the game but from what I have seen this is the most interesting new IP I have seen.

Developer: Rocksteady Games | Release date: June 2 | Genre: Action-Adventure | Platform(s): PS4, XBO, PC

TOTAL: 987 points

What GAF said:
Rocksteady seemingly cam out of nowhere to make two of the best superhero games of all time. Judging by the previews they're looking to completely outdo themselves again.
I didn't trust games based on comic characters until I played Asylum, it wasn't the best thing that happened to Batman but it was close. The deal was done with City, even if the story wasn't as tight as the first one there was a better overall feel of what it is to be the dark knight. From what I've seen so far the end of the trilogy will be as epic as I expect it to be.
another series i just love. only comic-based work of art that made me appreciated its world and characters. also really love the combat system which is easy to learn and so fun to play. stealth is great and is really improved as we saw last trailers. and those graphics! ready to finish the this mighty trilogy.
I simply adore Batman games and I want to see the end of the trilogy as a completionist. The Scarecrow segments returning is the biggest highlight for me so far. I look forward to see how well the Batmobile is incorporated in the game as well.

Developer: Ready at Dawn | Release date: February 20 | Genre: Action-adventure, TPS | Platform(s): PS4

TOTAL: 689 points

What GAF said:
Quite possibly the best looking video game I have ever seen...and it looks pretty fun to boot!
I adore the setting and have been rooting for Ready at Dawn to show they can carry a AAA IP. Gorgeous visuals combined with strong shooting in the most recent demo have alleviated a lot of my worries. I think this game is going to wind up being something special for people like me who enjoy cinematic games.
As elusive as it is exclusive, The Order refuses to properly reveal itself. Short snippets of gameplay have shown us standard 3rd person shooting and eye-popping graphics. That's enough to get me excited. Knowing Ready at Dawn is at the wheel and this feeling that they are holding back something important make me fucking pumped. If they are not holding back...Well.. The joke's on me, then.
The game looks gorgeous; easily the best looking game I've ever seen and everything RAD has said regarding it's narrative has me very interested. I got to play the game at PSX and, while the game certainly is a third-person shooter, everything about the gunplay felt incredibly satisfying. It left me more interested in trying out some of the more 'out there' weapons like the Termite Rifle or Arc Gun. But really I'm going into this looking for pretty good narrative so if it delivers on that, all is good.

*Bonus Round!*


12. RIME







19. YAKUZA 5


Thanks for participating everyone! Look forward to next year's thread.

Endo Punk

Sep 4, 2011
Uncharted hype is the real deal but the order in the top 10? The game has really fooled a lot of people with its cinematic flare.


Feb 23, 2014
RIME not being in the top 10 is a bit of a shock to me, but good list. Thanks Shinobi!


Aug 31, 2010
No Division? I'm surprised, I'm pretty excited for it.

2015 is looking like a great year for games.


Jul 24, 2012
I'm kinda surprised The Order made it in to the top 10. I was getting the sentiment anticipation for that game somewhat chilled, but I guess not.


Nov 18, 2013
Persona 5 so close to number 5. And yeah really surprised to see the Order there.


Feb 23, 2014
No Division? I'm surprised, I'm pretty excited for it.

2015 is looking like a great year for games.
I would think it's because many are skeptical that it's coming out this year. Maybe I'm wrong though.


Mar 3, 2013
Splatoon at 11? Much higher than I thought. Then again it seemed like the top 3 Wii U games were Zelda, Xenoblade X and Splatoon. That was my top three except Xenoblade X was first. Good to see my feelings felt by others.


Dec 15, 2013
Not bad GAF, you picked 8 of my top 10. I haven't played Persona enough to know if I would even like it, and I have my concerns about The Order. Everything else though is gonna be sogood.gif


Unconfirmed Member
I do not own a PS4 so I will likely not purchase Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, but Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and The Legend of Zelda for Wii U I'll hopefully play.

Nice list. Thanks for the voting thread and for compiling the results, Shinobi.


Jun 1, 2014
Really didn't expect 1/7/10 to be that high. Same for 12 to 20 :x

Looking forward to see some categories like last year or after E3.


Feb 22, 2012
Two remastered ports made it that high on the list? Games that you can already play are higher than games you can't? Strange.


Feb 23, 2011
Top 3 were what i expected, but not in that order. I thought it'd be MGS > Zelda > U4.

Uncharted more popular than I thought.

Wish splatoon placed higher but 11 is not so bad.


Nov 26, 2013
Holy damn! 2015 really looks like it could be a memorable year for gaming just like 1998, 2001, 2007 and all that! Dat top ten. Excellent choice, GAF :D. Damn why I didn't added my anticipated games on the other thread? Oh well :)


Mar 11, 2014
Meh results. Uncharted 4 looks completely underwhelming to me from the footage :/
Witcher 3 got robbed the worst. I expected it being first or second, fighting with Bloodborne.