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Nerdist- GabeN interview

The link is up on itunes. Will drop the streaming link when its up later. Going to listen now.
Itunes Link for Games. Here
Itunes Link for the Company Here

Total length of both shows is 2:36.
Guests include Gabe, Chris, Wil Wheaton, Chloe his girl friend and Robin Walker.
We now know who to blame for the lack of news on HL3.



Is this just their standard podcast?

I'm subbed to it so I should have this. Sounds really interesting!

Hardwick and Wil Wheaton were roomies when they were young so they're always really fun to listen to.


Huh. Interesting, I just started listening to this podcast this week because I wanted to hear an episode with Anna Kendrick (but then I stayed for Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Judd Apatow). And now they're interviewing Gabe.


but ever so delicious
I'm more curious as to what the project "vortex" is that's being worked on. It was mentioned in passing in the games section of the podcast but then the audio cuts out.

At least it has an internal name!


I like the idea of people buying games from my page on steam getting me money.

I want to see the Valve controller they were talking about.
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