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Neon Beasts - Official Announcement Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Check out the action-packed trailer for the upcoming first-person shooter, Neon Beasts.

The gangs of Miami have formed a truce and united under a single banner, Miami has fallen under their control. As Beast, players must run and gun through an endless ocean of gangs as he makes his way to the Onyx Tower, where Vincent awaits. Explore an immersive devastated tropical hellscape featuring an incredible variety of locations, and encounter fast-paced combat that requires split-second decision-making while pushing forward into hordes of enemies.

Experience a story influenced by the work of John Carpenter's "They Live," featuring incredibly stylish art that doesn't care for realism. Discover the secrets hidden within the rubble of Miami, from Audio Logs to Powerups and even Secret Tapes.
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